Are Halo Infinite and the Pandemic to blame for Battlefield 2042’s failure? That’s what EA thinks.

Battlefield 2042 has had a disastrous launch, which is the least you can say about it. Now it appears that publisher EA is blaming 2042’s failure on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Halo Infinite. At least that is according to a report from Xfire, who claim to have exclusive knowledge of what happened in a […]

How to unlock the Vitruvian Gnome Weapon Charm in Battlefield 2042?

For the ninth set of weekly missions, Battlefield 2042 rewards players with an exclusive weapon charm. Players need to complete three challenges in order to unlock the Vitruvian Gnome weapon charm. Here’s a guide on all the challenges and how to complete them. Battlefield 2042 Preseason Weekly Missions 9 Mission: 30 squadmates revived or times […]