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All perks in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

Perks that allow you to RIP AND TEAR until it's done!

Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 features fully redesigned gameplay mechanics that fundamentally changed how we played the game until now. CDPR took special care to overhaul the sill trees and perks, revamping how I played many of my builds and how certain moves felt when I performed them. This guide will cover the new perks system in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 version update.

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Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 features a total of five attributes, each populated by a set of perks to complement them. Knowledge of perks in general and what each perk does precisely is vital to any character build, as you will only be able to get some of them, no matter how quickly you level up. Here are the five character attributes listed:

  • Body: determines your strength and toughness. Leveling up this attribute gives you more proficiency with Shotguns, LMGs, and Blunt Weapons.
  • Reflexes: determine your ability to dodge the attacks and give you proficiency with Assault rifles, SMGs, and Blades.
  • Technical ability: Expands your technical skills, like bypassing locks. It also allows you to use more advanced cyberware and gives you proficiency with Explosives and Tech weapons.
  • Intelligence: Improves your proficiency with Smart weapons. It's crucial for netrunning and gives you subnet access.
  • Cool: Cool is an attribute tied to assassin-type builds, mostly. It determines your stealth skill and gives you proficiency with Sniper Rifles, Precision Rifles, Handguns, and Throwables.

All Body attribute perks in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

  • Painkiller: Unlocks slow Health Regen in combat
    • Comeback Kid: +1% Health Regen rate for each percent for missing Health.
    • Dorph Head: When using a Blood Pump cyberware or a Health Item: +100% Migitation Chance for 2 sec.
    • Speed Junkie: 60% Health Regen Rate while sprinting.
    • Army of One: +10% Health Regen Rate for each nearby enemy.
  • Fury Road: +50% damage to enemy vehicles and their occupants in collisions caused by you, -50% damage to your vehicles in collisions caused by enemies. You take no damage as an occupant in vehicle collisions.
  • Wrecking ball: Allows you to barrel into enemies while sprinting and blocking with Blunt Weapons, causing damage and a chance to knock them down.
    • Kinetic Absorption: Blocking attacks +10% Stamina, +30% damage with Blunt Weapons for 5 seconds.
    • Breakthrough: -40% enemy Armor for 7 seconds after hitting them with a Strong Attack.
    • Clapback: +100% Knockdown chance with Defensive Attacks.
    • Fly Swatter: -40% incoming ranged damage when blocking with Blunt Weapons.
  • Quake: Press L1 to violently slam the ground, damaging and staggering nearby enemies with a chance of Knockdown.
    • Epicenter: When Quake is performed from midair (a Superhero Landing), its area of effect and damage scale with your fall speed and fall distance.
    • Aftershock: +30% Stamina for each enemy hit with Quake.
  • Ripple effect: +15% Health for each enemy hit by Quake.
    • Juggernaut: When Adrenaline rush is active: +20% movement speed and +10% damage boost.
    • Unstoppable force: When Adrenaline Rush is active, you gain immunity to movement penalties and non-damaging status effects such as Knockdown, Blinding, etc.
  • Spontaneous Obliteration: unlocks Obliterate - the ability to sometimes instantly kill and dismember low-health enemies.
    • Close-quarters Carnage: +20% reload speed for 8 seconds after dismembering an enemy.
    • Dread: -15% enemy armor when using ranged attacks.
    • Rush of Blood: Increased chance to Obliterate enemies with ranged attacks at close range.
    • Skullcracker: increases the damage of Quick Melee Attacks as Stamina decreases.
  • Rip and Tear: 100% damage for the next Quick Melee Attack after shooting an enemy with a Shotgun, +100% damage for the next Shotgun shot after hitting an enemy with a Quick Melee Attack.
  • Onslaught: +20% ammo refill after neutralizing an enemy with an LMG.
  • Pain to Gain: When Adrenaline Rush is active: +20% Health Item recharge after killing an enemy.
  • Finisher: Savage Sling: Holding down the button allows the enemy to be thrown instead, killing them and damaging other enemies where they land.

