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Best Armor in God of War Ragnarok – Every Armor Set, Ranked

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Choosing the right armor is essential in God of War Ragnarok because it will determine how the player will experience the game. Armor, in its essence, is a defensive item, protecting its wearer from taking damage. But certain types of armor sets will grant Kratos different abilities, allowing him to fight enemies in different and interesting ways. Here are the top 10 armor sets that will help you slay your enemies more efficiently.

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What are the best Armor Sets in God of War Ragnarok?

10. Fallen Stars Set

This armor set can be found in Vanaheim. When Kratos performs a Runic attack, this armor gives him a defensive buff and reduces a Runic cooldown. This feature is very useful since Runic attacks are strong against enemies. The players will need to pay attention to positioning and how to pace their attacks because the lack of armor defense during the cooldowns will leave them open.

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9. Nidavellir's Finest Set

The Nidavellir's Finest Set is one of the best early-game armor sets in God of War: Ragnarok. It can be obtained while playing a side quest in the first region in the game, Svartalfheim. The Nidavellir's Armor Set complements the stun-heavy builds and is useful throughout the game.

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8. Raven Tear Armor Set

This armor set is an interesting mid-game set that provides Luck, ensuring more Hacksilver and EXP after each combat. It has solid defensive stats and provides Kratos with a healing boost. The most glaring issue with this armor set is its lack of offensive options.

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7. Guiding Light Armor Set

The lack of offensive abilities on the Raven's Tear armor set is rectified on the Guiding Light armor, which we consider to be the better option. It can be found in Midgard by completing the Guiding Light Favor. Besides providing Kratos with Luck, this armor set creates small explosions in the area, which damages crowds of enemies.

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6. Surtr's Scorched Set

The Surtr's Scorched Set is a good and balanced armor set. You can obtain it by completing the Muspelheim trials. This well-rounded armor set provides Kratos with a good defense boost, reducing all incoming damage by 40% while Kratos attacks. This allows for a more aggressive approach, which is complemented by the Rage buff.

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5. Dragon Scaled Set

This armor set is known for being notoriously difficult to obtain but very rewarding once found. The main attribute of this armor set is that it provides bonuses to parries and blocks. Such a buff becomes increasingly handy later in the game and is crucial if you play the game on higher difficulties. The correct fighting style while having this armor is to use a shield to block the enemy attacks and create an opening in their defense for dealing damage.

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4. Lunda's Set

The Lunda's Set encourages an aggressive playstyle because it boosts Kratos' Poison effect. By attacking the enemies, Kratos's attacks give them a Poison effect, weakening them further, making them take more damage. It also makes them slower, giving you more time to reposition yourself and unleash a powerful killing combo.

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3. Radiance Set

Many players consider the Radiance Armor Set in the top selection in God of War: Ragnarok. It has a unique ability called Realm Shift, which slows enemies down. This ability is triggered by performing an evasion. The Radiance set also provides Kratos with a buff to Runic damage, which is also triggered when making a last-second evade. These attributes make this armor set incredibly fun to play, as it switches the playstyle and gives you useful bonuses.

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2. Berserker Armor Set

The Berserker Armor will probably be the armor of choice if the God of War: Ragnarok ever gets the New Game+ feature. This armor piece encourages aggressive play exclusively, as its name would suggest. It gives Kratos a great boost of melee damage after using the Relic ability. It also provides a cooldown reduction for it, making it the only armor in the game that allows players to use Relic ability more frequently. This armor set is very rewarding for players that are skilled in combat but offers very little in terms of protection.

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1. Steinbjorn Armor Set

The Steinbjorn Armor Set is unlocked in Midgard, by completing a secret quest. This set provides the biggest defensive bonuses in the game, granting Kratos 394 Defence points once fully upgraded and a chance to stun the enemies. This set is on top of the Best Armor list is because it provides the safer option when you get close to the end of the game. Enemies and mini-bosses will start killing you in only a couple of hits, especially on higher difficulties. While seasoned players will prefer the more aggressive approach with the Berserker Armor Set, this armor will make fighing in the late game more forgiving, especially for newcomers to the franchise.

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Best Armor in God of War Ragnarok – Every Armor Set, Ranked

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