Borderlands 3 Legendaries Locations – How-to Get & Where-to Find Legendary Items!

We're taking a detailed look at some of the Legendaries you can find in Borderlands 3!

Our Borderlands 3 Legendaries Locations Guide features a detailed look at on how-to get and where-to find these powerful guns, weapons, and items in the game! There's a ton of these to locate, but if you want to power up your character to the maximum then you'll need to get out into the game and track them all down! We'll also be covering the red text from each them.

Legendary items are some of the top tier options that you'll find in the game for guns, shields, grenades, and class mods. These are sometimes dropped randomly in the world, but more often than not you can kill a specific enemy over and over to claim a particular item. Stats on these items can vary, so you might need to continue to grind out some of these to get the right traits you're looking to have.

What's Red Text?

Red text is a bit of flavor added to each of the legendary items in the game. It's usually some kind of reference to the weapon's name or what it does.

Borderlands 3 Legendaries List

We're gathering up as many Legendary items as we can find in the game and listing them below! When possible we'll feature exactly where you'll need to go and what you'll need to kill to get them to drop! Keep in mind that the particular stats on the weapons listed below aren't going to be exactly the same as the ones you find.

Credit to Ki11er Six, Glitching Queen, and Joltzdude139 on YouTube for some of the information used in this guide!

9-Volt SMG

9-Volt Red Text


Where-to Find & What 9-Volt Does

You can find the 9-Volt by accepting and completing the Kill Killavolt side-quest that is found on Promethea in the Merdiain Metroplex. It leads you to a quest where you'll need to go Lectra City and participate in a Battle Royale. This area is also where you will get the One Pump Chump Shotgun, so it's well worth doing this quest and clearing out this area. You will eventually complete enough steps to actually fight Killavolt. He can be pretty difficult to beat if you aren't over-leveled for the area. You mainly need to make sure to avoid the electricity on the ground because it will fully zap your shields off while you're trying to damage him.

This is a burst fire SMG that has a spray pattern of a shotgun in the shape of a V. It has a significant amount of electric damage on it, so it shred shields and does quite a bit of damage. The downside would be that you only get to fire three shots before having to reload because each shot takes three rounds and the magazine size is nine.

Chupa's Organ Grenade

Chupa's Organ Red Text


Where-to Find & What Chupa's Organ Does

If you want to find the Chupa's Organ grenade, you'll need to head to Athenas and make your way to the middle of the map. There's a Hammerlock Crew Challenge here where you will need to defeat the legendary Chupacabratch!

Farm this monster up and you should eventually get the Chupa's Organ grenade to drop. What this does is that you throw it onto a target and it will drain their hp and return it back to you. It's basically a life steal grenade, hence the Sucker attribute on it. The grenade sticks to the target, so you want to make sure to land it onto them when you throw it!

Check out a video guide for this right here.

Cloud Kill SMG

Cloud Kill Red Text

Now, you will rise.

Where-to Find & What Cloud Kill Does

Cloud Kill is given as a bonus reward when you complete the Beneath the Meridian quest. This is fairly early in the story around the first vault. You will have two options, one of them being a bonus. Talk to Ava and Talk to Lilith. Be sure to talk to Ava first, because if you do then Lilith will give you this weapon when you talk to her.

This is an interesting weapon because when you fire at an enemy it will create a gas cloud that deals damage to any enemies that touch it. It also deals damage to you as well, so be careful when running around any area you've shot into recently. Only one gas cloud can be up at a time, so if you fire at a new enemy with this gun it will replace the previously spawned cloud.

Check out a video guide for this right here.

EMP Grenade

EMP Red Text

Drop the shields.

Where-to Find & What EMP Does

The EMP drops off of Baron Noggin who is a Target of Opportunity which is a Crew Challenge for Zer0. He can be found on Promethea in the Meridian Metroplex at the location marked below.