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All Reflexes attribute perks in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

  • Slippery: The faster you move, the more difficult it is for enemies to shoot you.
    • Muscle Memory: Allows you to reload weapons while sprinting, sliding, and vaulting.
    • Multitasker: Allows you to shoot while sprinting, sliding, and vaulting.
    • Power Slide: Increased slide distance.
    • Parkour!: Increased vaulting and climbing speed.
  • Dash: Dashing replaces dodging, allowing you to cover more ground and automatically vault over low obstacles.
    • Can't touch this: +100% Migitation Chance when performing a Dash.
    • Steady Grip: Allows you to aim and shoot while Dashing.
    • Mean Streak: +40% Stamina after neutralizing an enemy while Dashing.
    • Mad Dash: +100% Dash range toward enemies.
  • Ready, Rested, Reloaded: assault rifles and SMG boosts, -10% Stamina cost for shooting at Lvl 1, +30% Reload speed when above 50% Stamina at level 2.
    • Spice of Life: +10% weapon swap speed.
    • Tunnel vision: +20% effective range and accuracy.
    • Mind over matter: -25% recoil when aiming.
  • Lead and Steel: Unlock the ability to block projectiles with Blades at level 2.
    • Seeing Double: Increased damage and Stun chance with counterattacks.
    • Bullet Deflect: When your Stamina is above 33%, blocking projectiles will Deflect them to wherever your reticle is aimed.
    • Bullet time: Whenever time is slowed, Bullet EDeflect does not consume Stamina, and deflections automatically hit enemies for Crit Damage.
    • Flash and Thunderclap: When performing Strong Attacks, you now automatically leap to enemies within range.
  • Finisher: Blade Runner
    • Flash of Steel: +25% movement speed and attack speed for 6 seconds after performing a Finisher.
    • Opportunist: Enemies affected by Stagger, Stun, Blinding, and Bleeding are more prone to Finishers.
    • Going the Distance: 100% Finisher range.
  • Air Dash: the ability to dash while in midair.
    • Aerodynamic: +30% Migitation Strength in midair.
    • Aerial Combat: Improved midair maneuverability.
    • Tailwind: +25% Stamina from performing Air Dashes and double jumps.
    • Air Kereznikov: Activating Kereznikov in midair keeps you suspended in the air and extends its duration.
  • Sharpshooter: Each hit grants Sharpshooter stack, granting +7% Stamina regen per stack.
    • Spray and Pray: -10% Stamina cost for hip-firing.
    • Choot to Chill: -7% Stamina cost for automatic weapons per stack of Sharpshooter.
    • Practice makes Perfect: +7% Crit Chance and Crit Damage per stack of Sharpshooter.
    • Gundancer: Aiming no longer slows movement. Allows you to shoot while vaulting.
    • Salt in the Wound: Shooting the same target seven consecutive times deals bonus damage equal to 100% of the total damage from those shots.
    • Submachine Fun: Swapping Submachine Guns is faster and automatically reloads them.

All Technical Ability attribute perks in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

