Rich Red Brocade

Rich Red Brocade

To obtain Rich Red Brocade, you need to find and destroy Eremite Enemies at level 60+. The higher the level of the Eremite Enemies you destroy, the more items they will drop.

You can also trade in Starglitter for Rich Red Brocade. It costs two Starglitter for three Rich Red Brocade on the Starglitter exchange. We don't really recommend purchasing this, though, as they can be obtained easily via gameplay.

Eremite Enemies can be found all over Sumeru, primarily near Caravan Ribat and the Hypostyle Desert. You can refer to the map below for locations:

A piece of red brocade woven with golden thread. Those born in the gilded desert under the sun occasionally sing a song, of which the meaning has been forgotten. They would praise the scorching sun that illuminates the earth as equally as ever and bewail the afterglow at the end of the dusk. Some unfamiliar words recur at the end of the song, which are said to be the names of ancient gods. Legend has it that when the King of the Desert was still alive, his people chose to cover their eyes as they dared not look upon him, whose brilliance was beyond that of the sun.

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Rarity 3
Type Common Ascension Material


Work in Progress.


This material is used by the following characters for Ascension and Talent Upgrades: