Fortnite Item Shop

Time to see what's available in the Fortnite Item Shop for December 26, 2022! Each day gets us a batch of new cosmetics to purchase, however, they aren't always things we haven't seen before. We often get items that have been in the shop many times. While that might bum you out a bit, there are days when we get completely new items that have never been available, and you will get a chance to be one of the first to purchase it!

The skins available for December 26, 2022 are: All Might, Crackshot, DJ Bop, Harmonizer, Supersonic, Valkyrie, MrBeast, MrBeast6000, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Alto, Buzzer Beater, Crackabella, Crossover Champion, Daryl Dixon, Doggo, Dynamo Dribbler, Fadeaway, Fast Break, Flapjackie, Flow, Ginger Gunner, Growler, Half-Court Hero, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Lyric, Merry Marauder, Michonne, Nightlife, Ochaco Uraraka, Party Diva, Party MVP, Party Star, Poet, Pulse, Rain Maker, Rebound Raider, Rick Grimes, Splash Specialist, Triple-Double, Wilder, Yule Trooper, Amplitude, Attenuator, Band Pass, Comfy Chomps, Cozy Chomps, Dolph, Envision, Fa-La-La-La-Fishstick, Gingerbread Raider, Grimbles, Hi-Hat, Melody Maverick, Moxie, Pop Prodigy, Red-Nosed Raider, Reina, Reverb, Snowbell, Syncopator, Synth Striker, Aura, Cozy Commander, Cozy Knit Jonesy, Guild, Holly Jammer, Jolly Jammer, Nog Ops, PJ Patroller, Red-Nosed Ranger and Yuletide Ranger, while also containing the following items: All Might Bundle, BTS Dynamite Pack, Dancing at Coachella Bundle, Feel The Rhythm Bundle, Frostwing, Gingerbread Bundle, Gleam Team, Nutcracker Bundle, Reina Bundle, Sail Shark, Turn It Up Bundle, Beast Backdrop, Beast Blastin’, Beast Claw, Build Up, Chicken Wing It, Don’t Start Now, Everybody Loves Me, Gangnam Style, Hey Now!, Hit It, Jiggle Jiggle, Last Forever, MrBeast Bundle, MrBeast Smasher, My World, Rollie, Savage, Snare Solo, Socks, The Macarena, Wake Up, Wrapped and Revved, Drip Axe, Electrostaff, Han Solo & Leia Organa Bundle, Lil’ Speeder Bike, Luke Skywalker Bundle, Slugthrower Rifle, Vibro-Staff, X-34 Landspeeder, Branch Basher, Breakin’, Cactical Crusher, Class 1-A Bundle, Crackdown, Disco Fever, Drop The Bass, Glow Wings, Glowsticks, Light Knives, Pure Shooter Bundle, Rick Grimes Bundle, Rocking at Coachella Bundle, Softest Electropalm, Strong Side Bundle, Survivors In Arms Bundle, Around the Clock, Blackwhip Axe, Class 1-A Gear Bundle, Cluster Buster, Cold Snap, Cozy Coaster, Crashing Satellite, Dribblin’, Festival Shredder, Finfin Flair, Flutterbug, Gingerbread Brigade Bundle, Gingersledge, Glow Stick, Holiday Ham, Mainstage, NBA Championship Trophy, Neon Biter, Pincushion Punisher, Pivot, Pummel Moose, Shoot & Score Pack, Snow Globe, Snowcapped, Sonic Glow, The Sleigh Team Bundle, Uravity Smasher, Vibe Axe, All Smite, Bear Hug, Bundled Up Bundle, Cookie Cutter, Cozy Holidays, Diamond Eye, Gingersled, Glow Rider, Gold Chain, Goldy Lock, Ground Pound, Hero Analysis, Ho Ho Ho, Holiday Hook, Holiday Hydrant, Jackspammer, Lights up, Merry Stripe, Sharky, Sharky Slappers, Swirly Soarer, Symbol of Peace, Walker Club, You Shouldn’t Have! and Yule Breakers.

You can check out what's available in the current shop in our always updated item shop page

Avaliable on December 26, 2022

184 All
74 Outfit
31 Harvesting Tool
30 Emote
23 Bundle
12 Glider
8 Wrap
6 Back Bling

My Hero Academia


Twin Turntables


Gleam Team

Press Play

Feeding Frenzy

Air Royale


Blue Crew

Original Trilogy


Skull Squad

In The Paint

Survivors in Arms

Fortnite Fever

Grumble Gang

Animal Jackets


Neo Ninja


Merry Christmas

Winter Wonderland


Moth Command

Gingerbread Brigade

Neon Glow


Reindeer Raiders


Cocoa Commando

Polar Legends

Cozy Command