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All Coral Island Heart Events

Experience life with the people of Coral Island!

A big part of romancing characters in Coral Island is experiencing their Heart Events. This will allow you to learn more about them, and ultimately progress your relationship to the next level.

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Romance has always been one of my favorite themes in farming sim games like Coral Island; it truly allows you to see just how unique each character is. The best part about it is the Heart Events, so here's how to complete all of them with each character.

Coral Island All Character Heart Events Guide

Each character's Heart Events will have various requirements to meet depending on who they are and will allow you to experience unique activities or interactions with each of them. These Heart Events are crucial to progressing your relationship and eventually marrying the individual. However, not all Heart Events are for romance; some can simply create a lasting friendship with a character. So here's all the available Heart Event information for each character.

Aaliyah Heart Events

39:00-17:00In front of Sam's General StoreAaliyah shares a secret
518:00-23:59FishensipsAaliyah invites you to join a game of pool
6 9:00-15:00FishensipsAaliyah fights with Betty (part one)
69:00-17:00GraveyardAaliyah visits her father's grave after her fight with Betty (part two)
79:00-17:00In front of FishensipsAaliyah makes a big announcement (part one)
76:00-13:00Garden LaneBetty discusses her feelings with you (part two)
818:00-23:59FishensipsAaliyah celebrates her accomplishment (part one)
89:00-17:00Hot Spring Bamboo ForestThe town watches Aaliyah's departure (part two)
109:00-15:00BeachAaliyah confesses her feelings to you
Wedding6:00-7:00Farm(Three days after proposal) You and Aaliyah exchange vows

Alice Heart Events

210:00-17:00Coral InnAlice argues with Suki
418:00-22:00Beach PierAlice talks about her past lives with you
510:00-17:00Coral InnAlice receives an intervention from Suki
69:00-17:00Community CenterAlice disagrees with Suki on where to host Joko's Furniture Show
718:00-23:59FishensipsAlice talks with you about her sister
88:00-17:00Coral Inn KitchenAlice comes to an understanding with Suki
1019:00-23:59Beach PierAlice stargazes with you and shares first kiss (part one)
1019:00-23:59Coral Inn KitchenYou join Alice and Suki for dinner
Wedding6:00-7:00Farm(Three days after proposal) You and Alice exchange vows

Anne Heart Events

210:00-15:00LakeAnne helps an injured animal
49:00-20:00Wildlife Enthusiasts' houseAnne looks for her bracelet
68:00-12:00Forest(Farm)Anne searches for a raccoon
712:00-17:00Garden LaneAnne watches a raccoon
87:00-15:00Upper part of TownAnne helps Barney try to win over Sheila
1012:00-17:00Garden LaneAnne and Barney's final attempt at impressing Sheila

Antonio Heart Events

49:00-16:00White FlamingoAntonio asks you for love advice
68:00-14:00Coral InnAntonio discusses with Suki about their relationship
76:00-23:59FarmSuki talks to you about what happened with Antonio
817:00-21:00FishensipsAntonio and Suki confess their feelings for eachother
109:00-20:00White FlamingoAntonio takes Suki's advice

Archie Heart Events

116:00-18:00Outside of Starlet Elementary SchoolArchie collects rocks
29:00-16:00CarpenterArchie polishes rocks
59:00-16:00Starlet Elementary SchoolArchie talks about rocks during show and tell at school

Ben Heart Events

28:00-17:00CaravanBree and Luke invite Ben to dinner
38:00-17:00CaravanBen's pet duck is sick
48:00-17:00CaravanBen's pet duck is still sick
58:00-17:00Outside the CaravanBen takes his pet duck for a walk
68:00-17:00CaravanBen discusses his duck's sickness with Archie
710:00-17:00ClinicBen has Charles check up on his duck
817:00-19:00LakeBen shares a somber moment with his duck
1018:00-23:59Forest near the CaravanBen confesses his feelings for you
Wedding6:00-7:00Farm(Three days after proposal) You and Ben exchange vows

Betty Heart Events

211:00-17:00FishensipsBetty talks to Frank and Noah about visiting their father at the cemetery
58:00-12:00GraveyardBetty invites you to celebrate her late husband with them at the cemetery
717:00-19:00Beach PierBetty and her family welcome Eddy home
813:00-18:00Community Center LibraryBetty and her family search for information
1010:00-18:00FishensipsBetty finishes the last project for her late husband with her family

Bree Heart Events

210:00-17:00Hillside Manor VineyardBree argues with Walter
410:00-17:00Hillside Manor VineyardBree and Walter apologize to you for their argument
516:00-18:00Hillside Manor VineyardBree and Walter enjoy the evening and discuss cleaning the attic

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Chaem Heart Events

37:00-13:00BeachChaem's volleyball team has a chance to qualify for a tournament
59:00-15:00Outside the ObservatoryChaem works out in preparation for her game
618:00-23:59FishensipsChaem's team loses the playoff game
712:00-13:00BeachChaem organizes a volleyball game for the community (part one)
718:00-23:59ObservatoryChaem has news about the stranger at the volleyball game
89:00-14:00Blacksmith GarageThe town gathers to watch the volleyball championship on tv (part one)
812:00-23:59FishensipsChaem celebrates her win (part two)
1018:00-23:59Hot SpringChaem decides what she wants to do next