  • Glutton for War: 5% instant recharge of Health items and grenades after killing an enemy.
    • First Aid: +15% recharge speed for Health items when you've only used one charge.
    • Transfusion: +30% Health from the final charge of your equipped Health item.
  • Gearhead: +33% Vehicle Health, Vehicle-mounted weapons receive +25% Damage and =0.7 second lock-on time boosts.
  • Health Freak:+150% recharge speed for Health items outside of combat.
    • Borrowed time: 100% instant recharge of a Health item after killing an enemy if you're below 20% Health and have no charges remaining.
    • Coming in Hot: +50% recharge speed for grenades when you have none available.
    • Field Medic: +15% faster use of Health items in combat.
    • Demolitions Surplus: +1% max grenade charge, +250% recharge speed for grenades outside of combat.
  • All Things Cyber: -20% Cyberware Capacity cost for cyberware in the Integumentary System and Skeleton.
    • Renaissance Punk: +4% Cyberware Capacity for each Attribute at 9 or higher.
    • Chrome Constitution: -5% incoming damage if all Integumentory System and Skeleton cyberware slots are filled.
    • Lucky Day: +25% crafting components from looting.
    • Driver Update: All cyberware gain an additional stat modifier.
    • Chipware Connieseuir: When upgrading cyberware, you can choose from the two stat modifier options.
  • Pyromania: +8% recharge speed for Health Items and grenades.
    • Burn This City: When you accumulate five stacks of Pyromania, they will be consumed to instantly replenish a grenade charge, but all bonuses from those stacks will remain active for 6 seconds.
    • Heat Shield: +10% Mitigation Chance per stack of Pyromania.
    • Flash Sale: For Flash, Smoke, and Recon grenades, Double grenade charges, and Double recharge rate.
    • Doomlauncher: Projectile Launch Systemcyberware receives +1 max charges, +20% recharge speed, +25% additional recharge speed when you have no charges available",+200% additional recharge speed outside of combat, and +5% instant recharge after neutralizing an enemy. It also receives the same bonus as grenades from Burn This City.
    • Friendlier Fire: +50% resistance to damage and effects from explosions you cause.
    • Ticking Time Bomb: Charged powerful EMP that hits nearby enemies after 3 seconds whenever you activate Operating System cyberware (Berserk, Sandevistan) or Overclock. Applies Stun and deal damage proportionate to the quantity and tier of cyberware implants you have installed. −50% incoming damage while charging EMP.
  • License to Chrome: +10% to all cyberware stat modifiers. +40% Armor.
    • Ambidextrous: Unlocks a new cyberware slot for your Hands.
    • Cyborg: 15% reduced Cooldowns for all cyberware if all available slots are filled.
    • Built Different: Unlocks Cellular Adapter cyberware. It can be purchased and installed at ripperdoc clinics. This Perk is required to be used it properly.
    • Extended Warranty: +15% duration for all cyberware effects.
    • Edgerunner: "Allows you to exceed your Cyberware Capacity by up to 50 points, but at the cost of −0.5% max Health per point over capacity. When you neutralize an enemy during combat, there is a 0.1% chance for each point you are over capacity that you will break into a Fury. In this state, you gain: +10% damage, +30% Crit Chance, and +50% Crit Damage. Duration: 12 sec.
  • Bolt: +20% charge speed for Tech Weapons.
    • Internal Clock: Increased time window to fire a Bolt.
    • Lightning Storm: +10% charge speed after firing a Bolt. Stacks 3 times. Swapping weapons or firing a non-Bolt shot resets the stack.
    • Shock Value: Bolts ignore enemy Armor.
    • In Charge: Tech Weapons no longer fire automatically when reaching full charge.
    • Chain Lightning: Bolt now deals Electrical damage and releases an electric arc that can electrocute up to 3 nearby enemies.

All Intelligence attribute perks in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

