Phasmophobia Patch Notes (December 2023)

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Phasmophobia is a ghost-hunting game updated regularly with new additions, bug fixes, etc. If you want to learn more, we've included the Phasmophobia Patch Notes for every recent update here.

Phasmophobia patch notes Ascension minor update v0.9.2.0 November 13


  • Added the first wave of Steam Achievements! Check out the Achievements section on Steam to see how to earn them. More achievements will be added in future updates.
  • Added an option to enable Screen Space Ambient Occlusion for VR


  • Removed Halloween Event
  • Adjusted the sky effects when you are dead
  • Reduced translucency on medium tents slightly to stop them from glowing so much when a DOTS is placed inside
  • Both campfires in Maple Lodge will now have a max hearing range of 5m and are the same volume
  • The Maple Campsite Chem toilet will now behave similarly to house closets and lockers when hiding
  • Brightness will now default to 1 for new players instead of 0


  • Significant improvements to loading times and performance across the whole game
  • Max-level players will no longer get stuck on the reward screen
  • You can now get past the splash screen if you are failing to connect to Steam
  • You can no longer hide from the ghost’s view behind a lit campfire
  • The totem pole in Maple Lodge Campsite will now block the ghost's view during hunts
  • Moved the twigs easter egg in Maple back to where it should be
  • Removed the invisible walls on top of the small tents
  • Incense III will now swing again while held
  • Maple’s Green and White tents now have the correct room names
  • Moved some camping chairs by Campfire B in Maple to remove a safe spot
  • Moved the small green tent in Maple’s Campsite B to remove a safe spot
  • Moved the Maple Campsite’s Ouija Board spawn to the right slightly to stop it from clipping
  • Moved the Maple music box spawn up slightly to stop it clipping inside of the log
  • Moved the orange bottle up one shelf to stop it clipping with the Maple Ouija Board spawn
  • Moved the fingerprint up on the Maple light pole near the Toilet block
  • Ambient Occlusion will no longer be turned on in VR
  • Fixed fog several leaks:
    • Ridgeview bathroom
    • Willow garage, laundry, bathroom and bedroom
    • Sunny Meadows entry, courtyard hallway
    • Woodwind toilet block

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Phasmophobia Patch Notes Halloween 2023 Update v0.9.1.0 - October 26


  • Halloween Event 2023 has been added, instructions can be found in-game on how to receive this year's spooky ID-card badge and trophy! The event will last around 2 weeks!
  • Maple and Prison are temporarily unlocked at level 1 to allow new players to complete the event.


  • Maple Lodge Campsite has had a complete layout revamp, featuring a new reception building, two separate campsite areas, new assets and areas, more hiding spots and greatly improved performance
  • Added new rain sounds in both campsites when inside tents, inside the toilet block or under draped tarp
  • Added Temporal Anti-Aliasing option in the journal (Provides a higher quality AA method than FXAA and SMAA, but lower quality than MSAA)
  • The EULA has been updated (2.2, 7.1, 7.2 and 10.4)


  • Several icons have been replaced across the main menu and contract selection screens
  • You can no longer light objects using 'Interact' (default: Mouse 1)
  • To help with performance in the truck, the CCTV monitor will now only turn on when you are standing nearby, and it will now display a screensaver when disabled


  • The Monkey Paw now has the correct textures again
  • You can now take a photo of the haunted mirror on Ridgeview, whilst it is on the wall
  • In Training, you can now open/close the truck doors in VR
  • Several fingerprints are no longer visible when you don’t have UV evidence
  • Crucifix T2 should now consistently give both “interaction” and “burned crucifix” photos
  • The haunted mirror will no longer get detected on the parabolic microphone or sound sensors if not being held or used
  • The Camp Woodwind entrance gate will no longer say “Maple Lodge campsite”
  • Video cam no longer breaks if swapped into inventory when CCTV is on the last camera
  • Lighters can no longer light some candles, firelights and the campfire when not lit
  • Summoning circle photos will no longer take priority over other photos as often
  • If you die in foggy weather, future games in foggy weather now show the fog correctly
  • Many performance improvements, especially in multiplayer and in the truck
  • Placing equipment on the wall in some areas of Sunny Meadows will no longer teleport the equipment back to the truck
  • Bone photos will now work more reliably
  • Firelight T2 now correctly lasts 5 minutes instead of 3 minutes

Known Issues

  • The in-game version number will show as
  • Terrain is currently showing inside Sunny Meadows
  • Ghost footstep sounds are currently sometimes incorrect in Maple Campsite
  • The bear trap interaction photo does not work.

