What are Tokens in Eastward?

There are many resources in Eastward and one of them is tokens. You are probably wondering what you can do with these tokens since it isn’t explained immediately. The answer is that you can use them in a machine to receive Pixballs. Tokens are put into Pixball machines much like you would a gumball machine. […]

How to unlock Rampart’s Heirloom in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Evolution Event features a change to the World’s Edge map, a special Rampart version of Arenas, and event cosmetics including Rampart’s Heirloom. Rampart’s Heirloom the “Problem Solver” resembles a monkey wrench and features a nut bolt charm on the bottom. Rampart’s Heirloom set can be unlocked using Heirloom shards or by unlocking […]

Can you save in Eastward?

Saving your progress is an important aspect of a game. So you are probably wondering if you can save in Eastward. The answer is, you can save. Though the saving mechanic is not fully explained immediately. There is both an autosave and a manual save feature. You will know when the game is auto-saving when […]

How to make Darkwood buildings in Valheim

One of the new features added to Valheim was several variations of a new building type called darkwood. Darkwood buildings are a new type of buildings that the player can use alongside shingle roofs. All darkwood buildings also use a new resource type that only can be found in the Plains biome via tar pits. […]