Who are the members of the Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact?


Step aside, Fatui. The latest mysterious organization in Genshin Impact has arrived. Somewhere in Teyvat's past there existed a group of powerful women known as the Hexenzirkel. First introduced during Mona's story quest, Beyond This World's Stars, their members have been further fleshed out in Version 3.5's event quest, Joy Above the Clouds. Here is what we know.

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Who are the original members of the Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact?

While we don't know exactly when the Hexenzirkel was established, through a story teaser trailer it is implied that the group consisted of eight women. "Hexenzirkel" is German for Circle of Witches. It's members were implied to all have some unique talent. Some were mortal, and some were not. They all have codenames consisting of one letter. We currently know of six official members:

  • Alice, or codename "A"
  • Rhinedottir, or codename "R"
  • Nicole, or codename "N"
  • Andersdotter, or codename "M"
  • I. Ivanovna N., or codename "J"
  • Barbeloth, or codename "B"

Alice, it's most senior member, describes the Hexenzirkel as a secret society and a group of dear friends. Mona's description of the relationship between her master, Barbeloth, and Alice portrays it also as a bit of a rivalry. The Story Teaser: The Mage's Tea Party, also seems to confirm that the members of the group were friends, but could be known to fight amongst themselves and with the Anemo Archon.

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Who is Alice in Genshin Impact?

Alice has many titles attributed to her: Great Adventurer of the Realms, Dodo-King, Defender of Old Mondstadt, Friend of Adults Who Yet Harbor Hope, Author of the Teyvat Travel Guide, Originator of the Kujirai Art - Temari Jutsu, Supplier to the Renowned Lord Sangemah Bay, Elder of the Hexenzirkel, Codename "A," Mother of the Most Adorable Klee.

Players have never met Alice in person, though we have spoken to her during event quests like Joy Above the Clouds or when we've visited the islands she created: The Golden Apple Archipelago. It is heavily implied that Alice is not mortal, and she may even be a Descender.

Who is Rhinedottir in Genshin Impact?

Rhinedottir is a powerful alchemist who also goes by the name of "Gold." She is the creator of Albedo, a homunculi, who also considers her his mother. He even refers to Alice as "Aunt Alice." Other than Albedo, we know that Rhinedottir is also responsible for the creation of other monsters, including Durin, an evil dragon that plagued Mondstadt. She originally hails from Khaenri'ah where Alchemy was known as the Art of Khemia. There, she also earned the title of the "Great Sinner."

Who is Nicole in Genshin Impact?

Nicole is described by Alice as a "guide who will never get lost." She has made Teyvat's direction and order her subject of study. Alice says that we likely have not met her yet, but we may have heard her voice. "Like a prophetess, she will only speak to guide people toward the truth when a change has occurred in the world." She can speak into people's minds via telepathy without warning. When told this, the Traveler remembers the disembodied voice that spoke to them while dealing with Scaramouche/Wanderer in Sumeru, heavily implying that this voice belongs to Nicole.

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Who is Andersdotter in Genshin Impact?

Alice describes Andersdotter as "a legend that never ends." What's ironic is that she was a mortal in the group, and her life is implied to have ended. But, she was also a writer, hence her legend lives on. We only know for certain of one story that she has written, The Boar Princess.

Who is I. Ivanovna N. in Genshin Impact?

We know very little officially, but we can infer quite a bit. Her name has Russian origins, so she likely hailed from Snezhnaya. We know that her current successor is Scarlett, who started Joy Above the Clouds adventure by placing a "prophecy" in a copy of The Boar Princess for someone else to find. The prophecy was actually an old invitation to I. Ivanovna N. to meet with the Hexenzirkel before she married.

In the Story Teaser: The Mage's Tea Party we briefly hear of I. Ivanovna N. and her husband. She apparently killed her husband once he became sick and weak, to relieve his pain. Her voice is a bit insidious as she tells the story.

Who is Barbeloth in Genshin Impact?

Barbeloth is Mona's master. Her name may be a reference to the Gnostic God, Barbelo. We know that Mona generally refers to her as "an old hag" and that, like Mona, she practices Hydromancy to scry the future and make predictions. Otherwise, very little is officially known about her.

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Who are the members of the Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact?

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