Phasmophobia Patch Notes Tempest Hotfix v0.8.1.7 May 16

  • The Slow And Steady weekly challenge will now have the correct hunt settings

Phasmophobia Patch Notes Easter Event Update v0.8.2.0 April 4

Happy Easter everyone!

This year's event will run for 1 week, until 00:00 on April 12th (BST)!

  • Enter any location featuring an Easter sticker on any difficulty in single or multi-player.
  • Find and collect all of the hidden Easter eggs.
  • Retreat to the truck and leave! No need to find the ghost type!
  • Repeat this until all stickers on the contract board are ticked off!

Enjoy the Easter '23 ID Badge and Trophy in your collection!

Event information can be found in the game by pressing the egg sticker button on the main menu!

Happy Huntin'

Phasmophobia Patch Notes Tempest Hotfix v0.8.1.3 March 14


  • Randomizing a custom difficulty will now always give a random cursed possession


  • Arabic player names are now displayed right to left
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by having unicode characters with a broken sanity monitor
  • Tripods no longer speed up Raiju after you detach a video camera
  • The speed running difficulty challenge will now give all 7 cursed possessions instead of 6
  • Improved statistics page text sizing on languages with long text
  • Fixed a crash after leaving a game when using Vosk voice recognition
  • The weekly challenges will now reset on Sunday instead of Saturday

Phasmophobia Patch Notes Tempest Update v0.8.1.0 February 27

The next major update will be Progression Part 1 (v0.9.0), and will make way for the new leveling system; player levels, money, and equipment will be wiped and set to 0, however, to allow users to continue playing as they have been, everyone who has played the game pre-wipe will be fast-tracked to Prestige 1, level 0.

This will reset your progress but keep all difficulties and locations available for play when the reset hits. A future development preview will reveal what your pre-wipes level badge will look like, keep your eyes peeled for that soon!

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Custom Difficulty

Custom difficulty’s reward values have been overhauled. This should help balance the game closer to the default difficulties and make progression fairer for those who don’t want to min-max their custom games.

  • The maximum reward value possible is now 15x
  • Several options have had their rewards reduced
  • The Apocalypse Challenges’ requirements have been adjusted:
    • Bronze: 6x+
    • Silver: 10x+
    • Gold: 15x
  • Rules have been added to reduce rewards when two options are set to specific values, thus canceling each other out but still giving you a reward. Here are some examples:
    • 0 starting sanity with sanity pills 25% or higher
    • Faster ghosts but player unlimited sprint
    • Broken Fuse Box but Flashlights: On

Triggering one of these combinations will change the custom difficulties option panel to a yellow warning icon. You can hover your cursor over this icon to find out more information on how it is affecting or being affected by other settings.

Several custom options have been adjusted:

  • “Evidence Given” will now soft cap the reward multiplier. Rewards added above these multipliers will only add 50% of their values to the total reward;
    • 3 Evidence: 4x
    • 2 Evidence: 5x
  • “Grace Period” 6s has been removed
  • “Sprint Duration” and “Sprint Recharge” have been removed and will default to:
    • Duration: 3s
    • Recharge: 5s
  • “Sprint” options have been changed to:
    • Off
    • On
    • Infinite

New Difficulties


For the best investigators, a new default difficulty has been added: Insanity.

More information can be found in-game on the difficulty selection screen.

Challenge modeA new weekly rotational difficulty has been added. Each week a different challenge will be available offering unique modes ranging from Intermediate to Insanity and beyond.

  • 26 challenges have been added
  • A challenge-specific loadout will be provided automatically, for free
  • Completing the challenge 3 times on the specified map will grant a large money and XP bonus
  • Each challenge will be available twice a year
  • You will lose nothing if you fail or die

Cursed Possessions

Sunny Meadows’ staff weren’t just experimenting on people, they were seriously trying to unearth something unnatural:

Monkey PawA severed paw that grants a wish for those who ask it. Be warned, the wish may not be worth the consequences:

  • Wishes can be found scattered inside Sunny Meadows Mental Institution and will be added to your Journal when found.

