Gemini was a leaked skin that had been found in the files during the Easter of 2019. It appears that this skin has been removed from the files and replaced by the Astro Assassin outfit.

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Prepare for interstellar hop.

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Space Hop Set

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  1. this skin will not be released due to copyright issues. instead it was replaced by another skin. which does not violate copyright issues, but oh well.

      1. There is a copyright issue. If you search up the character “Raeve Maeve.” This character is from the game “Paladins” The reason why Epic ditched the skin is because of Paladins copyrighting them for a bunny face. It’s such a stupid reason too.

        1. People keep saying this but they provide zero evidence that it’s the case. As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a copyright issue (they look similar, but not exactly the same), so people should stop stating it like it’s fact.

          1. I DID Google it, that’s the whole point. Maybe you should Google it, and stop spreading information that isn’t true.

  2. EVIDENT!, its been months this skin
    was leaked And it didnt came out!! Why its not coming out ? Do you have any ideas when its gonna come out?? 🥺 a very popular leaker in insta told me that it’s gonna possibly already out by 10th June but I don’t think so, it’s already would’ve be out!

  3. My theory is that it’s gonna get out at the 1st of June (Although Gemini’s can be between the 21st of May to 21st of June) hence June is what that particular sign’s mostly associated with.

    1. Same it’s May 4th now and I think season nine is going to be about space or something only because of some of the recent things they have been putting out, but idk. And my hopes are getting down because she is not out yet and I very much so want to buy her.

  4. This is a cool skin! Though it has been Easter and it didn’t come out I think it still should. Also great sight Evident, I look on it for my shops, leaks, and challenges! I am using your creator code!