All Battlefield 2042 Maps, Ranked

Battlefield 2042 has a decent selection of weapons, vehicles, and maps from which players can choose. While the maps in the game were initially designed to accommodate 128-player battles and modes, due to community backlash, this number was reduced to 64-players per match. In this guide, we have ranked every Battlefield 2042 map based on […]

Battlefield 2042 Season 1: Zero Hour – Complete roadmap, new map, specialist, battle pass

About eight months after its release, Battlefield 2042 is finally getting its first seasonal content drop. Season 1: Zero Hour drops on June 9, following a series of major and minor improvement patches that added features such as voice chat and scoreboard. Here’s everything that comes with the new Battlefield 2042 update. New Specialist – […]

Are Halo Infinite and the Pandemic to blame for Battlefield 2042’s failure? That’s what EA thinks.

Battlefield 2042 has had a disastrous launch, which is the least you can say about it. Now it appears that publisher EA is blaming 2042’s failure on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Halo Infinite. At least that is according to a report from Xfire, who claim to have exclusive knowledge of what happened in a […]