How to farm gold in New World

To farm gold in New World, you will want to first farm the various quests available to you in the game. Farming quests are the best and most straightforward, depending on the quest to make money. Each quest will give a little bit of gold as a reward, and depending on the enemies you may […]

How many pets can you own in BitLife?

In total, non-Bitizen players can have up to four pets in BitLife, and can only adopt them from animal shelters in the game. Along with this, non-Bitizens cannot access animal breeders, exotic pets, or pet stores. However, Bitizen players can purchase any pet they want so long as they have a big enough property with […]

How to become a Bitizen in BitLife?

To become a Bitizen in BitLife, you will need to purchase the feature by using real-world money. This is the only way to become a Bitizen legitimately beyond winning a giveaway or illegitimate means.  Bitizenship in total costs $4.99 and unlocks several features non-Bitizens don’t have access to with their versions of the game. First, […]

How to join the Goat Grabbing Team in BitLife?

To join the goat-grabbing team in BitLife, you will need to create a character born in Afghanistan and reach the point when you enroll in High school. This will be more or less around age 15, and you will also get a pop-up letting you know, so don’t worry about it. Along with the high school requirement, you […]