How to make a Glass Workbench in Core Keeper

While Core Keeper may have cutesy old-school pixel graphics, don’t be fooled. I went in thinking this might be a chilled experience such as Stardew Valley, but while it definitely has elements of it, there is a real edge to the survival side, drawing aspects and feel from games such as Minecraft and Terraria. As […]

11 Best Core Keeper Mods (and How to Install Them)

Sometimes even the best simulation games can use some subtle improvements or add-ons to really enhance the player’s gameplay and make for an even greater gaming experience. Even though Core Keeper has plenty to do, you can add on a few extra goodies and techniques that make your farming and mining just a little bit […]

All Core Keeper Bosses & How to beat them

Core Keeper Bosses Guide Core Keeper is an isometric cave crawler and explorer with procedurally generated worlds. There are a half dozen bosses for you to slay within each world, each spawn in a unique location. Below, we’ve run down how to defeat the various bosses in Core Keeper and the tactics you should employ […]

Best food and stats in Core Keeper

In Core Keeper, using Food is one of the most underrated ways to buff your character up. Whether it’s tackling a difficult boss or one of the elder titans, the right combination of food buffs and bonuses can ensure your survival or whether you can even face your opponent. But what are the best foods […]