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Valkyrie is the female version of the Ragnarok skin from the Season 5 Battle Pass. Valkyrie is available via the store, so if you aren't going to unlock the Ragnarok skin, this is a good option if you like that aesthetic. She's rocking the same frozen Viking look, with a lot of furs, metal plating, and a skull on her hip. We're not sure just yet how customizable she will be, if she'll be customizable at all.

Official Description

A chilling revelation.

Cosmetic Information

  • Release Date: 09/20/2018
  • Last Seen: 02/13/2019
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Type: Outfit
  • Cost: 2,000 V-Bucks
  • Availability: Shop

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Valkyrie's Attachments

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Valkyrie Images

Harbinger Set

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  1. I ain’t even gonna lie here. It’s sad that a lot of the best skins came in store while skins in the battle pass were kind of doo-doo. Sad.

    1. I thought ur name was a person w/ a gold heart…and ur high if u call drift doo-doo. Sun Strider’s sexy….not as sexy as Tricera Ops though…

        1. Season 6: Calamity and dire
          Season 5: Ragnarok and drift
          Season 4: Omega and carbide
          Season 3Reaper and dark nigga
          Season 2: Black knight