When does Minecraft 1.18 Come out?

If you are wondering when the next update for Minecraft is coming, update 1.18, the answer is sometime later this year around the holiday. However, if you were hoping for something more definitive, there is no clear date Mojang studios at the time of writing.  If we had to guess, it would be some time in the next few […]

How to get and use Azoth in New World

Azoth is an important resource that is needed for several things and activities in New World. One of which is to reset your skills, so luckily, the resource can be found and farmed in several ways.  The first way is from completing quests, as certain ones in the game will reward a small amount of around […]

When is Strange Brigade coming to the Switch?

First released back in 2018, Strange Brigade has just released on the Nintendo Switch today and will have a launch discount of 10 percent off for the entire launch week.  That said, Switch players will now be able to experience the Indiana-Jones-style adventure that takes place in the 1930s, where players must face an ancient mummy queen and her […]

Who is the Protagonist in Shin Megami Tensei V?

The protagonist in Shin Megami Tensei V, is called the Nahobino, a forbidden being. But before that the protagonist seems to be a high school student who, under mysterious circumstances, will transport themselves to a hostile post-apocalyptic alternative world called Da’at.  When they are transported to this strange new world, they will also merge with a […]

How to join a Faction in New World

If you want to join one of the various factions in New World, you will first need to level up to level 12 in the game. After this point, you will be given an opportunity to join one of three factions in the game: The Covenant, The Syndicate, and The Marauders.  The difference between these factions […]