Archero Talents List – All Currently Available Talents

Take a look at all of the currently existing talents in Archero!

Our Archero Talents List Guide will walk you through all the available Talents that exist in the game. If you've been playing the game, you've undoubtedly unlocked a couple, but what are those other ones? We've got the full list for you below!

Talents in Archero are passive upgrades to your character. What that means is that once you unlock a Talent, you will receive that buff forever. Each time you enter a game these buffs will be enabled, so they are very helpful to you and should be upgraded as much as possible.

Each time you pay for an upgrade, you are randomly assigned which Talent you get upgraded. Most Talents can be upgraded multiple times, so that means if you are unlucky you could get pretty deep in the game before actually unlocking all of the Talents. You are eventually limited to how many Talents you have by your account level. Once you hit 15 Talents, you'll only be able to upgrade once per account level after that. There's currently no way to upgrade or unlock a specific Talent.

Archero Talents List


Strength is a buff to your maximum starting health. It upgrades your health to 200 when it is unlocked, and 100 hp more each time it is upgraded.


Power gives you a boost to your base attack damage. The first upgrade is +50 Attack, and every upgrade after is +25.


Recover boosts your "Red Heart Recovery" towards your healing. You start with +50 when it is unlocked, so every time you collect a heart in the game, you are healed for an additional 50 hp. For each upgrade you get, you are given +50 more hp restored.

Iron Bulwalk

Iron Bulwark upgrades your Collision Resilience. This means that each time you run into a monster, the damage will be reduced by this number. When you unlock this Talent, you are given +50 to Collission Resilience. Each time after that, you will be given +25.


Agile gives you additional Attack Speed. This is probably one of the stronger Talents you can have. Attacking faster is pretty important in this game, and allows you to deal more damage quickly. It starts at +2%, and goes up by +1% for each upgrade.


Inspire will give you a heal whenever you level up. This is a pretty solid Talent early on when you are still learning the game. Unlocking this Talent gives you +100 health when you level up, and gives you an additional +100 each time you upgrade it.

Enhance Equipment

Enhance will give your Equipment Base Effect a boost by a percentage. So, whatever equipment you have on, this will boost those stat effects by whatever percentage you have upgraded with this Talent. You start with a 3% buff, and are given an additional 3% for each upgrade.

Time Reward

This one is a bit weird, but it unlocks timed based rewards. You will get a present icon on the top left of your screen in the World selection menu. If you click on that, you will receive a fixed amount of coins and sometimes upgrade scrolls as a reward. This refreshes every 60 minutes, and the rewards are based upon how many times the Talent has been upgraded.


Glory is a bit of a unique Talent because it can only be unlocked and never upgraded again. It's a great Talent, because it gives you a skill selection each time you start up a game. This gives you a buff heading into the early levels, which should make things easier for you.

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  1. Which one do you guys think os the best armor? O use that which improves our resistance against melee attacks.
    Other question, what is the naximum level for talents?
    I’m at Chapter 4

  2. I’m on my 25th upgrade and it says it costs 10,000 coins to upgrade again. I have over 15,000 but it still says insufficient coins when I try to upgrade and wants me to buy coins. Do you have to pay $ to keep upgrading over 25 upgrades?

  3. The enhance equipment skill, how exactly does it work? Because if I use the vest of dexterity with dodge 7%, does it stack with the enhanced equipment (I have EEQ lvl 3 so +9%). So is it 7% + 9%=16% or is it 7,63%?

    1. I also never got time reward! I wonder what’s up with that. Everyone I asked who hasn’t gotten a skill yet, it’s always time reward. I wonder if there’s some kind of restriction, or maybe you have a lower chance of getting it than other talents.