This is an interesting grenade mod because it technically does very little actual damage, but what it does do is takes off a big portion of the enemy's shield. This can be very useful against bosses who have large shields that take forever to remove. It won't remove them completely, but it's going to do a lot better job of getting rid of it than a standard grenade or weapon.

Lead Sprinkler Rifle

The Lead Sprinkler can be found at Jakobs Estate on Eden-6 by killing Bill, The Anointed. He's a pretty beefy boss if you're at the same level, so I'd only attempt the farm if you've leveled up a bit further in the game or you're geared to kill bosses.

There's no real shortcut to the boss, you just kind of have to run through the estate and find him at the Theater area. There's a checkpoint nearby if you die or for when you want to reset the game and try again. This is kind of a weird weapon because it has negative percentage perks for both Weapon Damage and Critical Hit Damage. This might work for a particular build, but if you aren't running that build it might not be worth using.

Lucian's Call Rifle

Lucian's Call Red Text

What happened?

Where-to Find & What Lucian's Call Does

Lucian's Call is one of three legendary weapons that can be farmed by turning in Loot-o-Grams to Crazy Earl (learn more here). It is a pretty crazy weapon because it has two huge gatling barrels that push out a ton of gunfire. If you're able to control the heavy recoil and land some critical hits, you'll have some bullets return to your magazine and bullets will ricochet from your target and at the nearest enemy!

Mind-Killer Shotgun

Mind-Killer Red Text

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.

This is a quote from Frank Herbert's classic Science Fiction novel Dune.

Where-to Find & What Mind-Killer Does

Mouthpiece, which is the second boss in Borderlands 3 is the target you need to farm. He can be found in Ascension Bluff on Pandora. If you follow along the story as normal, you will just run into him eventually. Kill him repeatedly and this will drop eventually.

This is a pretty powerful shotgun, but it's kind of unclear what it does exactly. One interesting thing about it is that it's a Maliwan weapon, but it doesn't have an elemental damage attached to it. You can charge your shot when firing, but it's not clear exactly what the benefit of doing this is.

Night Flyer Pistol

Night Flyer Red Text

I have one rule.

This is the Batman Easter Egg weapon and he only has one rule! That rule is that he does not kill anyone.

Where-to Find & What Night Flyer Does

This is a late game Easter Egg, so you might not want to read ahead if you're early on in the story. You can locate this spot by heading to Carnivora on Pandora.

Before you head there, you're going to want to look to the sky in that direction. This isn't a guaranteed spawn, but you'll know if the spawn is active if you see the rakk signal lit up in the sky.

It's a bit more difficult to see if you're in the day time, but it still should be relatively visible. If you don't see it, just exit to the main menu and re-enter the game. Do this until you see the symbol! The Rakkman who you'll need to kill will hopefully eventually drop the Night Flyer for you. It's a Legendary pistol with an extremely fast fire rate and fires in bursts. Its alternative fire switches between 2.2x and 4x weapon zooms. That rule in the red text is important, because you cannot technically kill anyone with it. When you shoot an enemy they can only be brought down to 1-hp and they will then be immune to damage from the pistol. To kill that enemy, you will need to use some other alternative to deal the final bit of damage. This can be with another weapon, melee strike, jumping stomp, or even sliding into them!

Nimble Jack Shotgun

Nimble Jack Red Text

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump up and kill lunatics.

Where-to Find & What Nimble Jack Does

This Legendary shotgun can be found on Promethea in Skywell-27 which is a big space area. It's on the lower part and you'll know your in the right place because you'll see the Crew Challenge icon. Handsome Jackie, who you need to kill, is part of Zer0's Target of Opportunity challenges.

Jackie will waltz on out of some storage containers in this area and you can dispatch of her. If you're lucky, she will drop you the Nimble Jack shotgun. This weapon is really fun because while it has a big spread when you're firing normally, it gets pinpoint accurate when you jump in the air. You can practically snipe enemies with it while jumping, so it gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to long and short range combat.

