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All Gold Bar Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

All the riches the land has to offer.

Red Dead Redemption is widely regarded as one of the best open world RPGs, thanks its brilliant storytelling and world building. While you traverse through the world, you will occasionally come across valuable items like jewelry and gold bars hidden away in the most obscure locations, as well as treasure maps that could lead you huge rewards. If you're looking to deepen your pockets quickly, you need to hunt down these riches. The following are the locations of all gold bars and treasure hunt maps in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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All Gold Bar Treasure Hunt Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Items like gold bars, jewelry bags, rings, and chains can be sold to the Fence for a big chunk of cash with which you can buy your favorite horse, weapons, or clothing. Each gold bar will sell for $500, while a gold ingot will sell for $300. With that said, the following is a list of all treasure hunt and gold bar locations in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Limpany Sheriff's Office

This is one of the best ways to make money at the very early stages of the game. After the completion of chapter one, you can find a burnt down town called Limpany, located toward the southwest of the gang's camp in Horseshoe Overlook. Inside the Sheriff's office in Limpany, you will find one gold bar in a small locker under the table.

The Statue Room

This strange room full of slightly damaged statues can be found toward the east of Donner Falls. As seen from the map, right below the "I" of Ambarino, there will be a small opening between two rocks. Enter through the gap, and you will find seven statues arranged in a circle, with a small statue in the middle. You can interact with each statue, however, interacting with them in the correct order is the key here. Each statue has a value denoted by the number of fingers on their arm.

The correct order to solve the puzzle is to interact with the statues with prime numbers—two, three, five, and seven. You will easily find the statues with two, three, and five fingers. The final statue will be the one that is missing an arm. Solving the puzzle will lift the statue in the middle, revealing three gold bars.

Granite Pass Train Wreck

While wandering through the Granite Pass, you will find a train wreck situated at the bottom of the ravine. This train was apparently carrying high valuables when it fell off the bridge. While staring straight at the wrecked carriages, go up the rocks to your right. Then, you will find a small crack in the rocks to your left through which you can climb up. After you climb up, turn around, and jump onto the ledge opposite to you. You can then drop down into the upright carriage, where you will find two gold bars.

Braithwaite Manor

After the completion of Chapter three, where Dutch and his men burn down the Braithwaite's mansion, you can revisit the location to find one gold bar inside a locked box in the rubble of the building. You can also loot Catherine Braithwaite's corpse to loot a porcelain brooch belonging to the late character.

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Landmarks of Riches Treasure Hunt

Landmarks of Riches Map 1

Toward the extreme west of the map, northwest of Owanjila lake, you will find an obelisk standing on top of a small hill. Interact with the structure to remove the plaque and reveal a hole. Inside the hole, you will find the first map of the Landmarks of Riches treasure hunt and a gold earring.

Landmarks of Riches Map 2

The first map will lead you to the Bayou NWA, where you will find a very tiny church located toward the immediate right side of Lakay, as seen from the map. Climb on top of the church, and interact with the bell to find a silver earring and the second map for this treasure hunt.

Landmarks of Riches Map 3

Your next location in this treasure hunt will be a mysterious hill home located toward the southeast of Donner Falls, or southwest from The Statue Room. Climb on top of this house, and get to the window that is covered with planks. As you reach through it, you will find a gold jointed necklace and the third map of this treasure hunt.

Landmarks of Riches Map 4

The third map depicts a sketch from the battlefield of Bolger Glade, which is located toward the east of Braithwaite Manor. In this area, look for the solitary tree situated on top of a small hill in the middle of the battlefield. Interact with the tree, and you will find a silver chain bracelet and the final clue for this treasure hunt.

Landmarks of Riches Treasure Location

The final clue from the fourth map in this treasure hunt will lead you to the top of Mount Shann located toward the north of Hawks Eye Creek near Strawberry. Climb to the top of the mountain, and you will find a strange structure made of stones arranged in a ritualistic manner. Interact with the structure to complete the treasure hunt, and get six gold bars.

High Stakes Treasure Hunt

High Stakes Treasure Map 1

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The High Stakes Treasure map can be obtained from a random encounter with an NPC looking for a treasure. This NPC spawns randomly in the area between Strawberry and Valentine and is heard complaining about a man from China who sold the map to him. If you miss this NPC too many times, you can buy the treasure map from the Fence.

Upon approaching and questioning the stranger with the map, they will tell you that the map is of no value and will try to run away. You can obtain the map by either lassoing them or looting their corpse.

High Stakes Treasure Map 2

The first map will lead you to Cumberland Falls, located toward the east of Wallace Station. Once you reach the location, head down to the riverbed from the right side and then go behind the waterfall. Here you will find some spare change of five dollars and the second map of this treasure hunt.

