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Information on the Phasmophobia roadmap.

Phasmophobia has become a massive hit on Steam, as it has an overwhelmingly positive review scoring, and we do not blame it! Phasmophobia is a coop horror game where you or with friends become paranormal investigators and try to solve the issues haunted locations are having. Of course, you come equipped with a plethora of gear to figure out what type of ghost is causing the haunting; you can even have the dream job of being the chair guy and watch all the cameras for strange stuff occurring!

With 3 different difficulties the games provide, you can really put your knowledge to the test and see if you can handle the ghost on Professional level difficulty. Are you up for the challenge? Kinetic Games have done a stellar job with Phasmophobia, and people are screaming for more updates, more content, as they are hooked! What does Phasmophobia have in mind for future updates? Does it have any kind of future roadmap for content?

Phasmophobia Roadmap

Next Update

The next update for Phasmophobia is always in the works, and Kinetic games has updated the Trello Board, to show fans what is coming in the next update. At this present time, it's not much, but here is whats will be coming.

  • At the moment nothing is on the Trello Board.

Current Update

This is the current update that was pushed through on Jan. 8/10. For the entire patch notes we've got you covered: Phasmophobia: Beta Patch Notes (January 2021)

  • Add an accessibility p[age on the main menu and add an option to change sound to mono.
  • Can't click on the server arrows with a controller.
  • Add a dropdown to select the contract difficultly rather than it being random

Future Updates

A few months have passed since Phasmophobia was released, and a lot of updates have occurred that the Trello Board needs another look at to see what Kinetic Games has been working on. The Prison map is now released, so that leaves two more. The other two levels are:

  • The Mansion, which by the sounds of things, could be massive.
  • The Apartment Building, so we think it'll be a smaller map for newer players to the game, or it might be based over in a complex, meaning it could ultimately become the biggest map in the game.


However, these are in the backlog of things Kinetic Games need to catch up on. These are things that will be added slowly over time, as other priorities take precedent.

Other main things that are in the backlog list are:

  • Add bHaptics Support.
  • Nightvision Goggles.
  • SLS Camera.
  • Adds screams to the outside and add things to the windows of other houses.
  • Makes plates and glasses smashable.
  • Add Ghost Voices when the Ghost is hunting.
  • Publish game to Oculus/Quest store.


The To-Do list is mainly things that are going to appear after the backlog is completed or if there is any spare time for anything else. Here are the main elements being in this list:

  • Replace the Farm
  • Make weather a random chance in all maps.
  • Make the last journal page a group mechanic in the truck.
  • Make the Ghost have a chance to throw objects towards the player.
  • Make the Ghost interact with objects in the hunting phase.
  • A lot of VR quality of life.
  • Add localization to the House map.

In Progress

And the most important list of all, the In Progress list, what Kinetic Games are working on as of right now:

  • New leveling system that scales the exp gained based on the player's level.
  • Add accessibility option on the main menu to change to mono.
  • Add an Options menu on the server screen when players are in the lobby.
  • Add something to indicate when a Crucifix has been used.
  • Add a dropdown to select contract difficulty rather than it being random.
  • Add a single-player button that does not connect to the server.

Old: Luckily, Phasmophobia has a roadmap of content that will be coming to the game in the future in the form of a Trello board so you can see all the bugs and content being worked on. The public Trello board has been updated with a small insight into what is coming.

There are a plethora of things being worked on, but the most notable is the potential addition of another game mode, where you play as the ghost. This is very akin to Left 4 Dead when 4 players controlled the humans, and then 4 players control an array of zombies. If this mode comes to Phasmophobia, it will be an absolute hit, as AI can only work in so many ways, and with human knowledge, there could be an unbeatable ghost!

Of course, other additions are being worked on, such as adding Steam Cloud save support, a mute toggle for VR, making weather a random chance to happen on all maps, and allowing the ghosts to throw objects at any players entering its domain. Honestly, Kinetic games are working hard on making Phasmophobia the best it can be.

They are even asking for player ideas, player input on their Trello board. At the moment, there are 3 tags for "Ideas Needed."

  1. Add something for dead players to do (could be just for fun or to help alive players.) - This has happened; dead players now have something to do, albeit it's very minute, it's still fun!
  2. Nerf the Thermometer - it is too easy to find the Ghosts room. - this has happened in the October 28th Beta patch notes.
  3. Potentially remove the random contract and let you pick what map you want.