Check out a video guide for this right here.

One Pump Chump Shotgun

One Pump Chump Red Text

I swear, that has never happened before.

Where-to Find & What One Pump Chump Does

The One Pump Chump can be found on Promethea in Lectra City. This is where you do the Killavolt side-quest, but you do not need to complete it to obtain this weapon. You'll want to head the the subway entrance that I have listed below and make your way to the puzzle location area.

Once you're there, you'll find a hallway with a door and some powered off televisions. Near this area are five switches you can press that will light up the televisions. You need to light them all up at once to solve the puzzle. This is fairly simple, focus on the two switches on the right side if you're facing the door.

Now, all you need to do is input the following sequence: Lever, Lever, Wheel. All of the televisions will light up and One Punch will come out from behind the door. Dispatch of him and if you're lucky you will get the One Pump Chump Legendary to drop! This shotgun deals a lot of damage, and the perk behind it is that you have a 50% not to consume ammo when fired. The magazine size is one, so if this doesn't trigger you will have to reload right away. However, there will be times you could get four or five shots off in a row without consuming any ammo!

Pestilence Pistol

Pestilence Red Text

Go forth conquering, and to conquer.

Where-to Find & What Pestilence Does

You can find the Pestilence on Eden-6 at Jakobs Estate. You'll need to kill Jekyl/Hyde who are a Target of Opportunity for Zer0.

Jekyl and Hyde are pretty easy, and most times you will end up killing Jekyl before he gets a chance to turn into Hyde. The Pestilence is one of the weird guns that is destroyed after you use it for too long. It's kind of a shame, because it's pretty strong and is more of an SMG than a pistol. It's an automatic and it fires really quickly. It has an unlimited magazine size, but will heat up as you fire it.

Phebert Shotgun

Phebert Red Text

Faster than all estimates.

Where-to Find & What Phebert Does

This is a fun because it's a Rick & Morty Easter Egg! You will fight Wick (Rick) and a couple of Wartys (Morty) over in Lectric City on Promethea. This is also where you can get the 9-Volt and One Pump Chump Shotgun, so this area is ripe with Legendaries.

This isn't a guaranteed spawn, but you can typically find it in the circle location on the map above. If not, just exit the game and re-enter it to reset it. Once you can take down Wick, you might be lucky enough to obtain the Phebert! It's a Legendary Hyperian Shotgun that if it Irradiates an enemy, that enemy will then deal damage to any enemies around it. You basically put an AOE onto a foe which will damage others. This will pair great with a class that can pull enemies close together.

Psycho Stabber Pistol

Psycho Stabber Red Text

Fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa fa...

Where-to Find & What Psycho Stabber Does

You will need to slay Borman Nates who can be found on Promethea in the Meridian Outskirts. He is a rare spawn, so Borman might not be at the area listed below on the map below when you visit. You'll need to restart and try again, thankfully it's not too far away from a respawn point.

Slay Borman enough and you'll get the Psycho Stabber! This weapon fires knives as its projectiles, and these projectiles will drop the further they are away from where you fired from. This weapon is best used in a melee build. So, if you're leveling up an Amara, this might be a good option for you early in the game!

Check out a video guide for this right here.

Predatory Lending SMG

Predatory Lending Red Text

Bullets are cheap, but not that cheap.

Where-to Find & What Predatory Lending Does

Predatory Lending is an interesting weapon because instead of bullets it uses your cash supply as ammunition! It's not a particularly useful weapon unless you've got a huge bank load of money and just like the idea of killing enemies with cash.

You can get this weapon by killing Lavender Crawly, and she can be found in The Droughts on Pandora.

Believe it or not, you can also farm this spawn for Eridium as well! When she dies, she goes into a pod and additional Varkids will spawn and you need to kill them. Those two will spawn four more Varkids and once you kill those you will have loot dropped. Each of those final Varkids will drop loot and some of it will be Eridium and possibly the Predatory Lending! Be sure to let the pods open up with the additional spawns, you don't want to kill them too soon or you won't get more loot.

