All Hunt Locations (map) in Final Fantasy 16

Let's find our marks!

After the time skip in Final Fantasy XVI, you’re eventually introduced to the Hunt board. Here, you’ll find powerful monsters that prowl Roselia. Hunting them will earn you renown, Gil, and other neat rewards. Down the line, when the S-class targets are added, you can even defeat those to earn materials to make Gotterdammerung, the best weapon you can get during your first run.

That said, below are all the monster hunt locations in FFXVI.

All Notorious Mark Locations in FF16 - Monster Hunt Locations

C-rank hunts


Ahriman is an eyeball Bat you can find in Sorrowise, particularly on the path toward Riddock’s Jump. You should have seen it when you went to scatter the ashes of the people who perished in Glaidemond Abbey.

Aruna, The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death is a harpy prowling around in Claireview. Fast travel to Northreach to get to Aruna.

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Soul Stingers

The group of Soul Stingers can be found on The Fields of Corava, which is now open after the defeat of Titan. Fast travel to either Dalimil or The Jaw and ride your Chocobo east.


The Grimalkin and its pack can also be found in The Dhalmekian Republic, near the Sickle. Fast travel to The Jaw or Dalimil and head southeast.

The Pack

This pack of wolves can be found in the middle of The Gilded Path in the Dhalmekian Republic. If you haven't visited Tabor yet, do so. Only after its events will the area open.

B-rank hunts


Belphegor is a large wyvern on The Broken Hilt. You can find its nest on top of a hill near Eastpool. Fast travel to the Obelisk in the area.


Dozmare is a griffin sighted by the Cursebreakers on their way to Caer Norvent. Fast travel to Lostwing and head Southeast—the griffin is located near the river gate. You’ll need to find and defeat it to progress through Blacksmith Blue’s I.


You can find Sekhret in Greensheaves, Rosaria. Travel to Obelisk in Martha's Rest and travel north. It's only a short walk away!


Severian is an echo breed located north of Sorrowise. Fast travel to the Obelisk near Martha's Rest and take your Chocobo west.

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Fasticocalon is a giant turtle tucked away at the very corner of The Velkoy Desert. Sadly, the nearest Obelisk is the one is the desert entrance, but the journey should be bearable with a Chocobo with you!

Bomb King

Bomb King is a mark one of Mid's assistants asks that you slay for materials. It's located in The Imperial Chase in Sanbreque. The nearest Obelisk is the one in The Dragon's Aery.

The Ten of Clubs

The Ten of Clubs is a fighter that hides in the ruins within The Fields of Corava. Teleport to The Jaw and ride your Chocobo east. If you've already unlocked Dravozd at this point, that Obelisk is nearer.

Holy Trumpitour, The Man in Black

The Man in Black, later revealed as Holy Trumpitour, can be found deep in the vineyard cellars back in Lostwing after it's been flooded. You couldn't enter it before, but the door's now open. Holy Trumpitour is one of the few marks I personally hate, so be careful. He packs quite a punch.


Carrot is an extraordinary Morbol that resides in the marches of Whispering Waters in the Three Reeds. Defeat it, and you'll get the vine that you need to complete that sidequest. It's super easy to find too—just go to the Three Reeds Obelisk and walk north to the only isolated area on the map.

A-rank hunts

Flan Prince, The Muddy Murder

Flan Prince is a pool of "opalescent ooze" lurking around in Rosaria. Teleport to the Obelisk in Hawk's Cry Cliff and travel north to find The Muddy Murder.

The Nine of Knives

The Nine of Knives is an assassin blocking the road that leads to The Jaw. You'll find him pretty quickly once you teleport to the Obelisk in the area.

The Mageth Brothers

You'll find The Mageth Brothers in the Quietsands, Rosaria. Travel to the Obelisk in Port Isolde and travel north. There are three of them, so be careful!

Dread Comet

Dread Comet is a rainbow-colored Chocobo that waits for you in The Sickle. It's still a bit of a ride away, but the nearest Obelisk is the one in The Jaw in The Dhalmekian Republic. It's not a difficult fight, but this thing doesn't have a stagger gauge, so it might be a tad longer than you're expecting.


Gobermouch is a rogue goblin found in Eistla, Waloed. Fast travel to the Obelisk in the area and walk east to that small open area.


Bygul is a large electric cheetah that prowls in Kritten Hollow. Fast travel to the Obelisk on Ravenwit Walls in the Kingdom of Waloed. This is the area past the big gates.


Agni waits for you near the Edge of Infinity. Teleport to the Obelisk in the area and run north.

Thanatos, Usher to the Underworld

Thanatos, Usher of the Underworld, can be found in Titan's Wake in The Dhalmekian Republic. This is an area between Kretov and The Gilded Path. You can use any of the two Obelisks to ride to it.

Terminus, The Blood Moon

The Blood Moon, later revealed to be given the name Terminus, is a gigantic Akashic orb floating in The Imperial Chase. Fast travel to The Dragon's Aery in Sanbreque and head south. There's no visible path to the clearing, so just run straight through those trees.

Kuza Beast

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Kuza Beast is a hunt that won't initially appear on the Hideaway board. You'll naturally encounter it during the Nobody's Tool side quest. This is the one where you accompany Dorys to Waloed. If you're looking for a Behemoth Shackle, this thing has it.

Prince of Death, The Grim Reaper

Prince of Death, with the moniker of "The Grim Reaper," is waiting for you in the fields west of Northreach. Fast travel to the Obelisk in the area. It's but a Chocobo ride away.

Knight of the Splendent Heart

If you're pursuing the Prince of Death above, then the Knight of the Splendent Heart is not that far away. It lies at the very northmost part of the Royal Meadows, right in front of what used to be the entrance to Oriflamme.

Gizamaluk, The Wailing Banshee

Gizamaluk, The Wailing Banshee, can be found in Garnick, one of the villages that surround Vidargraes. Teleport to the Obelisk in the area and travel southwest.

S-rank hunts

Atlas, The Breaker of Worlds

Atlas, the notorious mark with the moniker "Breaker of Worlds," is waiting for you in Cressida. This is a small, abandoned village in Rosaria. I found that the fastest way to do it is with the use of the Obelisk at Eastpool. You can find Atlas in the suspicious-looking arena at the back of the village.

Svarog, Ruin Reawakened

Svarog, a giant dragon with the moniker "Ruin Reawakened," can be found in Sanbreque after the events in the new capital city. Fast travel to Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate and head south. Despite its early appearance, Svarog is the most powerful mark of the S-rank. Don't be pressured to defeat it now (but it's beatable at your current level—I've done it, but not without the struggle).


Pandemonium is an S-rank orc king that can be found in Wolfdarr, a domain in Waloed. Travel to the Obelisk on The Shadow Coast and ride to this open area in the west.

Gorgimera, The Tricephalic Terror

The Tricephalic Terror, also known as the chimera Gorgimara, lives in The Velkroy Desert—right between the entrance and Dalimil. You can use the Obelisk in either of the two areas to reach it.

Behemoth King, The Masterless Marauder

Behemoth King, also known to the folks as The Masterless Marauder, is hard to miss and can be found right in front of the Obelisk in Vidargraes. This is the last hunt in FF16—you're nearly at the end!

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All Hunt Locations (map) in Final Fantasy 16

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