Phasmophobia Roadmap All Planned Updates

Where are the ghosts going next?

Phasmophobia has done a stellar job of scaring us, so we are excited to see what's next in the terrifying ghosthunting world. Check out the current Phasmophobia roadmap and all planned updates to see what's incoming.

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Phasmophobia planned Ascension adjustments

The planned adjustments are set to improve progression with levels and item tiers. There will also be improvements to DOTS, EMF Reader, Thermometer, Ultraviolet, and other optional equipment, including Firelights, Igniters, and Photo Cameras.

Lastly, the training mode will be reworked to mirror how things work in the actual game. For more details on the following, here is an overview of everything planned with Adjusting the Ascension updates.

Progression Improvement

  • The update will reduce XP needed for each level, making the overall progress much faster.
  • Players will be able to unlock multiple equipment tiers at once and choose between them.
  • The equipment cost will be increased to create balance and rewarding progression.

Prestiges Changes

  • There will be new items and accessories locked with prestige levels that you will be able to purchase with in-game money.
  • Players will get the option to choose extra cash or a one-time small XP boost with prestige.

Equipment Changes

  • DOTS will have enhanced brightness and light range.
  • EMF Reader will no longer give misleading EMF5 readings.
    • Tier 3 EMF Readers will get a new sound for EMF5 readings and improved direction for PC players.
  • The Thermometer will have slight fluctuations.
    • Tier 1 will have more fluctuations.
    • Tier 2 will offer continuous temperature updates when you press the use button.
    • Tier 3 will have everything that Tier 2 does with less random fluctuations.
  • The Ultraviolet glowstick will unlock after you start with the flashlight to make it feel like a useful progression.

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Optional Equipment Changes

  • Firelights and igniters will have increased duration and light range across all tiers.
  • Head Gear will have a new keybinding to toggle it on and off and a new sound to indicate ghost activity.
    • Tier 3 will also have paranormal interference.
  • Tier 3 Motion Sensor will have a more accurate truck map indicator.
  • Tier 1 Parabolic Microphone will have a red flashing LED when sound is detected to aid hearing-impaired players.
  • Photo Camera bugs will be addressed.
    • Tier 2 cameras will have increased photo-taking speed.
  • Tier 2 Sanity Medication will regenerate sanity faster.
  • Each sensor will have a mute button so you can focus on listening to one thing.

Training Improvements

  • The current DOTS scenario in the tutorial will be replaced by a more game-accurate one.
  • The warehouse area will see an overall temperature reduction, and cold breath effects will be added to relevant areas.
  • The EMF section will need you to get an EMF5 reading to progress.
  • Ghost Orbs will take more time to appear.

Phasmophobia update Roadmap 2024 and Beyond

Image via Kinetic Games

With the start of 2024, Kinetic Games released a developer's preview, highlighting all the updates players can expect from the game. The preview also talks about the console release and what it could be. To learn about that and other planned updates, read the developer's preview below.


These are the overall planned updates and changes to the roadmap itself.

  • Removed predicted dates for upcoming updates.
  • Updates will be pushed out as soon as they are ready instead of having to wait for a major update.
  • Horror 2.0 will see the end of Early Access with more equipment, ghosts, and locations.

Console Update

Recently, the console release was delayed, and here are updates on that.

  • No new release date or window for Phasmophobia on consoles.
  • The console release will be more optimized with a new shop experience, adjustments to leveling and equipment tiers, and minor balance changes.
  • The graphics will be better and more in line with the PC version of the game.

New Location – Point Hope

  • The new location will be called Point Hope.
  • It will feature a unique visual theme and gameplay experience.
  • Details about the Maintenance room reveal its cramped space alongside the main bathroom, which is currently undergoing refurbishment.

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Farmhouse Rework

Lastly, we will see some major changes to the two farmhouse maps.