Phasmophobia has got lots of content in mind for the future. We don't currently know when all these updates will come out, but it's accurate to say that the game will be constantly updated regularly with small updates that will be fixing bugs, but when the big stuff happens, we'll become the chair guy and sit back and wait and see what happens.

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  1. some sort of phone item to text teammates for those without mics or if you forget a walkie talkie but has a cooldown to be used

  2. I personally would like to see some more ways of dealing with a ghost in a hunt besides just running or crucifix or smudge sticks.

  3. Love this game, but several ideas that could take it to the next level.

    1. Nerf Thermometer, it’s broken.

    2. Add more maps! Yes I know it takes time.

    3. Add another Difficulty where your Sanity is nerfed and you can be hunted immediately, or add a ghost that ignores sanity completely.

    4. Add a ghost that can multiple it’s form, but only the original form is deadly.

    5. Add distraction noises during a hunt where it’s hard to pinpoint the ghosts location.

    6. Increase player and ghost movement speed on larger maps, namely asylum.

    7. Add more Jump Scares.

    8. Add a Ghost that can spawn creatures or insects that help the ghost locate a players location. Maybe they can behave like a wraith and ignore walls / doors.

    9. Add either a Ghost or the ability for current ghosts to manipulate players randomly during a hunt. Example, one players screen becomes darker or that player experiences a hallucinations of sort.

    10. Add a Ghost that has a chance to lock random doors during a hunt, not just the exit doors.

    11. Adding Ghosts that would be harder to distinguish which is which. Example, you can outrun every ghost in the game with the exception of revenant. Granted a Jinn’s ability causes a large increase in speed, but only for closing distance, you can still outrun it. It’s a little too easy to tell which ghost is which, so more player punishment would be nice.

  4. I’d like to see a outdoor map like a Carnival or a large Strip Mall. Carnival would rock as things suddenly operate or light up! lol

    1. That would be interesting, but then ghost suddenly appearing will be more visible, less terrifying. They’ll have to work something out that works nicely!

  5. We need random ghost footsteps, talking, screams and possibly projections only certain players can see. I kinda want them to get rid of the whole 1 ghost room thing and rather we explore the whole house for clues.

    1. I agree with you on all counts. I would like the Spirit box to be more one-room allocated, as sometimes you walk about everywhere and the ghost just doesn’t reply to you, anywhere. Yes, it’s moving but ya know.

      The ghost whispering in my ear is the worst part about the game, so yes I want more of it. The animations for the ghosts, I quite like how frigid they are. But the game terrifies me to no end so.

    2. While we are at it, I hope they add some animations for the ghosts.

  6. I have a couple of ideas.
    1- For the ghost that crawls on the ground, would be cool if she can crawl on the ceiling too.
    2- When the ghost gets more aggressive, the ghost should be able to lift you up to the ceiling and then drop you to the floor.
    3- Throw you across to the other side of the room.
    4- Other ways ghost can kill you like having a health bar when that reaches 0 you die.
    5- Losing health by throwing you across the room or lifting you up to the ceiling and dropping you to the floor, getting hit by throwing objects.
    6- Maybe first-aid kits for your health bar.

    1. Those are nice ideas! Personally, I think the game needs to up the psychologic horror factor even more than it currently does first. Having people stress over health might take away from the horror, in some way or another.

  7. Hi I think it would be an idea for some of the items we use.the batteries drain.when near a ghost presence.which means we would need to replace them.also how about a castle and hospital map.

    1. That’s a good idea. With a game like Phasmophobia, the ideas and maps really are truly endless. It’s terrifying in its current state, but give it half a year to a year, and it’ll become something nightmares are made of. I’m really looking forward to its future.

  8. I think new ghost characters should be add ie clown, dolls chainsaws and dolls that laugh

    1. And you had me up until clowns xD And yes, i would like the ghosts to be more interactive in general like speaking/whispering in every area of the map, being more aggressive. And, the most important point imo, you should not be able to outrun any of the ghosts. That would make the hunts and the game overall much more thrilling.
      (Sorry, for grammar or spelling mistakes. English is not my mother tongue :D)

    2. You had me up until dolls… If a doll ever spoke to me I would nope out of the game so fast!

  9. this game just needs, more maps, a harder hard level, like adding a fourth uniec evidence

    1. More evidence would be nice, as a lot of people do tend to guess the third one. With a fourth piece, they can’t!

  10. i would love that you had to find out more about the ghost-like how it died and find objects in cupboards before you could leave

    1. That would be a really cool idea to add! I’m down for that!