The Record Temperature task in Among Us.

How to do Every Task on Polus in Among Us

Bigger map = more tasks!

Among Us is a simple game that exploded in popularity over the past several months. Since then, they've added several maps, updates, and different tasks for players to complete. Each task is done differently, and each map has its own set of tasks to complete. In this guide, we're looking at all the tasks that are on Polus.

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How to do Every Task on Polus in Among Us

For simplicity's sake, we've explained how to do each task in Among Us in text. To know which task you're trying to complete, simply look at the top left corner of your screen in-game. This is also a good way to determine where you need to go next to finish tasks with multiple parts.

Polus HQ has 22 possible tasks for you to complete, each of which falls into three different categories. Some of them are more difficult than others and some of them show up far more often than others. We've organized this guide to provide directions for the three categories listed below.

  • Long: Require the player to perform an action then wait a specific length of time to complete the rest of the task. They might also be classified as long because they have multiple stages.
  • Short: Tasks that are all completed in one sitting or can be done in a few seconds.
  • Common: Tasks that are shared by every player in the game. These tasks are called common because they're required to be completed by all players, not one player for the whole match. If one player has the task, all the players do. If one player does not have one of these, then none of the players do.

There is a fourth category, called Visual tasks, that allows all other players to see the actions of the user. However, since all visual tasks are also one of the three types listed above, they're not mentioned in the lists below.

Long Tasks

  • Fix Weather Node: There are several weather nodes on the map. The one that you need to complete is indicated with an arrow on your screen and marked in yellow on your map. When you open the task window, you must drag the beam (starting on the top left) through the maze to the end point on the bottom right. After you do this, proceed to the Laboratory and enter the task window for the switches, then switch on the correct weather nodule (which has a light next to it).
  • Fuel Engines: This task has multiple parts. On the first part, you must hold down the silver button on the right to fill the gas canister. Next, go to the right of the Dropship and start the task there. You must do the same thing — hold down the silver button on the right to empty the gas canister into the engine. Repeat this process to fill the left side of the Dropship with fuel.
  • Inspect Sample: When you start the task, press the green button near the bottom. The machine dispenses liquid into the test tubes and you will be told to come back later. Wait for the amount of time instructed on the screen (you can also see it in your task list), then come back. Press the button underneath the only test tube colored red.
  • Open Waterways: You must open three waterways to complete this task and they can be done in any order, regardless of where the arrows point. When you open the task menu, you will see a valve. Click the valve and rotate them counter-clockwise until they stop rotating. Wait a few quick seconds for the water to filter through. Repeat this for all three valves.
  • Reboot Wi-Fi: This task has multiple parts. The first part of the task requires you to pull down the lever to power the signal down. It is crucial that you must wait for it to power down completely and tell you to come back later. If you leave early, you'll have to do it again. Once you have waited the amount of time shown (which can also be seen in the task list), return to the task menu. Push the lever back up and wait for the signal to power up to complete the task.
  • Replace Water Jug: There are two parts to this task, but they both follow the same pattern. Open the task window in the Boiler Room next to the water jug. Hold down the red button at the top of the task window to drain all the water from one jug to the other. When it's complete, go to the office and open the task window at the water cooler. Hold down the red button again to drain the water from one jug to the other.
  • Start Reactor: This task is like Simon Says. On the left side of the screen, you will see a blue square light up. Press the square on the right side of the panel that correlates to the position of the blue square on the screen. It will then make a pattern of lights for you to follow, with a new light being added for each step. Press each square on the panel in the order in which they appear on the screen. Repeat this process five times.
  • Upload Data: This task may begin in one of several rooms on Polus, but it always ends in Communications. When you open the task, click Download to begin the process. It will take a little less than 10 seconds to complete. Then proceed to Communications and open the task. Click Upload. It will take a few seconds, then the task will be complete.

Short Tasks

  • Align Telescope: When you open the task window, you will see the image of a celestial object to the bottom right of the telescope lens. You must adjust the lens until it is looking at the object on this image. The beeping sound is a key indicator to determining whether you're moving closer or farther from the object. The faster it beeps, the closer you are. Look directly at the object to complete the task.
  • Chart Course: Click the ship on the screen and drag it to each point. This is different every time you do this task.
  • Clear Asteroids: To complete this task, you must shoot the asteroids. There are 20 asteroids to destroy. To destroy them, move the reticle to the asteroid and click to destroy it.
  • Empty Garbage: When you start the task, pull the lever on the right and hold it down to clear the Garbage.
  • Fill Canisters: When you open the task window, you will find the canisters at the top of the screen. Drag one of them down to the knob to fill the canister. Once it fills it, remove the canister by clicking on it. Repeat this process until all the canisters have been filled.
  • Monitor Tree: In the task window, you will notice four colors on the screen and sliders for each one. Adjust the sliders for each color to match the levels of those colors (drag them to the top of the colored areas).
  • Record Temperature: When you start this task, there will be a number on the right that represents the temperature. Adjust the reader on the left with the up and down arrows (you can make it go faster by holding them down). When the number you adjust matches the number on the right, the task is complete.
  • Repair Drill: On the task window for the drill are four red exclamation points. Repeatedly click these points until they have disappeared each time. There is no penalty for clicking too many times, so click as fast as you need. Once you have clicked away all four, the task is complete.
  • Store Artifacts: When you start this task, pay attention to the right side of the task window. Drag the objects floating on the left side of the task window to their respective shapes in the case. Repeat this process for all four artifacts.
  • Submit Scan: To complete this task, simply stand on top of the platform. It will take about 10 seconds to measure your weight and height. Once it's done, the task is complete.
  • Unlock Manifolds: To complete this task, click all the numbers in order from 1 to 10.

Common Tasks

  • Fix Wiring: To fix the wiring, you must match the colors. Click the end of one wire on the left, then drag the wire all the way to the matching color on the right. Do this for all four colors. Do the wiring in three different rooms to complete the task.
  • Insert Keys: When you start this task, you'll see that one keyhole on the right is highlighted in yellow. Drag the key floating on the left to this keyhole and insert it. Turn the key 90 degrees to the left or right to complete the task.
  • Scan Boarding Pass: In this task, you must first start by clicking on the yellow arrow to the left of the task window. This will bring out the boarding pass. Press the large yellow arrow to flip it over, then drag the boarding pass to rest on top of the large red square on the right half of the task window. There will be a beep that indicates a successful scan.
  • Swipe Card: When you start the task, you must click the card that is in the wallet to take it out. Drag it to the swipe reader and swipe it at a medium speed. If you swipe it too fast or too slow, it will fail and tell you whether it was too fast or too slow. Adjust your speed for the next swipe to complete the task.

Polus was the third map available in Among Us and has many of the classic tasks, some of the newer ones introduced on Mira HQ, and even more new ones. However, a new map called The Airship has been added. Give that one a try!

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How to do Every Task on Polus in Among Us

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