How to do Every Task on The Airship in Among Us

New map, new tasks! And changes to the old ones!

Ever since Among Us exploded in popularity, developer InnerSloth LLC added several maps, updates, and different tasks for players to complete. Each task is done differently, and each map has its own set of tasks to complete. In this guide, we're looking at all the tasks that are on The Airship.

How to do Every Task on The Airship in Among Us

To know which task you're trying to complete, simply look at the top left corner of your screen in-game. This is also a good way to determine where you need to go next to finish tasks with multiple parts.

The Airship has 23 possible tasks for you to complete, each of which falls into three different categories. Some of them are more difficult than others and some of them show up far more often than others. We've organized this guide to provide directions for the three categories listed below.

  • Long: Require the player to perform an action then wait a specific length of time to complete the rest of the task. They might also be classified as long because they have multiple stages.
  • Short: Tasks that are all completed in one sitting or can be done in a few seconds.
  • Common: Tasks that are shared by every player in the game. These tasks are called common because they're required to be completed by all players, not one player for the whole match. If one player has the task, all the players do. If one player does not have one of these, then none of the players do.

There is a fourth category, called Visual tasks, that allows all other players to see the actions of the user. However, since all visual tasks are also one of the three types listed above, they're not mentioned in the lists below.

Long Tasks

  • Develop Photos: In this task, you must place the photos in the water. Once you've done that, it will require you to wait 60 seconds, during which you can complete other tasks. Return to the task window after 60 seconds and drag the photos out of the water to complete the task.
  • Empty Garbage: Emptying the garbage is different on The Airship than the other maps. In the first stage, you must grab approach the garbage bin and open the task window. Grab the garbage bag in the bin and shake it loose to pull it out. After that, you must go to the Meeting Room and flush the trash out using the lever.
  • Fuel Engines: This task works differently on The Airship than it does on other maps. You must fill the tank by opening the task at the gas container and holding down the silver button on the right. Next, move to the Engine in the Engine Room where the arrow is pointing (chosen at random). Open the task menu and dispense the fuel into the canister by holding down the silver button on the right again.
  • Reset Breakers: To complete this task, you must reset each of the seven breakers in Electrical. Each breaker can be reset by pulling down the lever. However, you must reset each breaker in ascending order from #1 to #7.
  • Rewind Tapes: When you open the task window, you will see a random time on the sticky note attached to the tape. You must use the controls to adjust the time position on the tape to match the sticky note. The rewinding and fast-forwarding starts off slowly, but picks up speed the longer the button is pressed.
  • Start Fans: It's easiest to do this task with two people who are communicating, but it can be done with one person. Approach the control panel and open the task window. You will see four different slots with different colored objects. Memorize all four objects. Then go to the other control panel (by walking around the map) and adjust the slots to match the objects in the first control panel. Once they all match, the task is complete.
  • Unlock Safe: This is largely considered the most difficult task to understand on The Airship. When you open the task window, you will see a number on the tape and an arrow underneath it. Turn the knob in the same direction as the arrow until it reaches the number shown on the tape. It is best to approach it slowly so you don't go past it. Once you reach the correct number, a new number and arrow will appear. Turn the knob that direction until it hits the new number (you may have to make a full rotation for it to register). Repeat this process for the final number, then rotate the large handle on the right three times to complete the task.
  • Upload Data: This task is different on the airship than it is on other maps. In the first stage, you must go to the appropriate room and press the Download button on the screen like normal. In the second stage, you will always go Outside and use the Mobile Device to upload the data. Open the task window and drag the mobile device around the screen to adjust the signal. It is fastest when the signal says perfect and has three bars, but it will still upload it if it has a Fair or Good signal.

Short Tasks

  • Calibrate Distributors: On the left side of the screen the notches on each circle will rotate. Press the button that correlates with the circle you're on when the notch matches exactly with the circuit on the right side of the circle. Repeat this two more times to complete the task.
  • Clean Toilet: When you approach the stalls, you must open the doors to find the toilet that needs to be cleaned. When you find it, open the task window and drag the plunger up and down repeatedly and quickly to clean it. If you do not do it quickly, it will lose pressure and you'll have to start again.
  • Decontaminate: This is a short task in which you simply approach the shower and wait for it to decontaminate you. You are not required to do anything but wait until it counts down to 0 percent.
  • Divert Power: Divert Power is a quick task, but it has multiple parts. When you start it, you will notice that one slider on the panel is lit up and the others are not. Click the slider that is brighter than the others and drag it up to the top. For the next part of the task, you will need to go to one of several panels on Skeld. There will be an arrow pointing to your next location. Go there and open the screen, then click the circuit in the middle of the panel to enable power and complete the task.
  • Dress Mannequin: On this task, you must dress the mannequin to match the image on the top part of the task window. To dress the mannequin, simply drag the correct articles of clothing from the selection to the mannequin and release the mouse. Once you have put on all three articles of clothing that are on the dummy, the task is complete.
  • Fix Shower: To fix the shower, you need to hit the shower head with the hammer until it faces directly down. You can charge your hits by holding the mouse button to make it move further in one direction. Quickly tapping it will move it only slightly.
  • Make Burger: This task is similar to Dress Mannequin in that you must put all the correct objects where they go. However, in this one, you must place them in order from bottom to top. When you open the task window, you'll see the ingredients list on a sheet of paper. Memorize the five ingredients, then move the sheet of paper out of the way to add the ingredients. Add them to the plate in order from bottom to top.
  • Pick Up Towels: In the shower room, there are several towels spread across the floor. Some of them will be a part of this task and others won't. You must find all eight towels that need to be collected. Be sure to check the showers themselves if you're struggling to find one. Once you collect all of them, go to the hamper in the back room and interact with it to open the task window. Drag all the towels in to the hamper to complete the task.
  • Polish Ruby: When you approach the ruby and open the task window, click and drag your mouse across the scratched sections of the ruby to rub off the scratches. When you rub off all the scratches, the task is complete.
  • Put Away Pistols: Go to the Armory and approach the table with all the pistols. Pick all four of them up by interacting with them, then go to the wall and open the task window. Place all the pistols you picked up into their appropriate slots on the wall to complete the task.
  • Put Away Rifles: Go to the Armory and approach the table with all the rifles. Pick all four of them up by interacting with them, then go to the wall and open the task window. Place all the rifles you picked up into their appropriate slots on the wall to complete the task.
  • Sort Records: This is considered a short task, but it has multiple stages. When you open the task window, you will see four file folders on the screen. Select one of them to pick it up and place it in your inventory. Escape the task window and you will see one bookshelf is highlighted. Bring the folder to that book shelf and open the task window. Click the empty space in the row of folders to place that record. Repeat this process with the remaining folders, placing them on a different shelf each time.
  • Stabilize Steering: This task is different on The Airship than it is on the other maps. Instead of centering the reticle, you must adjust the steering wheel and the lever until they align with the green outlines.

Common Tasks

  • Enter ID Code: When you open the task window, click on the card in the wallet to pull it out and look at the code. Enter the code as it appears on the card to complete the task.
  • Fix Wiring: To fix the wiring, you must match the colors. Click the end of one wire on the left, then drag the wire all the way to the matching color on the right. Do this for all four colors. Do the wiring in three different rooms to complete the task.

Polus was the third map available in Among Us and has many of the classic tasks, some of the newer ones introduced on Mira HQ, and even more new ones. However, a new map called The Airship has been added. Give that one a try!

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How to do Every Task on The Airship in Among Us

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