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Amanda the Adventurer game – All Endings & How to Get Them

Think you've finished? Think again.

Amanda the Adventurer is a darkly comical horror survival escape room. Stuck in an attic with a seemingly demonic TV VCR, you’ll need to solve a series of puzzles by watching a series of episodes of an unhinged children’s TV show. The first play-through was super short, and I felt a bit duped. But then I realized that there is so much more going on. There are actually five endings, all with their related achievements. So read on if you want to find all the endings of the Amanda the Adventurer game and how to get them.  

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How to get all Endings in Amanda the Adventurer – Walkthrough

I found the easiest way to get all the Amanda the Adventurer endings is to do the basic one first (A gruesome End), then make notes of all the codes you need as you go so you can more easily get to the other endings but skipping sections you’ve already completed. You’ll find a full walkthrough of how to get to all the endings below.

You’ll find the first tape, Amanda the Adventurer: In the Kitchen, just next to the TV VCR at the far end of the attic from where you arrive. Note that when you hover over something you can interact with, the pointer changes to a finger pointer. But for now, let’s just watch the first tape.

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How to get the first ending in Amanda the Adventurer - A Gruesome End

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An oven and some fruits have magically moved to a table in the middle of the attic. First, set the temperature (left gauge) to 425 degrees and set the timer to 40 minutes (by clicking them), as you were told in the video. Now pick up the apple on the left of the oven, place it in the round baking tray to the right of the oven, and place the dish in the oven. As soon as you do and close it, the apple will start to cook. Open up the oven once you hear the ping, and weirdly you’ll find the Amanda the Adventurer: In Your Neighborhood tape.

How to open the piano

When you’re watching the next tape, note that three of the letters in the store names are bolded, C, B, and F. After watching the tape, the child’s piano has replaced the oven on the table. Hit the notes C, then B, then F to open the draw on the piano and get the Amanda the Adventurer: Oh No! Accidents! tape.

How to set the clocks

If you pay close attention to the video, you’ll hear Amanda say 3.45, then see clocks set at 6.20 and 22.50. There is now a clock on the table. Set it to 3.45 by clicking the hands, and it will start spinning uncontrollably. Now go to the clock on the back wall of the room near the trapdoor. Set this to 6.20, and the same will happen. Now look to the right of the TV VCR to see a digital clock on a blue box. Set the digital clock to 10.50 PM, and it will immediately reset itself to a new time, 5.15.

Go back to near the TV VCR and look to your left. There is a corkboard on the wall. The picture is stuck to the wall by a clock hand, so click it to pick it up. Finally, move to the free-standing grandfather clock and click it to add the hand to the clock. Set the time to 5.15 to complete the puzzle. The clock opens up, giving you the Amanda the Adventurer: Everything Rots tape. Watch the new tape, and you’ll receive the A Gruesome End ending and achievement.

How to get the second ending - A Fateful End

You’ll be back at the start screen now. You can click Continue, but even so, everything in the attic has been reset. However, note the safe password in the grandfather clock when it opened (826). You can use that to unlock the safe on the right of the room just before the table. Enter the code (top to bottom), then click the button, and it swings open. Take the button (top shelf) and attach it to the TV VCR. This allows you to pause videos while you watch. Also, take the paper from the bottom shelf and add it to the corkboard where you got the clock hand.  You now have a list of symbols matching a list of colors.

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How to cook a meat pie

This time around, you can pause the tape to better note details. There’s a picture on the fridge which shows an oven temperature setting. Set this now (425 degrees), then go back to watching the tape. A fire has started, changing the rest of the episode. Watch it, then go to the oven. This time you’ll find a lump of cheese and the instructions for a meat pie. Pick up the cheese and put it in the mousetrap (left of the trapdoor, by the red toolbox).

Grab the rodent it catches and put it in the pie dish. Also, grab a mushroom from the damp patch on the wall right of the TV VCR in the corner and put that in with the rodent. Now look at the corkboard and note the symbol next to Potato (a crescent moon). Examine the plant pots on the shelves near the trap door and find the one with the matching symbol. Take it and place it in the pool of water where you got the mushroom. The drips will make the potato grow. Then you can take the pot and add it to the pie dish. Set the oven to 525 degrees for 50 minutes, put the dish in, and you'll have a new In Your Neighborhood tape.

