What is the release date for Humankind?

If you are wondering when is the release date for Humankind, the game is set and will release on August 17th of this year on Steam, Google Stadia, and the Epic Games Store.  Along with this, players can also play the game early for a limited amount of time in a closed beta for the […]

Here’s How to join Humankind’s Closed Beta

If you want to join Humankind’s closed beta, the main method is to simply prepurchase the game via the official storefronts, Steam and Epic Games, and Stadia.  Upon purchase, you will receive access to the closed beta via a key. That said, once you are in the beta, you will be able to play from June 13th […]

Does Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance have split-screen coop?

A prominent feature in previous games in the Dark Alliance series was the ability to play local coop or split-screen coop. So it was no surprise why many fans were disappointed with the fact that the third game will not support the feature at launch.  However, it was recently announced that Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will support local […]

Is Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance coming to the switch?

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance has been announced that it will launch this upcoming Tuesday on multiple platforms. But, none of these platforms is the Nintendo Switch, nor does it appear Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance will come to the Switch in the near future.  The reason being is that we haven’t received any announcements from the developers […]