How to respec in Death Trash?

To respec skills and stats in Death Trash, you will need to find the NPC Torald in the town of Tauris in Death Trash. Torald will be able to reset both your skills and core stats for the price 55 gold in the game. If you don’t have the gold, you can easily get it […]

How to pick locks in Death Trash?

To pick locks in Death Trash, you will need to get lockpicks, when you have them, picking locks is a matter of walking up and pressing interact on a lock container. Doing so will have a certain chance to open the lock container depending on how much skill points you have in lockpicking. The more skill points […]

How to fast Travel in Death Trash?

To fast travel in Death Trash, you will need to find giant black pylons usually around the entrance to various locations, as shown below. When you find these pylons, you will need to activate them, and once activated, you will be able to fast travel using them to various locations you already unlocked.  To unlock more locations […]