How to open the Corrupted Door in Remnant 2

For the longest time, it seemed like the red door in the labyrinth was just a red herring (no pun intended) for Remnant 2. After a whole lot of searching by the community, though, it turns out there is something behind that Red Corrupted Door, something immensely valuable in fact. Learn how to unlock it […]

How to get Dark Gaku in Anime Fighters – Roblox

When it comes to Divine units in Anime Fighters, not many can compete with Dark Gaku’s power level. Based on the legendary Goku from Dragonball Z, this character is naturally designed to be busted (shiny Dark Gaku even more so). As a Divine unit, though, that means players might have to wait a long time […]

How to get the Secret Ending in Break in 2

Break In 2 players may have noticed a new banner announcing that a secret ending is somewhere in the game. The secret is actually pretty easy to unlock for players who know what they’re doing; all you need are three special items to get the secret ending and the corresponding badge. Here’s everything you need […]