The number of wishes you have will correspond to the difficulty or reward multiplier for that contract:

  • 0x – 1.9x Rewards: 5 wishes
  • 2x – 2.9x Rewards: 4 wishes
  • 3x Rewards or higher: 3 wishes

Note: After 2 weeks, these patch notes will be updated with the details of every wish

Shop Update

The shop computer has had some UI improvements

  • Shop and Storage has been recreated, acting like an online shopping basket
  • Added an “all equipment” loadout
  • You can now tick “auto-add” to your loadout, to add it as soon as you join a lobby


  • Strange symbols have been spotted in the warehouse, what could they mean? Get searching for an answer!
  • Crucifix uses will now have new textures, effects and sounds when used
  • Updated all UV shaders! UV effects will now be much more accurate and work when shining another light over the UV light. Additionally, UV effects will now fade out over time, instead of disappearing instantly
  • “The Tower” Tarot Card will now additionally double all ghost activity for 20s
  • Weather particles lighting have been improved and now work with the sky light, helping them look more realistic (no more ashy black snow!)
  • All windows will now have new raindrop effects on them if it's raining, and additional sounds in all maps similar to Tanglewood’s
  • Several foliage objects will now be affected by windy weather outside
  • You will now receive an in-game message when a new game update is available to download
  • A Broken Fuse Box’s sparks now bounce on nearby objects instead of clipping through them


  • Reduced the range and resolution of several environmental lights slightly. This should decrease the chance of your shadows becoming overly pixelated when having lots of lights turned on in a location, and decreasing the chance of an object hitting the “maximum lights” limit (e.g. resulting in black floors or DOTS casting no light)
  • The time between hunts will now be the same if the ghost uses a crucifix or if it hunts (20s for Demon, 25s for other ghost types)
  • The ghost's room will no longer be visible on the Haunted Mirror when you use it at 0% sanity
  • Ghost orbs can no longer go through walls into a different room
  • Fog quality settings have been changed for better visual clarity across all settings
    • Low – Downsampling at 2, no shadows
    • Medium – No downsampling, no shadows
    • High – No downsampling, receive shadows
    • Blur has been removed
  • Renamed Daily and Weekly Challenges to Daily and Weekly Tasks, to avoid confusion with the new Challenge Mode difficulty
  • Several icons have been improved
  • Improved and fixed the visuals of light sources on the PC monitors in Prison
  • Improved the visuals of the collectible cabinets in the warehouse lobby
  • Lighting a Summoning Circle candle with no sanity will now extinguish it instantly. Note: Lighting the 5th candle with no sanity will cause an instant hunt
  • Saying "goodbye" on the Ouija Board no longer counts toward challenges
  • Renamed the High School bathrooms to make it clearer where they are
  • Failing to join a room with a password now gives a more descriptive error
  • The night vision camera effect will now adjust brightness when entering and exiting foggy areas


  • Ghosts can no longer interact with windows on the floor below them, in both Farmhouse locations
  • Voice recognition will now work for all players if other players loaded in slowly
  • Removed several safe spots in Prison, Maple Lodge Campsite, and School
  • Several shaders and materials will now render correctly
  • The Voodoo Doll can no longer stop hunts
  • Using the Voodoo Doll, Tarot Cards, Music Box and the Summoning Circle will now count towards the “use Cursed Possessions” task
  • Items will no longer teleport in the SM Courtyard when thrown in specific spots
  • Patched up some holes in the Sunny Meadows Courtyard floor
  • Removed an invisible wall upstairs in Edgefield
  • Improved Anisotropic textures for radiators, rugs, outside ground, SM flooring
  • Ghosts can now kill you on the blue beds in house maps
  • Ghosts can now detect active electronic equipment if they were grabbed when active
  • Voice recognition will no longer work if you have the ‘text’ voice recognition option enabled
  • The Apocalypse stickers will now show in Singleplayer instead of Multiplayer
  • A book in the Sunny Meadows Courtyard is no longer only a shadow
  • Removed several shadow rendering issues in Sunny Meadows and Tanglewood
  • Thaye will now have the correct interaction rate before aging
  • Window knocks now count as an interaction for stats
  • Tasks featuring “Asylum” will now display “Sunny Meadows”
  • You can no longer sprint or move while in the death room
  • Setting a preset for a custom difficulty and changing a cursed possession, will no longer apply that change to the actual preset difficulty, instead of just the Custom game you are editing
  • Standing in DOTS light will no longer stop sanity drain
  • You can now see your hands on your monitor when in VR and smooth camera is enabled
  • Ghost orbs can no longer be seen with a photo camera
  • The ball in the upstairs Ridgeview closet will no longer glitch when the hiding spot is blocked
  • Ghost orbs in the outside "rooms" in Camp Woodwind will no longer be very high above the ground
  • Video cameras will now receive the ghost glitch effects
  • The “Sky Light” will now turn on and off accurately with your settings
  • Lighter flame is now being considered for the Onryo hunt ability when blown out
  • An Onryo will now have a higher chance to blow out a flame, the more players that are dead, instead of a lower chance
  • Hunts will now end if all players are outside
  • The haunted mirror will now drain a minimum of 20 sanity per use instead of 27

