Things to do before completing Act 3 – Baldur’s Gate 3

The end is near.

Baldur's Gate 3 is a massive game, and you might want to rush through the third act of the story to see the ending. But before you do, there are some important things you should clean up to get the most out of the detail-filled story of BG3.

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BG3 Act 3 Checklist

While the main story of BG3 is an epic tale with some massive consequences, there are a ton of smaller side quests that can be funny, heart-warming, or just wallet-filling. Here are some of my favorite things to finish up before heading to the end game of Baldur's Gate 3.

Stop the city's murder spree

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In a quest chain called Investigate the Murders, you'll start at the Open Hand Temple in Rivington. It all starts with the murder of a priest there named Father Lorgan, and it's being blamed on one of the refugees. Following the quest chain will take you through the Lower City and pit you up against the real murderers. Along the way, you'll have to pick up clues, check out crime scenes, and make sure to chat with the investigators on the case, and this makes this quest chain unique in Baldur's Gate 3.

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Get rid of Auntie Ethel for good

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If you spared Auntie Ethel in Act 1, you'll find her back again in Act 3 in the quest chain called Avenge the Hag's Survivors. Ethel's back to her old tricks, messing with Mayrina, kidnapping children, and enslaving adults. Get rid of her for good to not only save Vanra's life but also get a sweet item out of the deal.

Side with Lorroakan or Dame Aylin

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If you've saved Dame Aylin in Act 2, she'll have another quick quest for you in Act 3. There is a wizard that has been in search of the Nightsong (hints of this were discussed with the mercenaries in Act 1). I always side with the Nightsong for this quest; there is nothing like wiping the smug look off of Lorroakan's face when he realizes he's not going to get his prize and he's going to die for his troubles.

Helping the Gur while Fighting Cazador

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In order to complete Astarion's personal quest, you'll have to take down his master, Cazador, and either convince him to stop the ritual or become a vampire ascendant himself. There are some really beautiful details and incredibly tear-jerking scenes throughout this whole quest chain in Act 3, and it's worth going through it at least once. Some of my favorite cutscenes happen if you both spare the monster hunter in Act 1 and free all the vampire spawn at Cazador's place; you can find the Gur in the sewers with his children-turned-vampires for some meaningful follow-up to your choices.

Talk to the Dryad

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In the Circus, there is a Dryad that will give you and whoever you romanced a love quiz. The higher your approval rating with your lover, the better answers you'll be able to give. There are some hilarious, heart-warming, and really mean answers, and each of them is worth exploring. If you chat with the Dryad after fighting Dribbles, she won't even turn into Orin at the end of your sappy questionnaire.

Find the Tressym

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Terra is a Tressym and a good friend of Gale. She is perched on top of the Open Hand Temple in Rivington, munching on messenger birds. Take Gale up on the roof to see a heart-warming little chat between him and his cat-like buddy.

Find the Wyrmway

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If you haven't done the Wyrmway quest, you'll be blown away by some of the revelations this quest chain throws at you. In order to get it started, you'll need to save Wyll's father in the Iron Throne. Chat with him in camp afterwards and reconnect father and son. He'll send you looking for the dragon guardian of legend; if you look hard enough, you'll find it, and you might not like what's in store for you. This dungeon also has a whole bunch of interesting little puzzles to solve; they are probably the most challenging in BG3.

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Find Minsc

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If you save Jaheira in Act 2, she'll ask you to look for her buddy Minsc in Act 3. You can recruit him to your party and, with him, his miniature giant space hamster named Boo. He's one of the funniest and weirdest of the companions, and he's worth saving if only for the hilarious camp chats you get with him.

Complete the House of Grief

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If you like heart-rending stories and sobbing uncontrollably at your keyboard, I suggest heading to the House of Grief and finishing Shadowheart's personal quest. Regardless of whether you chose to kill the Nightsong or not in Act 2, this quest chain is as sad as they come. It's well worth doing.

Head to the House of Hope

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The ending battle in the House of Hope has the best soundtrack of the entire game. The first time I completed this fight, I was absolutely stunned by the battle, the visual design, and the music. I actually stopped playing for a while just to hear the whole song. The House of Hope also has a whole bunch of amazing items to get for your team, like the Amulet of Greater Health, Orphic Hammer, and Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength.

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Things to do before completing Act 3 – Baldur’s Gate 3

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