Charles Heart Events

110:00-17:00ClinicSunny visits Charles at the Clinic for his annual check-up
26:00-23:59FarmCharles asks you for raw fish
39:00-14:00Center of TownMillie discards a fish (part one)
38:00-14:00Starlet Town ParkYou learn what Charles needed raw fish for (part two)
512:00-17:00Hair SalonCharles gets his hair done by Erika
69:00-17:001 Main AveScott tries to get Charles out of the house
79:00-17:00Beach ShackScott organizes a get-together for Charles to socialize
89:00-17:001 Main AveCharles and Scott talk

Connor Heart Events

111:00-14:00In front of Sam's General StoreConnor talks to Sam about town code violations

Dinda Heart Events

39:00-17:00CarpenterDinda and Joko chat over lunch
414:00-17:00CarpenterArchie helps Dinda for help

Dippa Heart Events

211:00-17:00Sam's General StoreDippa and Emma buy berries for baking

Emily Heart Events

212:00-17:00Hair SalonEmily gives Zoe a haircut

Emma Heart Events

211:00-14:00Sam's General StoreEmma asks Eva and you for advice after forgetting to bake a cake for her mother's birthday
511:00-16:00Emma's Taco TruckSam and Emily help Emma out with her truck

Erika Heart Events

218:00-20:002 ParkviewFrank and Erika invite you to dinner
49:00-12:00Center of TownErika offers to buy wine from the vineyard for Frank (part one)
411:00-16:00Hillside Manor VineyardErika picks up wine and chats with Bree (part two)

Eva Heart Events

214:00-17:00Sam's General StoreEva asks you to try her new bread
418:00-22:00Coral Inn KitchenEva gets an invitation for Game of Cones and asks your advice
518:00-22:00Coral Inn KitchenEva asks you to try the dishes she made for Game of Cones
69:00-20:00FishensipsEva bakes with Betty
79:00-20:00Coral InnEva has one more taste test before Game of Cones
87:00-14:00Beach PierEva leaves for Game of Cones (part one)
87:00-20:00Coral InnEva has a watch party for Game of Cones (part two)

Frank Heart Events

218:00-21:00FishensipsFrank gossips with his wife Erika

Jack Heart Events

218:00-20:00Huntress CabinJack asks you and his family to try a new dish

Jim Heart Events

39:00-20:002 Main AveJim shares exciting news
517:00-20:00Beach ShackJim shows you how to prepare fish

Joko Heart Events

29:00-16:00CarpenterYou find a letter in Joko and Dinda's room
311:00-17:00Community CenterJoko discusses the town's electricity problems with Connor
59:00-14:00CarpenterJoko shares his feelings about his job

Kenny Heart Events

28:00-16:00Outside the RanchKenny chats with you in the rain
39:00-16:00Near the Huntress CabinKenny and Kira discuss an old scroll
59:00-16:00Forest RuinsKenny tries to solve a problem with the old scroll
618:00-23:59In front of FishensipsKenny follows the instructions in the old scroll

Kira Heart Events

216:00-20:00Huntress CabinKira asks her husband about his day

Leah Heart Events

210:00-14:00Victorian MansionLeah asks you for help with a special project
310:00-14:00BeachLeah takes pictures on the beach and talks about her relationship with Ling
410:00-14:00Community Center Yoga RoomLeah teaches her yoga call and Ling decides to visit

Lily Heart Events

218:00-20:002 Main AveJim is worried about Lily
313:00-17:00Beach ShackLily talks to her father about what is bothering her
69:00-15:00LakeLily doesn't want to live alone but she wants to move out

Ling Heart Events

29:00-20:00Hillside ManorLing and Randy have dinner with Bree and Walter

Luke Heart Events

26:00-23:59FarmLuke searches for Taco (part one)
211:00-16:00Hillside Manor VineyardLuke still searches for Taco (part two)
26:01-23:00BeachYou find Taco on the beach (part three)
39:00-17:00Socket and PanWalter pays Luke's store a visit (part one)
39:00-17:00Socket and PanLuke discusses the previous event with you (part two)
49:00-17:00Socket and PanWalter is working at Luke's store

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Macy Heart Events

210:00-16:00LookoutMacy takes a selfie near the Lighthouse
410:00-16:00Little island at the LakeMacy introduces you to her pet lobster Stephen

Mark Heart Events

318:00-23:59Outside the CavernMark rescues a stray dog
49:00-15:00Community Center Animal ShelterMark tries to make stray dog comfortable but they have an accident
612:00-17:00FishensipsAs Mark drinks out of guilt, he reveals a secret (part one)
69:00-15:00Outside the Huntress CabinMark's stray has run away
718:00-23:59Outside the CavernMark looks for his lost stray
88:00-16:00LakeMark reunites with the stray

