How to unlock Sacrificing in Cult of the Lamb

After beating Witness Agares and returning to Darkwood, the One Who Waits gives you the ritual to perform sacrifices in Cult of Lamb. You can gain follower loyalty, manage follower levels, and obtain follower meat through sacrificial rituals. Here’s how you can use sacrifices to your advantage. How to Sacrifice Followers in Cult of the Lamb […]

How to get Falling Water and Ice Heart in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To complete Merlin’s Final Trial quest line in Disney Dreamlight Valley and upgrade your watering can, you’ll need to gather Falling Water and grow an Ice Heart. Here’s how you can obtain both items to finally break down the large mushrooms that block off sections of the Glade of Trust. How to get Falling Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley While […]

Best Abilities in Cult of the Lamb

There are no shortage of upgrade opportunities in Cult of the Lamb. From Curses to Crown Upgrades, there are a bunch of choices to make that will ultimately impact your gameplay experience. Below are some of our favorite abilities that you can unlock in the game. Best Rituals in Cult of the Lamb Ritual of […]