High Stakes Treasure Map 3

The next location is in Barrow Lagoon, located toward the east of Lake Isabella in the Ambarino Mountains. Once you reach the location, look for the large log that acts as a bridge to get to the small island in the middle of the lagoon. In the middle of the log, you will find a hole in which there will be $15, and the third and final map for the treasure hunt.

High Stakes Treasure Location

The final location is on a cliff ledge near Bacchus Station. First, climb the hill toward the north of Fort Wallace, and keep heading northwest until you find an opening through which you can see the Bacchus Bridge. Go through the opening and head left until you see a Rock Carving. Take the path from the Rock Carving, and keep going until you see a small ledge. Jump down to the ledge, and then jump down again to the ledge opposite you. Keep following the path, and you will see a hole in the rock with which you can interact with. Upon interaction, Arthur will reach into the hole and find three gold bars.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Hunt

Jack Hall Gang Map 1

When Chapter two begins, Arthur will get a stranger mission where he meets the NPC called Maximo Cristobal Valdespino. Upon interaction, he will tell Arthur he has a treasure map made by the infamous Jack Hall Gang. He then offers to sell the treasure map to Arthur for $10. If you accept his offer, you will have found the first map for this treasure hunt.

Jack Hall Gang Map 2

To find the second treasure map of the Jack Hall Gang, you will need to scale the summit of the mountain near Caliban's Seat, located toward the northwest of Horseshoe Overlook. Upon reaching the top, you will find an opening toward your right. Head down this opening, and keep walking on the ledge of the mountain until you reach the end. Here, you will find a pearl necklace and the second map of this treasure hunt.

Jack Hall Gang Map 3

The final map of this treasure hunt can be found in Cotorra Springs, located northwest of Fort Wallace. Once you reach the location, look for the stout rock structure with a flat rock on top. Interact with it to find $15, and the third map leads to the treasure.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Location

The final location of the Jack Hall Gang treasure is in O'Creagh's Run, which is located west of Annesburg. Once you reach the location, you will find a small island in the middle of the lake. Swim to it, and you will find a button prompt near a small stone. Interact with it to find two gold bars.


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The Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt

The Poisonous Trail Map 1

The first map of the Poisonous Trail treasure hunt can be found inside a small lodge in front of Cairn Lake, located east of Colter, or north of Barrow Lagoon. Enter the house and open the lockbox to find some repeater cartridges, a Ginseng Elixir, and the Poisonous Trail treasure map.

The Poisonous Trail Map 2

The second map for this treasure hunt can be found near Face Rock, located in Scarlett Meadows, north of Rhodes. To the right side of Face Rock, you will find a tree stump you can interact with. Doing so will grant you $10, and the second map to the treasure hunt.

The Poisonous Trail Map 3

The third and final map can be found inside a hole in a pebble structure located east of Van Horn Trading Post. Upon reaching the location, interact with the hole to find a platinum ring bracelet and the final map for this treasure hunt.

The Poisonous Trail Treasure Location

The final map will lead you into a dark cave behind the Elysian Pool, located southwest of Annesburg. Be sure to equip your torch while you're in there. Go straight ahead, and then drop down to the crevice below. There, you will find a narrow crawl space through which you enter by crouching. Once you're through, take the right path, and turn right when it ends. Drop down to the ledge in front, and then slide down the slippery slope. Here, you will find four gold bars hidden behind a rock.

Annesburg Sketched Map Treasure Hunt

Annesburg Sketched Map Location

Players can find a sketched treasure map inside a house called Reed Cottage, located north of Annesburg. Once you reach the house, enter it and search the chimney. Here, you will find a sketched map for a treasure hunt.

Annesburg Sketched Map Treasure Location

The map you find in Reed Cottage will lead you to a plateau shaped hill located on the western banks of the Kamassa River, or northwest of the Elysian Pool. Once there, interact with the small rock shown in the image above to find a gold ingot.

Elemental Trail Treasure Hunt

The Elemental Trail treasure hunt is an activity that John Marston can only access once the Epilogue starts after the completion of Chapter six.

Elemental Trail Map 1

Toward the very west of New Austin, east of the Sea of Coronado, you will come across a corpse hanging by a rope. Shoot the rope, and then loot the body to find the first map for the Elemental Trail.

Elemental Trail Map 2

The next location is a place called Greenhollow, which is situated to the east of Lake Don Julio. Enter the ruins of the small house you find here, and search the chimney. Doing so will grant you the second map for this treasure.

Elemental Trail Map 3

The final map for this treasure can be found in Benedict Point, located south of Tumbleweed. Once you're there, find a way to climb onto the narrow wooden bridge, as shown in the image above. A button prompt in the middle of this bridge will tell you to search for a gap in the wood. Doing so will grant you the final map for this treasure.

Elemental Trail Treasure Location

The final location for this treasure hunt will take you to a Church ground located southeast of Armadillo. Once there, head inside the graveyard and look for the button prompt near the grave in front of the tree. Doing so will grant you one gold bar, and the Crow Beak Trinket.

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All Gold Bar Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

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