How to get 175 Cooldown to use Stunning Shield in God of War Ragnarök

Thanks to the large amount of armor, weapon, relic, and amulet combinations available in God of War Ragnarök, you can easily tailor Kratos’ build to match your playstyle. However, some Amulet Enchantments require specific builds to be able to use. Case in point: the Fossilized Keepsake. It can slowly produce a stunning shield, but to […]

What to do with the Crystalline Fragments & Shards in God of War Ragnarök

If you’ve made it to The Crater of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarök, you will likely have come across some large, orange crystals. Thanks to Mimir, it will be pretty obvious when you’ve found one. If you attack the crystals, you’ll receive Crystalline Fragments & Shards, depending on the crystal’s size. Mimir’s helpfulness ends […]