Sea of Thieves | Stars of a Thief Tall Tale | Constellation Directions & Jewel Stories Guide

In the previous section of this guide, we covered how to start the Tall Tale and find and use the Spyglass. In this section, we will explain how to navigate with the Spyglass to the Jewels’ locations. Further down, we will tell you the end locations for each story. If you don’t mind spoilers, you […]

Sea of Thieves | Stars of a Thief Tall Tale | How to Find and Use the Spyglass

The Fourth Sea of Thieves Tall Tale, Stars of a Thief, is the most clever one so far. Sudds, a sort-of-astronomer but mostly-astrologer, takes the reins as the protagonist of the story. Sudds is the type of pirate who seeks truth and knowledge above petty things such as treasure and power. He’d rather explore the […]

Sea of Thieves Update Patch! Fixes to Seasons and Core Game Mechanics

Last week, the Sea of Thieves developers brought in significant changes to the game’s mechanics by introducing Seasons, new Events, Renown, and Trials. While this was largely considered a good move and brought in a huge amount of new players and old players alike, it came with some major issues that needed to be fixed. That’s […]