  • Eye In The Sky: Automatically highlight nearby Access Points and cameras. When uploaded through the camera, Control quickhacks, Covert quickhacks, and Distract Enemies have −1 RAM cost, +50% duration.
    • Forcekill Cypher: Reduces sequence length required to hack Access Points by 1. The total sequence length cannot be reduced below two characters.
    • Warning: Explosion Hazard: +40% explosion damage from hacked devices
      +80% additional explosion damage to enemies affected by quickhacks (including Distract Enemies).
  • Optimization: +35% RAM recovery rate.
    • Proximate Propagation: Reduces RAM cost the closer you are to the target (max −35%).
    • Encryption: −30% traceability for all quickhacks.
    • Subordination: +100% duration for Control quickhacks used on full-Health enemies.
  • Carhacker: Unlocks Vehicle quickhacks, allowing you to remotely take control, set off alarms or even blow them up. The availability of a given quickhack depends on the Tier of your installed cyberdeck.
  • Hack queue: Unlocks quickhack queues, allowing two quickhacks on a single enemy. Queued quickhacks automatically upload in the order they are added, +30% upload speed for the second quickhack in a queue.
    • Data Recycler: After neutralizing an enemy, recover 80% of the RAM cost from all quickhacks remaining in their queue.
    • Feedback Loop: +25% RAM recovery rate for each quickhack currently in a queue.
    • Copy-Paste: When you're the target of an enemy netrunner, using a quickhack against them will also spread the quickhack's effect to their allies.
    • Counter-A-Hack: When you're the target of an enemy netrunner, you are now able to counter-quickhack them through walls and obstacles. −1 RAM cost for such counter quickhacks.
  • Embedded Exploit: +60% quickhack damage against enemies affected by Control quickhacks, Covert quickhacks, or the Distract Enemies quickhack.
    • Icepick: −1 RAM cost for Combat quickhacks used on enemies affected by or targeted by Control quickhacks, Covert quickhacks, or the Distract Enemies quickhack.
    • Shadowrunner: −100% trace progress after performing a Takedown.
    • System Overwhelm: +7% Quickhack damage for each unique quickhack and DOT effect affecting the target.
    • Speculation: Neutralizing an enemy with a Combat quickhack recovers RAM equal to 25% of the total cost of all quickhacks affecting the target.
    • Siphon: Monowire attacks recover 0.5 RAM. Increases to 1 if the enemy is affected by or targeted by a quickhack.
    • Recirculation: +2 RAM after neutralizing an enemy with a Smart Weapon. If the enemy is affected by quickhacks, restores additional RAM equal to 50% of their total RAM cost.
  • Acquisition Specialist: Reloading Smart Weapons no longer interrupts target lock. +15% lock-on speed when hip-firing. +20% lock-on speed when aiming.
    • Precision Subroutines: +2% accuracy with Smart Weapons for each unit in your cyberdeck's max RAM.
    • No Escape: When using Smart Weapons, if the target lock on an enemy is about to end, shooting them resets it.
  • Queue Acceleration: −1 RAM cost to quickhack devices and vehicles.
    • Queue Prioritization: +50% upload speed for the first quickhack when you have at least 2 quickhacks queued on an enemy.
    • Finisher: Live Wire: Unlocks a Monowire finisher. It can be used when an enemy's Health is low. The more quickhacks you have queued on an enemy, the more susceptible they are. Restores 15% Health and 5 RAM.
    • Queue Hack_Root: −1 RAM cost for the first quickhack of each unique category (Covert, Combat, Control) second or later in the queue.
    • Blood Daemon: While Overclock is active, +40 Health for each quickhack queued on an enemy at the time you neutralize them.
  • Overclock: Unlocks Overclock mode. If you have a cyberdeck, this can be activated. In this mode, you can use quickhacks even with insufficient RAM, but each RAM unit over your max costs 1 Health instead. Duration: 14 sec. Cooldown: 30 sec.
    • Sublimation: While Overclock is active, all RAM recovery effects also regenerate Health.
    • Race Against Mind: While Overclock is active, increases quickhack damage as Health decreases (max. +50%). Health is measured when you begin uploading.
    • Power Surge: Activating Overclock instantly restores Health equal to 5 times your max RAM.
    • Queue Mastery: +1 quickhack queue size. The last quickhack to fill a queue has −50% RAM cost and locks the queue until all quickhack have uploaded., +15% damage against enemies with a locked queue.
  • Target Lock Transfer: Switching from one Smart Weapon to another no longer interrupts the target lock.
    • Terminal Velocity: Increased projectile velocity and lock-on range for 10 sec. after neutralizing an enemy with a smart weapon. Stacks 3 times. New stacks reset duration. All stacks are removed when the duration ends.
    • Targeting Prism: Enables multiple target locks when aiming and increases the number of simultaneous targets for all Smart Weapons by 1.
    • Smart Synergy: When Overclock is active, Smart Weapons gain instant target lock and +25% damage if the enemy is affected by a quickhack.
    • Spillover: When Overclock is active: +50% chance for quickhacks to spread to an additional target.