Shooting Star Shield

Shooting Star Red Text

Don't look up.

Where-to Find & What Shooting Star Does

You'll want to go to The Anvil on Eden-6 to find the Sky Bully (sometimes Bullies, occasionally two will spawn). They are a Tink enemy and they can fly around a bit with a jetpack.

The shield is supposed to fire off a projectile after a successful melee if it is depleted. I didn't have a lot of luck with this in testing, but I did see at least one projectile fly off and damage an enemy. It's not super impressive, I don't think this is something that will be commonly used. If you're doing a lot of melee, you probably don't want a shield with such low capacity.

A red chest can be found in the boss room on the top floor in cell 25. The floor is broken near it, so you'll need to jump to busted walkway to enter the room.

Skeksil Pistol

Skeksil Red Text

Get back, spithead!

Where-to Find & What Skeksil Does

You can find the Skeksil on Pandora in Ascension Bluff. You are looking to kill the legendary Skrakk which is a Crew Challenge for Hammerlock.

The Skeksil is basically a rocket pistol that fires off 1 - 3 random rockets per burst fire. It will do initial damage to the target and then the rounds will blow up doing splash damage. You will need to be careful because the explosions will do self-damage so you might accidentally knock yourself down.

Smart-Gun XXL SMG

Smart-Gun XXL Red Text

Busy getting brain like Krang.

This is a lyric from a Childish Gambino song called Backpackers. Krang was a villain on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and was literally a big brain with a face and arms.

Where-to Find & What Smart-Gun XXL Does

You'll find the Smart-Gun XXL by killing the Gigamind boss on Promethea in the Merdian Metroxplex. He's a story-mission boss, so if you do all the quests you will eventually arrive at him.

It's a corrosive firing SMG that when you reload you will throw in the direction you are aiming and the gun will immediately spawn a Spider Gigamind unit that will follow you around and attack enemies for you! The projectiles that the spider-brain fires appear to be very similar to the ones you fire out of the gun normally.

The Butcher Shotgun

The Butcher Red Text

Fresh meat!

This is a quote from The Butcher boss in Blizzard's Diablo franchise.

Where-to Find & What The Butcher Does

The Butcher can be found as a world drop, or is one of three legendary weapons that can be farmed by turning in Loot-o-Grams to Crazy Earl (learn more here). This is a weapon that was brought back from Borderlands 2, but this time it's a Legendary. It has an extremely fast fire rate and rips through ammo but deals a ton of damage in the process. It does give you negative Weapon Accuracy, but most times you'll be so close to your enemy when using it that it won't matter.

The Garcia

The Garcia Red Text

Rooty-tooty, pointy-shooty.

Where-to Find & What The Garcia Does

You'll need to take down Chonk Stomp to find this weapon. This big dinosaur can be found on Eden-6 in Floodmoor Basin. Take the Reliance or Knotty Peak Fast Travel station and follow the map below.

There's also a Jakobs Red Chest in the cave, so be sure to grab that after you take out the dinosaur. The Garcia is a pretty high impact shotgun that could work great in a build that has a high crit chance. Each time you land a crit with it, 1 bullet will ricochet off to the nearest enemy. It packs quite a wallop when you are landing crits, so I could see this being a solid piece in your arsenal.

Tsunami SMG

Tsunami Red Text

You can't explain that.

Where-to Find & What Tsunami Does

The Tsunami SMG can be found on Promethea in Skywell-27. You will need to complete the Laser Tag quest which is a pretty long storyline mission in the game. Once you've done that, you can go back and attempt to farm the Katagawa Ball which should eventually drop the Tsunami.

This SMG fires normal, corrosive, and electric shots when firing. Like all Maliwan weapons, it does require a bit of a charge before it starts to fire, but when it does it deals quite a bit of damage. You also get the damage over time effect from the shock and corrosive shots. When it fires corrosive shots the spread is very wide, so the further away you are the less likely you are to hit them all. This is a weapon that is best used for up close fights.