Millie Heart Events

110:00-16:00LakeMillie throws flowers into the lake
49:00-17:00Community Center LibraryMillie slips while moving some boxes
59:00-17:00Community Center LibraryYou give Millie some writing advice and she shares her ideas

Nina Heart Events

36:00-23:59FarmNina talks to you about your farm

Noah Heart Events

110:00-13:00LakeNoah walks with his mother near the lake
310:00-13:00FishensipsNoah sends you a letter asking you to bring two flowers to the tavern. (Event triggers when you enter tavern with two flowers in your inventory)
410:00-15:00Community Center LibraryNoah looks for information on the Giggling Fairy
514:00-23:00FishensipsNoah talks about the Giggling Fairy with Better and invites you to join
610:00-13:00Garden LaneNoah sends you a letter asking you to meet him to chop some wood (The event starts when you arrive at Garden Lane with four pieces of wood in your inventory)

Pablo Heart Events

210:00-13:00Town CenterTownspeople thank Pablo for his contributions to the town
414:00-18:00BlacksmithPablo invites you and Rafael to play pool at Fishensips
614:00-18:00BlacksmithPablo and Rafael get a letter from their parents
716:00-18:00BlacksmithPablo invites you to come along with him and Rafael to the Tavern (part one)
76:00-15:00In front of the BlacksmithPablo discusses Rafael's wants with him
816:00-18:00BlacksmithPablo invites you to watch a movie with him and Rafael

Paul Heart Events

29:00-16:00Upper part of TownPaul scavenges for wild vegetables

Rafael Heart Events

29:00-17:00Coral InnRafael wants to Valentina to get some cake at the Tavern
39:00-20:00BlacksmithRafael tells you about an explorer who promised to give them rare ore
510:00-17:00In front of the BlacksmithRafael finally gets the rare ore he purchased
69:00-20:00BlacksmithRafael tries to forge the legendary hammer
79:00-20:00BlacksmithRafael thanks you for checking up on him and tells you he's there for you as well
89:00-20:00BlacksmithRafael finally finishes the Ironeye Hammer

Raj Heart Events

28:00-18:00Raj's Coffee CornerRaj gives you a drink on the house
418:00-22:00Community CenterRaj attends their first Chamber of Commerce meeting
56:00-23:59FarmYou receive a fly for Raj's coffee shop (part one)
58:00-18:00Raj's Coffee CornerRaj's shop is now filled with customers

Scott Heart Events

210:00-13:00Community Center LibraryScott crashes Millie's computer
310:00-14:00Pier by Zarah's BoatScott looks for Lily to help with the crashed computer
58:00-13:00Park in front of the LaboratoryScott talks about the island's history

Suki Heart Events

218:00-21:00Western BeachSuki sends you an unassigned letter inviting you to watch the sunset together
46:00-12:00Beach PierSuki meets Antonio
69:00-13:00Western BeachSuki tries to relax on the beach with Lily

Sunny Heart Events

115:30-18:00Outside of Starlet Elementary SchoolSunny picks up Oliver at school
518:00-21:00Beach ShackSunny watches a fishing competition on tv

Surya Heart Events

29:00-14:00CarpenterDinda asks Surya to fix their broken tv
39:00-14:00CarpenterSurya is unusually happy
412:00-23:59FishensipsSurya asks you for advice
68:00-17:00RanchSurya considers moving to an empty spot on the Ranch

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Theo Heart Events

215:00-19:00Community CenterTheo plays his guitar
312:00-17:00Community CenterTheo looks for the old piano
410:00-14:00Recycling CenterTheo looks for the old piano again
58:00-12:002 Main AveTheo finds the piano and asks you for help fixing it (you will receive a quest to bring him 3 wood)

Wakuu Heart Events

19:00-17:00Beach ShackWakuu has lunch with Wataru and Suki stops by to chat
28:00-15:00In front of FishensipsWakuu talks to you about his relationship with his father
318:00-22:00ObservatoryWakuu drinks wine with Chaem and talks about his father
418:00Outside the Hot SpringWakuu helps Takeba and Mark
511:00-17:00Beach PierWakuu and Wataru go fishing
69:00-17:00Outside the LighthouseYou talk to Wataru about his son

Walter Heart Events

212:00-17:00Hillside ManorWalter tells you he is lonely and decides to participate in the community more
417:00-20:00FishensipsWalter invites you to trivia night

Yuri Heart Events

28:00-17:00Garden LaneMillie brings Yuri the documents she forgot
36:00-23:59FarmYuri asks you to fill out a health form
410:00-17:00ClinicYuri looks for Luke's pen she borrowed

Zoe Heart Events

210:00-15:00BeachZoe and Paul watch crabs play

These are all the current heart events we are aware of, but keep progressing in your relationships by gaining hearts and you may uncover more about the character. Eventually, some of the romanceable characters will spill their feelings and allow you to marry them later on. Or, you can form some beautiful friendships with other characters on the island. We will update this section as we discover more events.

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All Coral Island Heart Events

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