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All Cool attribute perks in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

  • Road Warrior: Allows you to use Sandevistan to slow time while driving. Allows Kerenzikov to be activated when aiming and handbraking simultaneously. +25% weapon damage when your vehicle is drifting or airborne.
  • Feline Footwork: When crouched, +15% Movement Speed, +15% Mitigation Chance. Mitigation grants a chance to reduce incoming damage by current Mitigation Strength (default 50%.)
    • Small Target: +20% Mitigation Chance when crouched and not moving.
    • Blind Spot: When crouched, the higher your Mitigation Chance, the longer it takes for enemies to detect you.
    • Unexposed: +20% Mitigation Chance when aiming from cover.
  • Killer Instinct: +25% damage with knives, axes, and silenced guns outside of combat. They also provide a preview of the estimated damage.
    • Quick Getaway: +10% Movement Speed after neutralizing an enemy while undetected. Duration: 30 sec. or until detected. Stacks 2 times. New stacks reset duration. All stacks are removed when the duration ends.
    • Gag Order: Landing an attack on an enemy right after they detect you will delay detection from other nearby enemies.
  • Focus: Unlocks Focus mode. This mode automatically activates when you aim while at full Stamina. While active, there is no Stamina cost for shooting, allowing for more accurate shots. When it ends: −40 Stamina. Duration: 2.5 sec.
    • Rinse And Reload: +10% Reload speed for your next reload after neutralizing an enemy while aiming. Stacks 2 times. The stack resets to 0 whenever you start aiming.
    • No Sweat: −50% Stamina cost from Focus for each enemy neutralized while it was active.
    • Pull!: When Focus is active, shooting grenades out of the air is easier, and the blast is more powerful.
    • Head To Head: While Focus is active, neutralizing an enemy with a ranged attack resets its duration.
    • Deep Breath: Time slows by 25% for you and enemies when Focus is active.
  • Scorpion Sting: Critical hits, headshots, and hits to weak spots with throwable weapons apply Poison for 5 sec.
    • Neurotoxin: Applying Poison to an enemy via Scorpion Sting now also applies Bleeding and disables sprinting for 6 sec.
    • Parasite: +15 Health on Crit Hit and headshots with thrown weapons.
    • Accelerated Toxin Absorption: Strong Attacks and thrown weapons used against Poisoned enemies instantly deal substantial Poison damage, then remove all Poison effects.
    • Corrosion: Allows you to apply Poison to mechs, robots, drones, and turrets.
  • Deadeye: unlocks the Deadeye mode, which is active above 85% Stamina. Its effects are the following: +10% headshot and weak spot damage. −25% Stamina cost for shooting.
    • High Noon: When Deadeye is active, +35% reload speed for your next reload after neutralizing an enemy via headshot or weak spot. Effect available for 3 sec. Slows time by 50% during reload.
    • California Reaper: +30% Stamina after neutralizing an enemy via headshot or weak spot.
    • Long Shot: When Deadeye is active, your shots always deal full damage regardless of distance.
    • Quick Draw: +30% weapon swap speed when swapping to pistols, revolvers, precision rifles, and sniper rifles, +30% Stamina when swapping during combat.
    • Run 'N' Gun: Hip-firing does not consume Stamina. When Focus is active, +25% Movement Speed.
    • Nerves Of Tungsten-Steel: When Deadeye is active: guaranteed critical hits for headshots and weak spots, increased damage as distance increases (max +25%).
  • Ninjutsu: Crouch-sprinting allows you to move more quickly while staying silent but consumes Stamina.+15% Movement Speed. +15% Mitigation Chance when crouched.
    • Creeping Death: When Optical Camo is active, you are undetected. Neutralizing an enemy grants +15% Health, +15% Stamina, and +10% Movement Speed for 6 sec.
    • Shinobi Sprint: −75% Stamina cost for crouch-sprinting during combat.
    • Serpentine: +30% Mitigation Chance when crouch-sprinting.
  • Juggler: Instant cooldown reset for all throwable weapons after neutralizing an enemy with a throwable weapon via headshot, Crit Hit, or Poison.
    • Finisher: Act Of Mercy: Unlocks a Throwable Weapon Finisher. It can be used on low enemy Health. Automatically activates Juggler. Restores 25% Health.
    • Pay It Forward: After retrieving a thrown knife or axe from an enemy, your first melee attack with a throwable weapon gains +200% damage.
    • Style Over Substance: Guaranteed Crit Hits with throwable weapons when crouch-sprinting, sliding, dodging, or Dashing. No movement speed penalty when aiming a throwable weapon.

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All perks in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

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