Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List – Best FEH Units

Fire Emblem is a franchise that spans 16 games with nearly 600 playable characters overall. As such, it’s no surprise that Fire Emblem Heroes, its mega-crossover mobile game, has an equally intimidating number of units. It doesn’t help that many of them come in multiple versions (Chrom alone has five). This is why this tier […]

Fire Emblem Heroes Reroll Guide

It is well known that Fire Emblem Heroes players are at the mercy of the RNG. Many players show off some impressive barracks full of five stars that they pull almost immediately, while others can summon and summon with little to show for it. If a player gets a bad first few summons, though, there’s […]

Best Fire Emblem Units of all time

Most Fire Emblem games are designed in such a way that players can use any combination of units they desire. That being said, it’s clear that some units are much better than others at killing enemies. In fact, select units from the series could probably beat their respective games solo with a couple Concoctions to […]