Check out a video guide for this right here.

Wagon Wheel Pistol

Wagon Wheel Red Text

Keep them doggies rollin'.

Where-to Find & What Wagon Wheel Does

Wagon Wheel is one of three legendary weapons that can be farmed by turning in Loot-o-Grams to Crazy Earl (learn more here). It's a pretty interesting classic looking pistol that fires like a classic revolver. The perk of this weapon is that when you hit an enemy it sprays pellets that will ricochet off the walls and hit any nearby enemies. This is a great weapon for when you're fighting a lot of bad guys that are grouped together in an enclosed area.

Westergun SMG

Westergun Red Text

I believe ya, but my tommy gun don't.

This is a reference to Home Alone 2 where there's a fictitious movie played in a scene and this quote is said by a character in that movie.

Where-to Find & What Westergun Does

You will need to complete the side-mission Invasion of Privacy to enable the enemy you need to kill to find this gun. This quest can be found on Sanctuary 3 from Ava once you've gone through some of the story on Athenas. The quest ends with you fighting Private Beans, he can be respawned again if you return to the same area after you've completed the quest.

This is an interesting weapon because you can switch between different elemental damage depending on which you get (the ones you get on this gun can be different). It also has a pretty large splash radius, which makes it so other enemies can be hit by the shots if they are nearby the target you are shooting.

Check out a video guide for this right here.

This guide is a work in progress, check back for more in the near future!

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  1. I have a Legendary that isn’t listed in here, but I can’t remember where I found it.
    It’s a Pistol called Dangerous Superball, with the red text “Flower Power”.
    It’s shooting fire balls on the ground and they’re bouncing around like the Fire Flower from Super Mario.

  2. Great guide thx a a lot !

    Only one mistake on text for the :
    Tsunami Red Text

    Thx again

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  3. The skeksil pistol and its red text are a reference to the Skeksis in Jim Henson’s ‘The Dark Crystal’ movie (and new Netflix series)

  4. COV weapons do not ‘break’ the ‘break on their item card is simply when they go through their reload animation! you dont need to worry about losing your COV legendaries by using them!

    1. Whoops, you’re right! I forget why I thought that was the case, oh well.

  5. Where to find knife drain commander planetoid. Cant find no info where or who drops it and need it for mi melee build on amara

    1. It’s very likely a world drop, I can’t find any information on it either.

  6. Gigamind also drops a legendary smg called the defrauding crossroad red text says Open the gate for me its a corrosive with front facing shield 14×4 weapon damadge 53% accuracy 67% handling 3.3s reload time 9.92/sfire rate 45 magazine size +10% critical hit damadge +44%weapons shield capacity 2 ammo per shot 2.6x weapons zoom highly effective against amour

  7. I got a lucians call from a loot tink

    1. All of the legendaries that you can get from Crazy Earl with the Loot-O-Grams can be world drops as well!

  8. i found the cash-infused Bitch in konrads hold versus the boss of the lord of the rings easter egg. not sure if it was random or not, killed him 5 more time on mahem1 and didnt get another one but never know.

    1. well cancel that its random got another one in a completly diferent area

      1. Good to know, thanks!

  9. Been mainly using westergun. Some comments; accurate long range (sniping Jr while he was jumping around atlas arena) and unlike most maliwan, does not have a wind up. When you pull trigger, it fires. Makes westergun a very responsive weapon at all ranges.

  10. I also got the ASMD legendary sniper rifle from Gigamind. Not sure if that is a consistent one or just a random

    1. I got it from traunt so must be random.

      1. Got it on badass COV 😉 so random

    2. Probably just random, I’m pretty sure the Smart-Gun is his “exclusive” weapon.

  11. Very helpful. Thank you!

    1. No problem, glad it helped!