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Get the ultimate bragging rights in Atlas Fallen!

Apart from the unique mastery status to boast about with friends, grinding for trophies and achievements allows you to explore every facet of a game's storyline and design. Atlas Fallen is no different; I loved exploring its various narratives through the sidequests needed to unlock every trophy. If you're a perfectionist like me and want to obtain all the achievements in Atlas Fallen, this guide will walk you through it.

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All Trophies & Achievements in Atlas Fallen

You can obtain all the trophies in Atlas Fallen by following these methods:

Atlas Fallen

  • Unlock every trophy in Atlas Fallen.

Break Out (Bronze)

  • Description: Complete the Sand Sliding Path.
  • Method: You can unlock this trophy by unlocking the sand surfing areas during the main quest.

Find Allies (Bronze)

  • Description: Discover the Knight's Hideout.
  • Method: You will get this achievement while playing the core campaign.

Power Allies (Bronze)

  • Description: Gain the Knight's trust.
  • Method: You will complete this as a part of the main story.

Calm Before the Storm (Bronze)

  • Description: Enter the Black Alms.
  • Method: You will obtain the achievement title if you finish the primary storyline.

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To Battle (Bronze)

  • Description: Interrupt Thelos' Ritual.
  • Method: You will do this automatically while playing the final mission.

God Slayer (Silver)

  • Description: Finish the game.
  • Method: Finish the main storyline.

A Taste of Wrath (Bronze)

  • Description: Defeat the Watcher's Fury for the first time.
  • Method: Talk to the traveling vendor to start The Watcher’s Fury quest. Complete it to earn the trophy.

The Mentor (Bronze)

  • Description: Find the prisoner and talk to him in the Wildlands.
  • Method: Complete the side mission during the High Priest mission. You can start it by visiting the room adjacent to the first shrine.

Trinity (Bronze)

  • Description: Get all weapons.
  • Method: Obtain the Sandwhip, Knuckledust, and Dunecleaver by finishing the main storyline.

Forgemaster (Silver)

  • Description: Find all anvils.
  • Method: Unlock every anvil on the map. The game will signal you if you are near an anvil.

Shardbearer (Silver)

  • Description: Collect all upgrade Shards.
  • Method: You will complete this as a part of the main story.

Adventurer (Bronze)

  • Description: Sand Slide 42.195 KM in total.
  • Method: Surf on sand using your sprint button.

Airborne (Bronze)

  • Description: Stay in the air for 60 seconds.
  • Method: Stay airborne using your air dashes. You can achieve this during battles against colossal-type wraiths.

Tributes of Caladrias (Bronze)

  • Description: Gain the Knight's trust.
  • Method: You will complete this as a part of the main story.

Summiter (Silver)

  • Description: Find 20 vantage points.
  • Method: Locate 20 vantage points inside the game.

A Queen's Tale (Bronze)

  • Description: Find the Queen's recorded memories.
  • Method: Finish The Queen’s Passage sidequest from Lithesta (Monsalar: Wildlands).

Feeling Fancy (Silver)

  • Description: Find all cosmetic items
  • Method: Obtain every item in the game from the armor set to all essence stones.

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The Collector (Bronze)

  • Description: Collect 50 sellable artifacts in total.
  • Method: Obtain 50 artifacts by exploring the map or from traders.

Miner (Silver)

  • Description: Kill a Scatterer with its own mines.
  • Method: Trick the Scatterer to use its own mine against them.

Stone Collection (Bronze)

  • Description: Own 25 essence stones.
  • Method: Obtain 25 essence stones by defeating wraiths or crafting them with formulas.

Alchemist (Bronze)

  • Description: Upgrade an Essence Stone to Rank 7.
  • Method: Upgrade one of your favorite essence stones to level 7 from the gauntlet menu.

Essence Blow (Bronze)

  • Description: Shatter with a full Momentum Gauge.
  • Method: Build up your momentum using your Sandwhip and unleash your shatter ability when the gauge is full.

Shatterer (Silver)

  • Description: Kill 50 Wraiths by shattering them.
  • Method: Use the Shatter ability to kill 50 wraiths.

Shatter Them All (Bronze) 

  • Description: Shatter 4 Wraiths at the same time.
  • Method: Use your shatter ability against 4 different Wraiths simultaneously.

Slayer (Gold)

  • Description: Slay all Elite Wraiths.
  • Method: Eliminate all Elite-type Wraiths in the game. You can identify the Elite Wraith using the skeleton icon.

Flawless Victory (Silver)

  • Description: Kill a Colossal Wraith without taking damage.
  • Method: Beat any Colossal Wraith without taking a hit.

Big Bazar (Bronze)

  • Description: Find the Traveling Vendor in at least six different spots.
  • Method: Meet the Traveling Vendor in one of the six locations in each main map section.

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Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds (Gold)

  • Description: Collect all armor.
  • Method: Acquire every type of armor in Atlas Fallen.

Geared Up (Bronze)

  • Description: Unlock the third and final upgrade of armor.
  • Method: Upgrade any armor to tier 3.

All That Gold (Gold)

  • Description: Collect all treasure maps and open them.
  • Method: Acquire treasure maps from vendors and find them.

All There Is (Gold)

  • Description: Unlock and fully upgrade all perks.
  • Method: Obtain token points to upgrade all the perks by obtaining a new armor set.

Fashion Victim (Bronze)

  • Description: Dye armor for the first time.
  • Method: Buy dye from vendors and use it to customize your armor.

Scholar (Bronze)

  • Description: Collect 30 lore items.
  • Method: Acquire the 30 glowing blue books.

False God (Silver)

  • Description: Destroy all Heavenly Shrines.
  • Method: Heavenly Shrines are nothing but statues of Thelos'. Destroy them by attacking the cracked parts.

I Found It (Bronze)

  • Description: Collect a treasure by following an animal.
  • Method: Follow any animal with a gold trail without alarming it. After a while, it will dig up a treasure from the ground.

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Atlas Fallen Trophies & Achievements

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