Genshin Impact: Reputation System

More information about the Reputation System in Genshin Impact 1.1 has been revealed.

With Genshin Impact 1.1 update right around the corner, miHoYo is starting to release more information as the day's drawdown. At a livestream, they have posted some new information that was not mentioned in the previous livesteam focused on the release date for 1.1. Here is all the information we know from the livestream!

Reputation System

The Reputation System is going to be a vital mechanic in Genshin Impact, as many quality of life items are locked behind this system - such as the Portable Waypoint. However, any progress that you have made towards this system will automatically unlock based on what you've done, so there is no need to panic!

The Reputation System will unlock when you reach Adventure Rank 25, and you must have completed the Archon Quest storyline to gain access to this new system.  In Mondstadt, you speak to Hertha, a Knights of Favonius Coordinator, and in Liyue, you speak to Ms. Yu, the Minister of Civil Affairs Secretary to access the Reputation System.

To increase your reputation, you basically carry on what you've been doing before this system even existed; however, they are some new features being added to help you.

  • Complete quests in Mondstadt and Liyue.
    • Mondstadt - Archon quest ''The Outlander Who Caught the Wind' Prologue: Act I
    • Liyue - Farewell, Archaic Lord' Chapter I: Act II
  • Explore the World of Teyvat
    • Open chests
    • Find Elemental Oculi
    • Unlock Waypoints
    • And complete other Exploration Activities
  • Complete Bounties - this is a new feature
    • Hunt down targets
    • The lists of Bounties refresh every Monday, and each week you can complete up to 3 Bounties spread across all cities.
  • Complete Requests - this is a new feature.
    • Local residents will ask you to complete mini requests for them.
    • The lists of Requests refresh every Monday, and each week you can complete up to 3 Requests spread across all cities.

A picture showing off the new Reputation System coming to Genshin Impact in update 1.1

Reputation Level Rewards

At certain levels of this Reputation System, rewards will be unlocked; these could be recipes, new glider skins, namecards, and even some beneficial items in the form of blueprints - such as the Portable Waypoint and Condensed Resin. Each region's rewards will differ slightly but not by much. The highest level you can acquire with update 1.1 is Reputation level 8.

Here is the list of rewards you can get from each region:

  • Mondstadt Reputation Rewards
    • Level 1
      • Recipe - Northern Apple Stew Mondstadt
    • Level 2
      • Anemoculus Resonance Stone Blueprint
      • Unlock Mondstadt Mining Outcrop Search
    • Level 3
      • Wind Catcher
    • Level 4
      • Recipe - Adventurer's Breakfast Sandwich
      • Namecard  - Mondstadt - Hero's Fame
      • Unlock discounts at the Good Hunter and Mondstadt General Goods
    • Level 5
      • NRE (Menu 30)
    • Level 6
      • Portable Waypoint Blueprint
      • Anemo Treasure Compass
    • Level 7
      • Namecard  - Mondstadt - Blessing
      • Recipe - Moon Pie
    • Level 8
      • Glider Skin - Wings of Azure Wind
  • Liyue Reputation Rewards
    • Level 1
      • Recipe - Golden Shrimp Balls
    • Level 2
      • Geoculus Resonance Stone Blueprint
      • Unlock Liyue Mining Outcrop Search
    • Level 3
      • Condensed Resin
    • Level 4
      • Recipe - Lotus Flower Crisp
      • Namecard  - Liyue - A Thousand Ships
      • Liyue Marchant Discounts
    • Level 5
      • NRE (Menu 30)
    • Level 6
      • Adepti Seeker's Stove Blueprint
      • Geo Treasure Compass
    • Level 7
      • Namecard  - Liyue - In the Clouds
      • Recipe - Tianshu Meat
    • Level 8
      • Glider Skin - Wings of Golden Flight

Portable Waypoint

At Reputation Lv. 6 in Mondstadt - you'll unlock the Portable Waypoint blueprint. This Portable Waypoint creates a temporary Waypoint anywhere. This is going to be very handy when farming a certain material or even for Elite Boss locations.