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Ghost Buffs and Debuffs

  • Changes that affect all ghosts
    • Hunting Ghost model flickers synced across all players.
    • All Hunting Ghosts affect lights at the same range as equipment. Rajius influence lights at 15m while other ghosts remain at 10m.
  • Other Ghost Changes
    • Wraith - Wraiths never step in a salt pile now, and their weaknesses on the Journal page now reflect it.
    • Obake - Obakes have a six percent chance to shapeshift and change ghost forms when it flickers, and every hunt has one chance of it happening. 
    • Revenant - Revenants no longer slow down instantly after losing line of sight and keep their increased speeds until they reach their last known position. Revenants also decrease their speeds gradually over 2.7 seconds instead of instantly
    • Goryo - Goryos no longer change their room or roam long distances.
    • Hantu - The Hantu's cold breath now plays in any room during hunts if the breaker is off in the building with new and improved visuals.
    • Yurei - The Yurei no longer use their ability when there is no door in their current room.

New Features

  • Fog has returned!
    • Fog will now only be where it makes sense and has received a visual overhaul
    • Locations will start at the same temperature as Clear weather (8-15°C)
  • Sunrise weather has been added
    • Locations will start with temperatures between 10-18°C
  • Weather effects have been completely recreated from the ground up
    • Rain and snow have received large performance increases and improved visuals
  • New graphics options have been added
    • Sky light – For enabling sun or moonlight in each location
    • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
    • Fog quality
    • FidelityFX 1.0 – AI upscaling for better performance
    • (Only compatible with AMD RX 400 GPUs and newer / Nvidia GTX 10 series GPUs and newer)
    • Anti-Aliasing options – You can now choose between FXAA, SMAA, and MSAA. VR players can only choose MSAA
  • You can now place crucifixes
    • When placing the crucifix, you can now see the range of its effect on the environment
  • All post-processing effects have been adjusted and improved
  • Added a text option for voice recognition. This will show UI for selecting what question to ask on the Spirit Box and Ouija Board
  • If you swap to a new PC or reinstall windows your save will now revert to your personal cloud backup


  • The Smudge Sticks’ burn effect has been improved
  • The Haunted Mirror’s effects and visibility have been improved
  • Improved glowstick model and effects
  • Transparent objects and effects will now receive shadows from lights
  • Resetting your save file will now wipe your cloud backup
  • Improved performance on campsite maps
  • Fingerprints have been moved on Willow doors to be more consistently placed
  • Radios are now interactable with the breaker off
  • All players must now be further than 5m from the Ouija board before it breaks, instead of just the person who activated it
  • The Ouija board will now auto-deactivate when walking outside the map.
  • Sanity pills no longer disappear when using them. Instead, they now drop on the floor and are no longer useable
  • Improved all candle wax effects when lit
  • Improved two hiding spots in Sunny Meadows; one by the restricted area door and in the one restricted wing
  • Small tent cloth is now translucent


  • The ‘average sanity’ objective will now complete at the same time for all players
  • The bone will no longer spawn inside other objects
  • Tripods no longer count as electronic equipment after removing a camcorder
  • Willow windows are now the correct way round
  • The weekly challenge timer will now reset at the same time as the challenges themselves.
  • The “Complete daily challenges” weekly challenge will now only trigger when a daily challenge completes, instead of when it progresses.
  • You can no longer scroll to another item while placing something
  • The ghost's room will now show on the board in the truck in training
  • The Deogen spirit box reply will now work if you are not crouched
  • The morgue door VR grab point is now in the correct position
  • Hitting the crouch button, then physically crouching in VR no longer pushes you enough into the floor that the ghost cannot kill you
  • Computer monitors in prison no longer turn on when the power is off
  • The "ghosts repelled" stat will now count if you are not the host
  • In Sunny Medows, the female hallway light switch will no longer toggle the utility room’s light
  • Journal on/off buttons are much clearer to understand
  • The EULA accept button will no longer be clickable until you scroll to the bottom
  • The objects moved stat will now correctly count poltergeist throws
  • Your inventory will no longer break if you grab more than one item before joining a game
  • Room reflections will now be accurate after turning a light on and off quickly
  • Russian and Ukrainian fonts will no longer have grey boxes around most characters
  • VR death room spawn position is now correct

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