Borderlands 3 Skins List – Amara, FL4K, Moze, & Zane

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Borderlands 3 offers plenty of ways for users to customize their Vault Hunters in the popular looter-shooter. Users start with a standard skin for their chosen Vault Hunter, but Quick Change machines allow you to alternate your skins. Some options even have moving patterns.

Our Borderlands 3 Skins List looks at all of the full-body cosmetics that players can find, earn, or purchase for Amara, FL4K, Moze, and Zane! Many of the skins in Borderlands 3 share names regardless of the Vault Hunter, but their appearance varies, and some skins have unique titles for each character.

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Borderlands 3 Skins List

Skins in Borderlands 3 alter how a character looks, but skins can also affect features outside of your Vault Hunter. Using Fl4k, your pets will change color alongside the Beastmaster. If you use Moze, her mech will sport a new paint job after swapping skins. Zane's Operator machines may also look different depending on his skin. We've cataloged all the available skins in Borderlands 3 (according to the Gearbox Forums).

Below, you'll find a list of all the skins players can acquire for each of the game's four Vault Hunters. Each character has access to over 70 skins, and while some skins are similar, the way they transform each Vault Hunter is unique.

VIP Rewards

The following skins were rewards for Vault Insider Program participants for 3,000 points each. The VIP promotion ended on May 18, 2022, making these skins unobtainable. You can learn more about Borderlands 3 events here.

  • Amara: Conventional Reppin'
  • Fl4k: Conventional Reppin'
  • Moze: Conventional Reppin'
  • Zane: Conventional Reppin'

Missions, World/Monster Drops, Moxxi's Slots Skins

The following skins are available via overworld drop and mission rewards. Complete the mentioned main and side missions and scour the overworld if you're a schmaltzy skin collector. Some skins drop from enemies, and you may get lucky rolling the slots at Moxxi's, too.

Amara Skins

  • Siren Skin (Default)

Fl4k Skins

  • Beastmaster Skin (Default)

Moze Skins

  • Gunner Skin (Default)

Zane Skins

  • Operator Skin (Default)

Universal Skins

  • Atlas Classic (Altlas, At Last, story mission)
  • Caustic Bloom (The First Vault Hunter story mission)
  • Creature of the Night (Overworld drop)
  • Ectoplasmic (Overworld drop)
  • Extreme Caution (Overworld drop)
  • Gilded Rage (Cold as the Grave story mission)
  • Hyperion Beast (Overworld drop)
  • Jungle Jams (Overworld drop)
  • Labradortilla (Overworld drop)
  • Moist The Flag (Overworld drop)
  • Muddy Slaughters (Overworld drop)
  • Ravenous (Overworld drop)
  • Signature Style (The Great Vault story mission)
  • Sure, Why Not? (Overworld drop)
  • Teal Appeal (Overworld drop)
  • Trippy Hippie (Overworld drop)

Crazy Earl Eridium Skins

Players can purchase additional skins from Crazy Earl's Shop on Sanctuary III for Eridium. The rarer these skins are, the more Eridium they cost. Remember that these skin unlocks only apply to the Vault Hunter you've unlocked them on. If you have multiple characters, you'll also need to buy the skins on those characters.

Universal Skins

  • Amp Stamp (155 Eridium)
  • Anshin Wash (120 Eridium)
  • Bubblegum Bum (155 Eridium)
  • Clothed Circuit (155 Eridium)
  • Freedom Fashion (200 Eridium)
  • Funk Off (200 Eridium)
  • Hear Me Roar (90 Eridium)
  • Hot Rod (120 Eridium)
  • Hunting Season (90 Eridium)
  • Neon Dreams (270 Eridium)
  • Pimp My Raider (200 Eridium)

Guardian Rank Skins

Once players complete the main story in Borderlands 3, they'll unlock Guardian Rank, a new experience that grants them points to boost stats in one of three trees passively. Each level gives users a point, and once they reach a certain point in their Guardian Rank tree, they'll receive skins for their efforts.

Universal Skins

  • Burning Bright (35 points in Hunter tree)
  • Hex Bolts (35 points in the Survivor tree)
  • Urban Blammo (35 points in the Enforcer tree)

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DLC Skins

Additional skins came to Borderlands 3 as part of the Season Pass and Designer's Cut. Some were rewards for Crew Challenges and missions while others are up for purchase on the Borderlands 3 store page. Some skins have the same name for each Vault Hunter but have different unlock conditions.

Amara Skins

  • Like a Million Bucks (Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC-Kill Junpai Goat Eater)
  • Partali Renegade (Multiverse Final Form Cosmetic Pack)

Fl4k Skins

  • Grand Archivist (Multiverse Final Form Cosmetic Pack)
  • Like a Million Bucks (Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC-Kill Evil Saint Lawrence)

Moze Skins

  • Commissar Andreyevna (Multiverse Final Form Cosmetic Pack)
  • Like a Million Bucks (Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC-Kill DEGEN-3)

Zane Skins

  • Assassin One (Multiverse Final Form Cosmetic Pack)
  • Like a Million Bucks (Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC-Kill Loco Chantelle)

Universal Skins

  • Candy Raver (Unknown)
  • Crimson Raiment (Unknown)
  • Dead Winter (Designer's Cut DLC-Finish Arms Race)
  • Devil Raider (Bounty of Blood DLC-The Meatman Prophecy side mission)
  • Horror Punk (Neon Cosmetic Pack)
  • Maliwan Mood (Unknown)
  • Retro Futurist (Retro Cosmetic Pack)
  • Splatter (Psycho Kreig and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC-Dr. Benedict and Psychoreaver drop)
  • Tentacular Spectacular (Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC-Mancubus Eldritch Statues drop)
  • Tropic Blunder (Unknown)

Director's Cut Skins

After the first Season Pass and the Designer's Cut, Gearbox launched the Director's cut with several additional skin options and cosmetic packs to further augment character appearances in Borderlands 3. Skins available in the Vault Cards can be found in Vault Card Chests or purchased with Vault Card Keys that players earn each time they level up a Vault Card.

