How to clean Oil Spills in Coral Island

Thanks to the dastardly Pufferfish Drilling Corp, there was a large oil spill off the coast of Coral Island last year that plummeted the town’s ranking and decimated the tourist economy. Luckily, the local scientist Ling has dedicated her life to saving the coral reefs and has figured out how you can help repair the […]

How to get Coffers in Coral Island

Coral Island is full of mysteries and sunken treasures. Unfortunately, these treasures are usually buried underneath mountains of trash. If you unbury them from their garbage grave, the riches hidden inside could go a long way towards repairing the island. Here’s where you can find coffers in Coral Island and how you can break them […]

Best Gifts for each character in Coral Island

If you’ve wanted to foster meaningful and long-lasting relationships in your save file of Coral Island, then you should consider gifting items to characters. You’ll want to be careful, as characters have different tastes. To help make everything more clear, we’ve covered the best and worst gifts for each person on Coral Island. How do […]

How to earn Coins quickly in Coral Island

Coral Island is a fun casual adventure farming sim available on PC and free to play with PC Gamepass. You have come to the town of Starlet to begin a new quiet farming life. However, the town needs your help to restore its lost rank. Become one with nature as you clean up the Island, […]