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Destroy All Humans 2 Artifact Locations

At least it's not Stanley Parable-levels of difficulty.

Destroy All Humans 2 has over 50 alien artifacts or artworks players can find throughout their playthrough, with each map containing ten artifacts. In this guide, I'll help you find every artifact location in Destroy All Humans 2, unlocking the Arty Facts Trophy.

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Where to find all artifacts in Destroy All Humans 2 (Map)

Destroy All Humans has many missions and collectibles to find in them—one being artifacts, which are very difficult to track down. I've separated each map into tables and made a visual guide to help break down where you can find all 50 artifacts in Destroy All Humans 2.

Bay City

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Artifact 1You can find the artifact on the side of a cliff north of Bay City.
Artifact 2At the top of the Bay City Bridge's northern portion.
Artifact 3It's on the cliff just north of Bay City Landing Zone (near the bridge), on top of the rock pillar.
Artifact 4At the stage of the campsite situated southwest of the Bay City Landing Zone (near the bridge).
Artifact 5On a building rooftop south of the Bay City Landing Zone (near the Hippies Print)
Artifact 6In the army base's hangar area with the cardboard boxes.
Artifact 7Just shy of the north of Bay City Public Toilet. It's next to an umbrella by the shore.
Artifact 8Between the donut hole of Tasty Pete's Donuts, which you can find south of Artifact 7.
Artifact 9At the pier by the east of Bay City. Explore the buildings on the pier, and you'll find a small tunnel where Artifact 9 hovers.
Artifact 10The final artifact of Bay City is on the top of the lighthouse by the isolated island.


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Artifact 11Artifact 11 is on the balcony of a building at the northeast of the Albion Public Toilet (opposite side of the bridge)
Artifact 12You can find Artifact 12 on a roof north of the Albion Landing Zone near the northwest of Artifact 11.
Artifact 13From Artifact 12, go northwest until you see a tunnel in a restricted area. Artifact 13 is inside the tunnel.
Artifact 14From Artifact 13's location, go northeast until you see a few multicolored banners. It's on the balcony near one of the banners.
Artifact 15Using Artifact 14 as a reference point, head southwest until you reach the park. It's in the fountain in the middle.
Artifact 16Head southwest from where Artifact 15 was, and you'll find the artifact in a garden with three red phone booths.
Artifact 17Go to the northwest area from Artifact 16 until you get to the construction site.
Artifact 18Go to the island in the middle of Albion Map. From the middle Albion Landing Zone, head north until you see a set of stairs next to a red phone booth. Run up the stairs, and you'll find Artifact 18.
Artifact 19Artifact 19 is located just east of Artifact 18. It's on top of a chimney opposite Danny's Ice Cream store.
Artifact 20Artifact 20 is floating in the water, roughly around the midpoint of the two bridges.

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Artifact 21Artifact 21 is located on the rooftop of a building on the city's Northwest side. The building is in front of the Odd Job called "Crypto, Hired Gun - Kenji Mojo called Out."
Artifact 22The artifact is located near Artifact 21 and is inside the tall red Eiffel-like tower.
Artifact 23The artifact is southeast of the Takoshima Landing Zone, which requires you to destroy the lighthouse. It's on the roof of the tower.
Artifact 24Inside the tower near the "Fooling the Black Ninja Arkvoodle" Cult mission.
Artifact 25On top of the stone lantern, northeast of the "Sword of the Samurai" Jukebox song.
Artifact 26Northeast of Artifact 25, at the isolated island.
Artifact 27The artifact is east of the Takoshima Landing Zone, which you unlock after completing "The Coming of Arkvoodle" mission.
Artifact 28It's in the same Takoshima Landing Zone as Artifact 27. Head to your southeast until you get to the peak of the cliff.
Artifact 29You can find Artifact 29 on the southern cliff of the map.
Artifact 30From Artifact 29, head to the northwest area, where you'll find a building with a waterwheel. The artifact is on top of the building.


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Artifact 31Follow the path where you can find the "Beautiful Moonlit Night" Jukebox Song. At the end of the path, you can find Artifact 31 beside a building.
Artifact 32Artifact 32 is just by the Tunguska Landing Zone, which you can unlock by removing the barrels around the idol.
Artifact 33For Artifact 33, you need to head northeast of the Tunguska Landing Zone (unlocks by destroying the statue on the nearby square). The artifact is on top of a garbage container.
Artifact 34Go east from Artifact 33, and you'll find the artifact on top of a push cart with a barrel next to a set of wooden boxes.
Artifact 35From Artifact 34, go south along the road, and you can find the artifact in front of a green building.
Artifact 36You can find Artifact 36 southwest of Artifact 35. Follow the road to the south, and you'll see a trail opposite of the "At Least it's Not The Gulag" odd job. Take the trail, and you'll find a Tunguska Landing Zone, with the Artifact 36 just on the opposite building.
Artifact 37Go back from the trail entrance where you found Artifact 36, and continue following the road until you get to the next area, where you'll see a building with multiple TV antennas on the rooftop. Climb to the top of the building, and you'll find Artifact 37.
Artifact 38From Artifact 37, head southwest and follow along the road. You'll find the artifact on top of the pipe.
Artifact 39Proceed down south from the road you took to get to Artifact 38, and you can find a trail leading to a cluster of wooden houses in the open. You can find Artifact 39 behind a building in an empty tub.
Artifact 40For Artifact 40, you must finish the story mission, "A Hard Day's Fight." Once you finish the mission, you can find the artifact on a bunch of rocks next to a set of container boxes.

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Artifact 41The first artifact for Solaris would be on the northern part of the map, on top of a dirt mound.
Artifact 42Artifact 42 is inside the man you can only access during the odd job (after completing the main story) called "Lights Out for Lobsters, Part 2."
Artifact 43You can find Artifact 43 in the same mine as Artifact 42, near a mine cart at a dead end on the west side of the mine.
Artifact 44Artifact 44 is inside the base south of the mines. Just follow the red-lit hallway, and you'll find the artifact there.
Artifact 45From the base where you found Artifact 44, head southeast. Head to the top of the hill, where you'll find Artifact 45.
Artifact 46Head southeast from Artifact 45, and you'll find Artifact 46 between two white box containers.
Artifact 47You can find Artifact 47 inside a base. Follow the trail south from Artifact 46 and enter the base. Artifact 47 is in a red room inside the base.
Artifact 48From the base in Artifact 47, head northwest, where you'll see a tall platform. Climb the platform, and you'll find Artifact 48 at the top.
Artifact 49For Artifact 49, head to the southwest of the map around the rocky area. You can find the artifact southeast of the Solaris Landing Zone within the area, next to a set of green and blue plants.
Artifact 50The final artifact is north (on top of a rock) of the same Solaris Landing Zone from Artifact 49.

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Destroy All Humans 2 Artifact Locations

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