How to complete the coloring book

When asked at the end of the next tape, answer Wooly when Amanda wants to know whose birthday it is. This finished the tape, and you’ll find a coloring book on the table. Click it, then click the buildings in the following order:

  1. 24/7 Store
  2. Candy Store
  3. Butcher’s Shop

You’ll have to do this three times, with the drawings getting more obscure as you go, but they’re still obvious. On the final page, note the word GUTS. Go over to the red toolbox, enter GUTS (top to bottom) into the padlock, and you’ll get a completely new tape, Amanda the Adventurer: What is Family?

How to get through the weather

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You’ll need to be ready on the pause button for this one. After making a sound like a sheep (I know I did. Ahem), pause the take when you see a Severe Thunderstorm Warning interrupt it. Turn around, and you’ll see a spinning wheel on the table. After one spin, it will move to the Tornado. Go back and resume the tape, answering anything but rooster when asked what the male chicken is called (I entered chicken). You’ll get a Tornado warning, so pause the tape and go spin the wheel once more. One spin will see it point straight up into the area with a Flood.

Go back to the tape. This time you can type Rooster. Next, Amanda wants to visit the sheep, but Wooly clearly isn’t keen. Click the Spider sign twice, and you’ll get a Floor warning. Pause the tape, spin the wheel again, and the case will open to reveal a new tape. Go back to the video. You can now click Sheep as the answer, then when Amanda asks about the kitten, answer alone and then yes. Once the tape ends and ejects, put the new tape in. It’s Everything Rots again… but nothing bad happens. Instead, the trapdoor is open. Walk towards the light, and you’ll get the A Fateful Ending conclusion and achievement.  

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How to get the third ending - The End

Continue once more to start again. Immediately use the code GUTS to open the toolbox, but this time take the scissors. Use them to cut the head off the doll to the right of the TV VCR on the sofa. Drop the scissors, take the batteries from the neck of the doll, and use them on the back of the Robot on the table next to the sofa, then close the back of the robot up. Watch the first video, make either pie, then rewatch the Neighborhood tape. When you enter the card shop, you’ll see the ad on the back wall for the robot (Blabbot).

How to solve the Blabbot robot puzzle

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Pause the tape and use Blabbot’s price (150325) as a code and enter that into the robot. Tick the green tick button on the robot, and it will say, Send my condolences to Kate. On the table, you’ll find a big cake and a Happy Birthday card. Open the card to see a robot’s head and the number 081821. Enter this code into Blabbot to be told to set the oven to 325 and cook for 30 minutes. Do this (don’t put anything in the oven), and it will rumble, then pop open.

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Take the candle from inside the oven and add it to the cake. Take the card that is also in the oven, which will open it to reveal six simple math equations linked to the fact you now have two candles on the cake. This gives you a new six-digit number, 835161. The robot gives you the Happy Birthday tune to play on the mini piano (CCDCFE). Do so, and you’ll get another candle. Add it to the cake, and it will collapse, and you’ll find a new Oh No! Accidents! VHS inside.  

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How to open the wardrobe

Wooly is in trouble in the next video, but your choices won’t make a difference to what happens. When it ends, turn around to find a new tape on the table. This isn’t an official-looking tape, but play it anyway (it’s very short). Afterward, walk to the far end of the attic to find another new tape on the trapdoor. Again it's unofficial and short, but it asks several questions that it’s easy to miss.

  1. How many chairs
  2. How many mushrooms
  3. How many fruit
  4. How many lights

These are all in the attic, and the answers to the questions (as a code) become 2862. Use this code to open the padlock on the wardrobe near the table.

How to open the trunk

Inside you’ll find a bucket and a tape. Take the bucket and put it in the puddle by the mushrooms. Once it is full, use the bucket of water on the robot. When its head pops off, take the key from inside. Use the key to open the trunk next to the trapdoor, inside which you’ll find the Amanda the Adventurer: We Can Share tape. Watch it, and when Amanda asks if she can share her secret, answer Yes (three times), then destroy the TV VCR to get The End (happy) ending.

How to get the fourth ending - The Hollow Ending

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This one is simply down to answering the question on the We Can Share tape no when Amanda asks if she can share her secret. All you need to do is Continue once more, open the wardrobe (same code, 2862), use the water on the robot again to get the key, open the trunk, watch the tape, say no just once, watch the end, move to towards the trap door, and get the Hollow Ending Achievement.

How to get the true Amanda the Adventure ending?

For this one, you need to have found all of the secret Amanda the Adventurer tapes. Once you have, follow the final steps of the third ending above (from opening the wardrobe), and once again, tell Amanda yes, she can share her secret (three times). This will give you what I thought was the most satisfactory ending of Amanda the Adventurer. But I still have questions...

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Amanda the Adventurer game – All Endings & How to Get Them

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