Fortnite Alter Ego Challenges Guide – How-to Unlock All New Styles!

Our Fortnite Alter Ego Challenges Guide features a look at all of the known and leaked challenges from this Chapter 2: Season 1 Mission! If you want to unlock some unique styles for your battle pass skins, you're going to want to complete all of these challenges. This is also the set of challenges that feature a way to obtain the mystery skin for the seasons!

The final stage of these challenges to unlock the additional styles for each of the battle pass skins has been leaked! Keep in mind that it's possible these end up changing, and if they do we will update this guide with the new information.

Alter Ego Challenges List

Turk vs Riptide

  • Stage 1: Reach Level 1
  • Stage 2: Complete 2 Missions
  • Stage 3: Catch a fish wearing the Turk outfit (1)

Journey vs Hazard

Rippley vs Sludge

Remedy vs Toxin

  • Stage 1: Reach Level 40
  • Stage 2: Complete 5 Missions
  • Stage 3: Heal a teammate with a Bandage Bazooka while wearing the Remedy outfit (1)

8-ball vs Scratch

  • Stage 1: Reach Level 60
  • Stage 2: Complete 6 Missions
  • Stage 3: Eliminate an opponent while wearing the 8-Ball outfit (1)

Cameo vs Chic

Mystery Skin

Alter Ego Challenges Guide

It looks like stages 1 and 2 are all pretty much just leveling up your battle pass and completing missions. You won't be able to reach stage 3 on any of the skins until enough missions have been released for the particular skin.

Catch a fish wearing the Turk outfit (1)

This is pretty easy, if you weren't aware they've added fishing to the game. You can find poles scattered around the map, and they will pop out of chests. It's actually surprisingly good, so you'll want to make sure to do it every now and again.

Summit the highest mountain wearing the Journey outfit (1)

The highest peak right now on the map is Mount Kay. The mountain is south east of Lazy Lake, if you glide over here you should see a big orange flag waving at the peak. Land or climb up to that spot and you'll complete the challenge! Don't forget to equip the Journey outfit!

Enter a Slurp vat while wearing a Rippley outfit (1)

Slurp vats can be found in Slurpy Swamp inside the largest building in the area. Go inside the building and you'll see the vats like the one shown in the image above. You can break the top of this and jump inside. As an additional benefit, you'll heal while you are inside of it! So, use that to your advantage in future matches.

Heal a teammate with a Bandage Bazooka while wearing the Remedy outfit (1)

I'd head into Team Rumble and look for one of these. You can likely get one to pop out of a Supply Drop if you are having trouble finding one. You can then just shoot some healing at a teammate to finish the challenge!

Eliminate an opponent while wearing the 8-Ball outfit (1)

Just equip the outfit and get an elimination to unlock the secondary style!

Spray billboards while wearing the Cameo outfit (1)

You might only need to spray one of these, so this could be pretty easy. I was only able to find a couple of billboards in Sweaty Sands. There's one at the skate park and another at the r.v. park. I'm curious if more will be added by the time players are able to complete this challenge.

Search the Back Bling hidden in the <Week 8> Loading Screen (1)

We'll have to wait and see what this ends up being. This was added later into the season, and wasn't originally apart of the leak.

<Do the thing wearing the Bane outfit> (1)

This is listed as the final step in the mystery outfit skin set of challenges. This is very likely just a placeholder, there's next to no chance the skin will be called Bane. You'll need to complete the Collect FORTNITE letters challenges to get this far, so be sure to do that!

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  1. Any word on when the bandage bazooka is going to be fixed? I didn’t get my alter ego challenge done before they took it out.

  2. Shouldn’t it be back bling from week 9 loading screen since F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E has 8 letters so it would be logical for it to be in week 9

  3. Also, if you didn’t have the battle pass will the missions carry over? eg. if i have done 3 challenges with no battle pass will have done stage 2 for hazard when i have the battle pass

  4. Do you have to unlock the second stage before you can unlock the third? For example, if I caught a fish with Turk before I got the Riptide style would it not count?