Fortnite Season 10 (X) Secret Battle Stars Locations – All Hidden Stars!

We're taking a detailed look at how-to find the hidden battle stars in Season 10, as well as whatever other hidden items exist in this battle pass!

Our Fortnite Season 10 (X) Secret Battle Stars Locations Guide features an up-to-date list of every week available to find those hidden stars! We will be featuring all of the loading screens ahead of the release, so you'll know exactly where to go when you finish up your challenges for the week. You'll want to bookmark this page so you know exactly where each star is located.

This Season marks a different style of challenge going on and they are called Missions. These are weekly missions you'll need to complete within a limited amount of time or they will disappear! If you complete three of the challenges in this limited time mission, then you'll get a loading screen that should have a hint to a location where you can collect a hidden star.

Check out all of the loading screens from past and present with our Fortnite Loading Screen List!

UPDATE: Hidden Stars Should be Fixed

Battle Stars nor rewarding XP tiers and XP should be fixed now.

The issue with Hidden Battle Pass Stars not granting Tiers and blocking XP and challenges progress is now resolved. Drop in and grab 'em!


Season 10 (X) Hidden Battle Star Locations

Week 1: B.R.U.T.E. Squad

You'll need to complete three challenges in the B.R.U.T.E. Squad Urgent Mission. You have a limited time to complete these, so make sure to do so once the challenges release throughout the week. Here's the loading screen you will receive:

You can see the coordinates right above the X-Lord skin to the right. They read D2, D3, E2, and E3, these correspond to a specific place on the map.

This is south of The Block and just west of the umbrella mining area.


Week 2: Shootout at Sundown

Complete three of the Shootout at Sundown challenges and you'll received the following loading screen.

This loading screen shows off two skins, Bone Wasp and Facet. There's a fork and knife etched into the walls on the top left side of the image. You can find the star right in-between these near Fatal Fields.


Week 3: The Leftovers

It's pretty hard to see, but if you look very closely at the battle bus you will see the logo for the SoFDeez Ice Cream Parlor. This is where you will find the battle star!

The location is west of the big race track and north of Paradise Palms.

It's inside the shop, right next to the soda fountain machine.


Week 4: Junk Storm

It looks like Week 4 has a star to collect, you can find the coordinates on the loading screen on the bottom right.

The leaked Star Walker skin is shown in this loading screen, and the exact location of the star can be found east of Sunny Steps at the I2, I3, J2, J3 coordinates on the map.

Week 5: Unknown

We'll have more information on the next hidden stars once they are revealed!

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  1. Dear Evident,
    When the 10.10 patch came out, i heard they made The battle stars available for everyone. So i went to both battle star locations, but if i collect them and finish The match, i don’t get The Free tier. What exactly do i have to do?

  2. No one will find the battle stars until Epic fix the glitch that’s is causing the battle stars not to appear, they have said it will be remedied on next update so everyone will have to be patient sadly.

  3. Your wrong about the coordinates in B.R.U.T.E squad. iv been scanning this area for a few days completed all challenges and found nothing. Iv had a more detailed look at the loading screen when I say detailed I mean scanned every inch! And I think I found something, have a close look at the smoke between the Bots legs you can vaguely see an outline of what I think is the hidden star or banner, I played with the contrast settings on my TV to see it better

    1. I put this disclaimer right at the top: “Whatever is going to be at the secret spot is still not available. You might need to complete all of the challenges.”

      It’s not in the game yet, it will hopefully be available once all of the challenges can be completed.

  4. There’s a shinny glimmering Tilted Spray Paint emote in the bottom of the umbrella mine and a half dug tunnel going that way towards the coordinates. But it doesn’t go all the way. Also the rock that is there has one of the eyes on it. There’s also a tombstone I found today next to the island all the way South by the snow. It’s a black tombstone off the edge of the map and it has any eye on it. This was in playground.

  5. I have completed all of the road trip challenges and unlocked the loading screen but I can’t find the battle star even though I’ve looked all over that area.

        1. You can’t have done them all, they aren’t all unlocked yet. There’s still four more days where one challenge will unlock each day.

          1. I guess not, we’re really not even for sure there will be battle stars. I made this guide under the assumption that there would be, but it’s possible that there’s something else at the location (or nothing).