Coral Island Fishing Guide – How to fish & all fish locations

Time to go fish!

You will receive several tools to utilize and upgrade as you play Coral Island. These tools are essential to your time on the island and help you perform all your tasks, such as the Fishing Pole.

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The Fishing Pole will allow you to catch fish, which in turn are used for plenty of different things as well, like cooking, gifting, and offering up the Lake Temple Goddess. Here's a quick overview of how you can fish and where to find all the fish you need!

Where to get a Fishing Pole in Coral Island

You get your very own Fishing Pole early in the game, about days 2-3 in Spring. You will first receive a letter from Sunny and Eleanor, the owners of the Beach Shack, inviting you down to the beach. Then, after speaking to them there, you can find your Fishing Pole and Bug Net in your mailbox within a few minutes.

How to upgrade your Fishing Pole in Coral Island

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The Fishing Pole you will initially receive is the most basic version of it. It will do the trick to reel in fish but won't have the strength of other upgraded poles. If you're hoping to catch fish of greater rarity, you will want to work on upgrading it. You can return to Sunny at the Beach Shack and select Upgrade Tools in his shop. However, these upgrades will cost you a bit to perform. Here's a look at all of them and their requirements:

Bronze2 days to upgrade
2,000 Coins
Bronze Kelp Essence x5
Wood x20
Silver2 days to upgrade
5,000 Coins
Silver Kelp Essence x5
Wood x20
Gold2 days to upgrade
10,000 Coins
Gold Kelp Essence x5
Hardwood x5
Osmium4 days to upgrade
15,000 Coins
Osmium Kelp x5
Hardwood x20

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How to fish in Coral Island

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Once you have a Fishing Pole, you can start putting it to good use and catching some fish. To start, select your Fishing Pole from your toolbar, approach some water, and hold M1 or RT to toss your line in. The numbers in the meter indicate at what strength you will toss it and how far it will extend.

When the line is in the water, it's time to wait until a fish bites. You will see the fish's shadow approach the line in the water, but wait until it fully bites on before reeling; otherwise, you can scare it away. As the fish bites on, you can begin reeling it back toward you by holding M1 or RT again. However, you will only want to hold the reel button when the fish is not straining on your line. The wavy lines above and below the meter indicate the strain on your line and how close it is to breaking. Only pull when the fish is calm; you will reel it in quicker and avoid damaging your line. Once the fish reaches the checkmark on the meter, you will pull it out of the water and catch it!

How to upgrade your Fishing skills in Coral Island

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You can gain some fishing buffs by heading to your Mastery page in your menu and spending some Skill Points. These skills can lower fish resistance, increase chances of receiving a better rarity fish, or even grant an instant pull. Skill points are earned by leveling up your fishing skills, which can be done by spending more time fishing.

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All fish locations in Coral Island

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Now that you know how to fish, you'll want to know where to catch all the fish. Sometimes, you'll need a specific fish for a recipe or as an offering, and they are only found in a particular spot on the island. We have a list of locations for each species and a map of the fishing spots above to make things a bit easier for you.

FishFishing Spot
SalmonSpring, Winter: Estuary, Lake
Fall: Any River
Giant SnakeheadRiver (Forest and Town)
CatfishRice Field, Pond, River (Forest)
FlowerhornCavern Entrance
TilapiaPond, Lake, Earth Mine
Red King ArowanaWater Mine, Wind Mine, Fire Mine
Silver ArowanaEarth Mine, Water Mine, Wind Mine
KoiRiver (Town), Cavern Entrance, Lake
Black Phantom Ghost FishRiver (Farm and Forest), Lake
Gator GarRiver (Forest), Lake
Rainbow FishRiver (Town)
Tiger BarbPond, Lake
CrayfishPond, River (Farm)
Freshwater EelEstuary, River (Farm), Water Mine
GoldfishRiver (Farm and Forest), Lake
BluegillPond, River (Town), Lake
ArapaimaRiver (Forest)
Zebra FishSpring: River (Farm and Forest)
All Year: Rice Field
Golden GarRiver (Farm), Lake
ChubRiver (Forest and Town), Lake
Brown TroutRiver (Farm)
CobiaEstuary, Ocean (Dock), Water Mine
FrogfishEstuary, Ocean (Lookout)
MonkfishOcean (Forest)
YellowtailOcean (Dock), Fire Mine (Water)
TunaOcean (Dock and Lookout), Fire Mine (Water)
PufferfishOcean (Dock and Lookout), Wind Mine
Ruby Red DragonetOcean (Beach), Cavern Entrance
Yellow Moray EelOcean (Beach)
Pink SnapperOcean (Dock), Wind Mine
SquidOcean (Lookout)
OctopusOcean (Dock and Beach)
Giant MudskipperRice Field, Estuary, Fire Mine (Lava)
GrouperEstuary, Ocean (Dock), Cavern Entrance
Sea CucumberOcean (Forest)
ParrotfishOcean (Beach and Lookout)
Polka-Dot BatfishOcean (Forest), Wind Mine
Flameback FishOcean (Dock)
Giant StingrayRiver (Forest)
LobsterOcean (Beach), Fire Mine (Water)
LionfishOcean (Beach and Forest)
DamselfishOcean (Beach)
MandarinOcean (Forest)
ArcherRiver (Farm), Cavern Entrance
AngelfishRiver (Forest)
Blue TangOcean (Beach), Earth Mine
ClownfishOcean (Dock)
FirefishOcean (Forest)
Asian SheepsheadOcean (Forest)
BoxfishOcean (Lookout)
MackeralOcean (Lookout and Forest), Fire Mine (Lava)
Yellowfin TunaOcean (Dock and Beach)
CrabRice Field, River (Forest), Ocean (Lookout)
SwordfishOcean (Dock)
BarracudaOcean (Beach and Dock)
Giant Sea BassOcean (Forest)
SardineOcean (Beach and Lookout), Fire Mine (Lava)
Red SnapperRiver (Town), Estuary, Lake
Green SawfishEstuary
SturgeonRiver (Farm), Lake
Sockeye SalmonFall: Any River
Winter: Estuary, Lake
BarramundiRiver (Town), Estuary
JellyfishOcean (Beach and Lookout)
Great White SharkOcean (Dock)
HammerheadOcean (Lookout)
Raja Ampat SharkOcean (Lookout)

This will make it much easier for you to track down and catch the fish you need. Keep in mind some fish will only appear at night as well. If you can't see it at the listed location during the day, try again later. Fish is excellent for cooking and gifting, and as those essential offerings, so don't waste any time picking up your Fishing Pole.

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Coral Island Fishing Guide – How to fish & all fish locations

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