How to update Minecraft Bedrock on PC?

If you want to update Minecraft Bedrock on PC, the update should download automatically. But occasionally, the windows store can cause users problems when trying to update new games. In most cases, you will need to uninstall and reinstall a few times, while in other instances, updating is a simple matter of going to the […]

Rumor: New Minecraft games are reportedly being made!

According to a recent article at Windows Central, trusted sources at Mojang have stated that the studio is playing around with the idea of brand new releases set in the Minecraft universe.  According to these same sources, at least two new Minecraft projects are already underway. These two new Minecraft games will look like are not […]

What are Silver necklaces used for in Valheim?

Silver necklaces are a unique item that players can often find in graveyards and chests located in Valheim. However, the purpose these items have is not clear when one initially picks them up. That said, what Silver necklaces are used for in Valheim and what you can do with them is simple.  The Necklaces are […]