  • Bleasdale and Grafton farmhouses will both be redesigned to get each a distinct identity and theme.
  • Layouts will be adjusted to have fewer bedrooms/bathrooms and more purposeful rooms.
  • Grafton will have a deteriorated look with a seamstress workshop.
  • Bleasdale will lean towards a grand mansion style with ornate rooms and a repurposed attic.

Previously Planned Updates

Phasmophobia Progression 3 Update

The Progression update has been split into a few smaller parts in 2023. The first part turned into a separate update called the URP upgrade, while the second part became the Ascension update. Here is what is expected to come with the third part of Progression.

  • New player models
  • Player animations
  • CCTV overhaul
  • Player customization

Phasmophobia 2.0 Horror Update

Once the Progression update is fully completed, Kinetic Games will be focusing on the horror element of Phasmophobia. They will redo all ghost models, adding new sounds, effects, and more important interactions to focus on players feeling the utmost horror. Here is what Kinectic Games have planned:

  • New Ghost Events
  • Hallucinations
  • Ghost Events Overhaul
  • New Interactions
  • New Equipment
  • And more.

All Updates in Phasmophobia So Far

Phasmophobia 0.7 Apocalypse Update

The Apocolypse update came out on September 27. The update added a new main menu board and other additions like custom options players can select, such as how much evidence ghosts give during matches. The full list can be found below.

  • New Features
    • Custom Difficulty - A fully customizable difficulty that can change the player and Ghost stats as well as the details of the Contract for each investigation.
    • New Main Menu
    • New Lobby Room
    • New Shop
    • Equipment Loadouts
    • Ghost Changes/Adjustments
    • ID Cards
    • Collectibles
    • Report System
    • New Fuse Box
    • Player Stats
    • New Interactives
    • New Sounds
  • New Maps
    • Sunny Meadows - A mental institution expected to work similarly to the Asylum map.
    • Sunny Meadows Restricted - A division of the Sunny Meadows map cut up into five small maps.
    • Camp Woodwind - A small variation of the Campsite map.

Previously planned maps of the Mansion and the Apartment Building have not yet been included in any new update, nor is it known if they will be in the future.

Phasmophobia 0.8 Tempest Update

The Tempest update is a major Phasmophobia update that brought in small features, improvements, and options. It focused on various aspects, including new weather effects, lighting, and more. There was a complete overhaul of these areas in this update.

  • Updates
    • Reward changes
    • Investigation bonuses
    • Update to certain ghost types
  • New
    • Recreated weather effects
    • Graphics
    • Text option for voice recognition

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Phasmophobia 0.9 Ascension Update

Ascension is a major update in Phasmophobia that brought in a change in the leveling system with a wipe of all player progression at that moment. Here's everything that was added.

  • Leveling system
    • New rates of progression.
    • New unlocks.
    • New prestige system.
    • Legacy badge.
  • Equipment upgrades
    • All equipment will have three tiers.
    • The equipment count increased from 22 to 60.
    • Most equipment is upgradeable, adding new gameplay features and visuals.
    • Most of the equipment is being rebalanced.
    • Some equipment has become consumable (similar to sanity pills).
  • Rewards Rework
    • No one should risk their life for $10
    • Rewards have been increased drastically.
    • Any experience earned gives you the same amount in dollars.
    • Rewards for collecting the bone will no longer be affected by the reward multiplier.
  • Updates
    • Shop update
    • Reward changes
    • Training

Truck Overhaul in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia's Truck overhaul was released on June 10, 2022. The Truck overhaul focuses on adding new ghost types, improving voice recognition, and improving the truck in many forms.

Known Bugs in Phasmophobia

These are all the known bugs that will be fixed.

  • Can't connect to servers if you are on a US University internet (VPN is the only fix)
  • The microphone audio input volume is being forced to 100% when Phasmophobia is focused.

For more information on Phasmophobia, check out How to Prestige in Phasmophobia on Pro Game Guides.

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Phasmophobia Roadmap All Planned Updates

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