  • Portable Waypoint
    •  Features
      • Last for 7 days.
      • Portable Waypoint marker will appear on the map.
      • Creating a new Waypoint will destroy your last-created waypoint.
      • Has a 60second cooldown

Condensed Resin

Condensed Resin will be unlocked when you reach Reputation Lvl 3 in Liyue. When Lvl 3 has been obtained, you are given the Condensed Resin blueprint. If Condensed Resin is used for an Abyss Domain, instead of only getting 1 set of rewards like normal, you'll actually receive 2 sets of rewards; however, you can only hold 3 Condensed Resin.

This means that you can have more uses of Resin to use and so you never have to always use your main source of 120 Original Resin, even though they are changing how Original Resin works in 1.1.

Resonance Stones

The Resonance Stones on use will highlight a small circular area of the map. This gives you the location of a hidden Oculi in that area. Use this in conjunction with the mini-map to track down any remaining Oculi. As there are two Resonance Stones, an Anemo and a Geo, this means that only a stone will only work in the correct region. The Anemo Stone will work in Mondstadt, and the Geo will work in Liyue.

NRE (Menu 30)

This allows you to equip two food dishes to a hotkey so that you can press it during battle to eat without having to go to any menu. However, the NRE can only hold one HP regain food dish and one Revival food dish at a time. However, you can change it easily when good dishes are starting to become scarce.

Wind Catcher

The Wind Catcher allows you to store five Anemograma into it, allowing users to create a wind tunnel to quickly access high places. The wind upward drift will not last for a long period of time. After every use, the Wind Catcher has a 300-second cooldown.

Adepti Seeker's Stone

The Adepti Seeker's Stove summons a portable stove to allow you to cook food no matter where you are. This saves you the effort of having to travel to a campfire in order to cook food.

Treasure Compass

The Treasure Compass allows you to located hidden treasures you have no found in a certain region. As there are two Treasure Compasses, you have to use a specific one for each region. The Anemo Compass for Mondstadt and the Geo Compass for Liyue. When the Compass will point you in the direction of the nearest unfound chest. If one is found is Compass will enter a 30-second cooldown; if one isn't found, the Compass will only enter a 5-second cooldown.


Some Namecards can be unlocked when you hit specific reputation levels; the feedback miHoYo reached from their in-game survey must have meant people wanted Namecards! In both regions at levels 4 and 7, you will be given Namecards!

  • Mondstadt Reputation Lv. 4 - "Mondstadt - Hero's Fame"
  • Mondstadt Reputation Lv. 7 - "Mondstadt - Blessing"
  • Liyue Reputation Lv. 4 - "Liyue - A Thousand Ships"
  • Liyue Reputation Lv. 7 - "Liyue - In the Clouds"

A picture showing off the new Namecards coming with the Reputation System coming to Genshin Impact in update 1.1


Very much like the Namecards, at certain reputation levels, players will be awarded with new recipes to cook, and both regions will have exclusive recipes to unlock.

  • Mondstadt Reputation Lv. 1 - Northern Apple Stew Mondstadt
  • Mondstadt Reputation Lv. 4 - Adventurer's Breakfast Sandwich
  • Mondstadt Reputation Lv. 7 - Moon Pie
  • Liyue Reputation Lv. 1 - Golden Shrimp Balls
  • Liyue Reputation Lv. 4 - Lotus Flower Crisp
  • Liyue Reputation Lv. 7 - Tianshu Meat

A picture showing off the new Recipies coming with the Reputation System coming to Genshin Impact in update 1.1

Wind Glider Skin

By reaching Reputation Level 8 in both regions Mondstadt and Liyue, you will be awarded a stylized Wind Glider, Wings of Golden Flight. However, in Mondstadt you'll get the blue variant, instead of the golden.

Exploration Progress System

With this new Exploration Progression system, you're able to view the Exploration Progress on the map. The highest the percentage, the closer you are to finishing off that area completely. To increase the percentage, you do so by opening chests, finding Elemental Oculi, unlocking Waypoints, and other exploration activities to increase your Exploration Progress in each area. So pretty much play the game, and this new system will inform you how much more you have to find to 100% an area.

A picture showing off the new Exploration System coming to Genshin Impact in update 1.1


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Genshin Impact: Reputation System

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