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Best Weapons and Items in Disney Speedstorm

Putting the ‘gas' in Gaston!

Power-ups are scattered across the tracks in Disney Speedstorm, and honing them can mean the difference between getting 1st place and being left in the dust. If you're wondering which ones fare better than others, here’s a tier list of all the common power-ups and unique skills in Disney Speedstorm.

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Weapons tier list - Disney Speedstorm

All weapons are made equal in Disney Speedstorm, but some are more equal than others. All of the characters' special skills have been included as well, so this list can help you with choosing the best racer to put on the track.

SBoost, Scream Collector (Randall), Favorite Hobbies (Lilo).
ABomb, Teleport, Shield, Firework Barrage (Mulan), Shepherd's Crook (Bo Peep), Jade Captain's Knot (Elizabeth Swan), Hot-Headed (Hades).
BRocket Boost (Buzz Lightyear), Fire, Enchanted Rose (Beast), Enchanted Mirror (Belle), Grecian Burn (Meg), Why I oughta… (Donald Duck), Cutlass Flurry (Jack Sparrow), One of the Pack (Mowgli), Hold the Door (Mike Wazowski), Yodelin' Cowgirl (Jessie), Steamboat Wheel (Steamboat Pete), Unstable Blaster (Jumba), Genie Magic (Genie), Fire Breath (Jafar), Trophy Hunting (Gaston), Shot.
CCloak, Rush, Olympian Flyby (Hercules), Barnstormer (Goofy), Military Might (Shang), Bare Necessities (Baloo), Snake and Snake (Celia Mae), Drawstring Lasso (Woody), Siren Song (Angel), Experiment 626 (Stitch), Magic Carpet Ride (Aladdin), Rajah's Pounce (Jasmine), Happy Whistling ( Steamboat Mickey).
DSpark of Imagination (Figment), Galactic Support (Captain Gantu), Center of Attention (Daisy Duck), Helper's Aura (Minnie Mouse), Trailblazer (Mickey Mouse).

S-tier power-ups

These are the best power-ups you should be looking for on the track.


Unlike other kart racers, Disney Speedstorm lets you stack certain power-ups and unleash them at the right time. Along with drifting, boost power-ups fill up your nitro meter, giving you that extra speed needed to catch your rivals or leave them further in the dust. The ol' reliable!

Scream collector (Randall)

Once activated, the scream collector gives Randall invisibility, allowing him to scare other drivers on the track and collect screams. Five collected screams give you a short burst of speed that leaves behind a trail that blinds your opponents. A Charged Scream Collector yields a door that teleports you a few feet ahead. It's a neat way of overtaking opponents without much fuss.

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A-tier power-ups

Though less effective, these power-ups can still turn the race in your favor!


A powerful weapon in Disney Speedstorm, Bombs can be fired in front of and behind your kart. Holding the button increases the launch distance, and depending on your character's level, you can fire up to two bombs simultaneously. The only drawback is that you have to aim it well.

Hot Headed (Hades)

Hades walks a thin line between coolheadedness and rage. Once Hot Headed is activated, Hades starts gaining nitro fuel after each overtake, while charging it up lets you blast your foes as soon as one of them dares overtake you - an awesome power to help you climb the ranks and stay on top.


If you're down in the dumps, there's always a chance you'll run into the Teleport power-up and get beamed closer to the top. It's an underrated one, for sure!

B-tier power-ups

Not great, but not terrible. It takes more skill to get the most out of these weapons.


While it can't hit any foes in front of you, Fire surrounds your kart with flames that hurt all racers near it. Hold the Skills button to create a fiery blast and deal damage to all surrounding opponents, or create a trail of fire by activating it and holding the left analog stick backward.

Grecian burn (Meg)

Meg's Grecian burn gives you a quick speed boost that lasts longer the more opponents you overtake. When leading the pack, activate a charged Grecian burn to create a boosting trail that refills your nitro fuel as soon as your opponents get behind you. This one won't help when you're too far behind, though...

C-tier power-ups

Olympian flyby (Hercules)

Our favorite demigod's ability doesn't live up to his legend. When you activate the Olympian flyby, Pegasus will fly before you and blaze a trail that accelerates all racers who follow along. Yes, that includes both you and your opponents.

Its saving grace is the charged Olympian flyby, giving you a boosting trail that stuns anyone else who touches it. Want my advice? Stick with the charged one.

Military might (Shang)

With such a bombastic name, Military might falls short of expectations in Disney Speedstorm. Shang launches his fighting staff forward, stunning everyone it touches. Charging the skill sends the staff spinning above Shang, shielding you and stunning any racer you touch.

Unless Shang is a 4-star tier, military might won't give you the throwing range to take out racers further in front. Similarly, the charged variant doesn't last as long in lower levels, and most opponents will choose to wait it out until it expires rather than engaging you, making the shield pretty much useless.

D-tier power-ups

Spark of imagination (Figment)

What Figment lacks in stats, he surely doesn't make up for it with his skill. Spark of imagination blasts nearby racers and obstructs their vision while giving you a speed boost. The more racers you hit, the longer you'll boost. Charged Spark of Imagination leaves a trail that blinds any racers that touch it, stacking your boost for every racer affected.

Sadly, Figment's poor top speed and acceleration diminish your boosting momentum. Unless you're not falling too far behind your rivals, their lead won't be affected. Figment needs a serious stats overhaul, and as soon as possible!

Galactic support (Captain Gantu)

Don't let Gantu's imposing stature fool you: he's underwhelming behind the wheel. Galactic support makes Gantu invincible while spawning his spaceship that spews blobs of green plasma onto the track randomly.

These blobs stun your opponents but are easily avoidable for any racer with decent reflexes. Charging the skill only makes the spaceship fly toward Gantu instead of away from him, and leveling up only makes the ship fly longer. Your best bet is to avoid Gantu and hope he won't be as nerfed in the next season.

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Best Weapons and Items in Disney Speedstorm

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