Amara Skins

  • Sinister Sister (Multiverse Disciples of the Vault Cosmetic Pack)

Fl4k Skins

  • THE H4RBINGER (Multiverse Disciples of the Vault Cosmetic Pack)

Moze Skins

  • Saint of Iron (Multiverse Disciples of the Vault Cosmetic Pack)

Zane Skins

  • Bane Flynt (Multiverse Disciples of the Vault Cosmetic Pack)

Universal Skins

  • Art of Darkness (Bunker Masters Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)
  • Classic Look (Unknown)
  • Crook Look (Welcome to Pandora Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)
  • Derringer Duds (Welcome to Pandora Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)
  • Flash of Color (Unknown)
  • Full Plate (Bunker Masters Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)
  • Le Chandail de Roland (Fallen Heroes Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)
  • Oasis Chic (Welcome to Pandora Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)
  • Prism Wizard (Bunker Masters Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)
  • Runekeeper (Fallen Heroes Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)
  • Serene Siren (Fallen Heroes Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)
  • Step One (Fallen Heroes Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)
  • Stylish Sigils (Bunker Masters Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)
  • The Loader Look (Welcome to Pandora Vault Card-4 Vault Card Keys)

Event Skins

Some skins in Borderlands 3 result from timed events and objectives only available for short periods. While some skins are still available from the Event skins list, many are unavailable, and some skins require players to finish particular objectives before they unlock.

Amara Skins

  • Electric Avenue (Science Machine reward - complete 15 puzzles)

Fl4k Skins

  • Electric Avenue (Science Machine reward - complete 25 puzzles)

Moze Skins

  • Electric Avenue (Science Machine reward - complete 10 puzzles)

Zane Skins

  • Electric Avenue (Science Machine reward - complete 20 puzzles)

Universal Skins

  • Bad Astra (Complete Takedown at the Guardian Breach)
  • Death by Filigrees (Joey Ultraviolet drop)
  • Festive Vestments (Mercenary day reward, no longer available)
  • Grid Runner (Joey Ultraviolet drop, previously available in the 2021 Revenge of the Cartels event)
  • Haunted Look (Captain Haunt and Loot Ghost drop, previously available in 2020 Bloody Harvest event)
  • Heart Attacker (Loot Heart drop, previously available in 2021 Broken Hearts Day event)
  • Heartbreaker (Loot Heart drop, previously available in 2021 Broken Hearts Day event)
  • If Spooks Could Kill (Captain Haunt and Loot Ghost drop)
  • Popsychle (KH5J3-9BSSS-K6WF9-RT3BB-FTBCJ)
  • Ship It (Developer exclusive skin)
  • Spec'd Out (Complete Takedown at Maliwan Blacksite)
  • The Art of Stealth (Complete all Crimson Radio Crew Challenges)

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Borderlands 3 Skins List – Amara, FL4K, Moze, & Zane

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  1. There is Neon Dreams for Fl4k

  2. Playing as FL4K, I found “Moist the Flag” as a random drop. With that being said, after “using” it in my bag, I got the “skin unlocked” notification, but it does not appear in my skin choices at the quickchange station. I feel like I have seen other people on Reddit saying this has happened to them.

    Is this a bug? Or is this skin also available for other characters? I’ve been told you can get skin drops for other classes even if you’re playing solo. Or is it possible that it’s also a weapon skin? Either way, I can’t find it and am extremely frustrated if it’s lost.

    1. Not a bug. When you find a skin, it’ll be for a specific class. It’s possible you found the “Moist the Flag” skin for the Siren, instead of the FL4K version.

    2. That must be a bug, because I play FL4K as well and I’ve been using that skin. Sorry that you lost it, you might be able to get it again if you play through the True Vault Hunter Mode after you beat the game the first time.

  3. I just got a legendary skin for fl4k called ravenous

    1. Added, thanks.

  4. Theres a skin called ectoplasm for fl4k. It’s a random drop from what I believe.

  5. i got a skin called Ravenous, from a Typhon drop
    here is a img

    1. Thanks, this was very helpful! Added it to the list.

  6. How do you get the teal appeal skin? I’ve been grinding away at the game’s side missions and etc and still can’t seem to find it.

    1. The slot machine that gives you mods and skins 🙂

    2. I don’t currently know, it looks like it’s either a mission or random drop.

      1. You get it from the class mod slot machine

  7. “Sure ,why not?” skin is a random drop from all mobs it seems. I just got it from killing some random level 6 skags lol…

    1. Good to know, thanks!

  8. What Fl4k head is shown in the “crazy earl” skins section? And how do I get it?

    1. It’s called Yok4i, I’m not sure where it’s found. It’s either a mission reward or monster drop. I’m keeping track of them all here:

      1. I got the Yok4i drop from slots

        1. Thanks for the tip!