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Where to find Bayle the Dread (Map Location) in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Defeat the dreaded dragon Bayle.

One of the hardest bosses I've ever faced is Bayle the Dread, but finding him is also a challenge. I've got you covered with how to find Bayle the Dread, how to beat Bayle, and what rewards you get in the Shadow Realm of Elden Ring.

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How to find Bayle the Dread in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Bayle the Dread is a mighty dragon found in the Jagged Peaks, specifically at the summit, in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. Getting to this location requires going through the Dragon Pit, a mini-dungeon that leads to the Jagged Peaks. Be sure you find Igon north outside of the Dragon Pit entrance before entering. I've marked the path you need to follow to get to the Jagged Peaks summit below.

The Jagged Peaks themselves are pretty linear; however, be sure to take the right path first to find the Dragon Priestess and the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion. You can receive a quest to defeat Bayle the Dread, but this is also where you need to take Bayle's Heart after defeating him. You'll also run into Igon fighting a Drake on the way. Finally, you need to jump several Spiritsprings to reach the summit and face Bayle the Dread.

How to defeat Bayle the Dread in Elden Ring Shadow of Erdtree

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Before facing Bayle the Dread, you should be prepared, as he is quite tough. There are various buffs you need to use, especially Scadutree Fragments and Igon's Golden Summon which can be obtained by completing his quest line.

  • Use Scadutree Fragments.
  • Get Igon's Furled Finger and summon him.
  • Use Fire and Lightning Resistances.
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Bayle the Dread uses primarily fire and lightning attacks, so the resistance will keep you alive longer. Igon's Furled Finger allows you to summon him for the fight. The Mimic Tear is a good alternative as well if you need help. When attacking Bayle the Dread, aim for his head as he takes more damage here than attacks against his body. Bleed and physical damage are the best choices to inflict the most damage. Finally, if you have the Dragon-hunter's Great Katana, equip this for increased damage.

Bayle the Dread is a challenging fight due to his aggression, large size, and having to fight the camera simultaneously. You'll want to use lock-on and manual camera controls for this fight. When fighting, aim for the head when you can, but get body shots when you can't reach the head. Be sure to avoid getting trapped against a wall and try to stay head-on with Bayle while fighting him.

Bayle the Dread has two phases, with the second being triggered once he reaches 50% or less. He has numerous attacks, and all attacks from Phase 1 carry over into Phase 2. Here is Bayle the Dread's attacks.

  • Bayle the Dread Phase 1:
    • Forward Flame Breath: Bayle fires flame straight at you, following you as he does. Sprint to one side or repeatedly dodge roll to avoid it.
    • Side-to-side Flame Breath: Bayle will breathe flame from one side to the next. If you time your dodge with his staggered breaths, you can roll into the flame roll over it.
    • Beneath Flame Breath: Bayle breaths flame directly below him if you are underneath. Avoid staying under him for too long, as this attack is incredibly hard to dodge.
    • Lunging Claw: Bayle will lunge out with his claw and attack you from a great distance. Dodge roll when he rushes toward you to avoid this.
    • Grabbing Bite: Bayle lunges at you with lightning in his mouth. Dodge or sprint backward to avoid this attack, causing Bayle to come short and let you get a hit in. If he lands this attack, you are stuck in a continuous smash attack.
    • Smash Attacks: Bayles roars and will slash at you with a claw before reversing with the same claw and attacking again. He also tries to smash you with a downward strike. Dodge each attack or sprint back once he roars.
    • Tail Attack: Bayle will do a spinning tail attack if you are behind. You can dodge to the side to avoid this.
    • Lightning Strike: Bayle roars, causing lightning to fall around you. Sprint to one side until the storm subsides.
    • Jumping Lighting Strike: Bayle leaps into the air and slams on you, dropping lightning at the same time. Dodge when he reaches his greatest height and begins heading toward you. Keep dodging to avoid the lightning.
  • Bayle the Dread Phase 2: 50% health or lower
    • Erupting Fire & Lightning: The ground around Bayle begins to shake, and both fire and lighting will come from the ground and sky. Sprint out of the AoE area to avoid this attack.
    • Flying Fire Slam: Bayle leaps into the air, leaving a trail of fire, and shoots fireballs at you from above. Bayle creates an AoE effect when he lands. Sprint backward to dodge the fireballs and dodge the landing attack when he is above you.
    • Plasma Breaths: Bayle leaps into the air and releases a breath of plasma going side-to-side, then follows with a plasma breath head-on. Sprint back to get out of his range for the first attack, then sprint to the side to avoid the next breath attack. Keep your distance when he does this attack or it will become harder to dodge.

Bayle Drops & Rewards - Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

The primary reward for defeating Bayle the Dread is Bayle's Heart. Take this to the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion to get either the Bayle's Flame Lightning or Bayle's Tyranny incantation. You can also claim the Flowerstone Gravel Weapon and Priestess' Heart beside the Altar where you saw the Priestess. Consume the Priestess' Heart to transform into a dragon. Additionally, if you completed Igon's quest, you can claim his ball bearing, armor, and bow by going where you last saw him in the Jagged Peaks.

Should you pick Bayles Tyranny or Bayles Flame Lightning in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

I highly recommend picking Bayle's Flame Lightning after giving Bayle's Heart to the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion. Not only does it sound cooler and look cooler, but it is just all-around better. It does better damage and has less of windup, meaning you exposed for less when using it. Bayle's Tyranny isn't necessarily bad, but it doesn't compete with Bayle's Flame Lighting. That said, you can choose whichever you wish as both are usuable.

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Where to find Bayle the Dread (Map Location) in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

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