God of War – Best difficulty to play on

The fourth entry in the God of War series sees Kratos attempting to leave his past behind by starting a family in the new setting of Ancient Scandinavia. Ever since the game was first released in 2018, it has received a wide range of critical acclaim and even secured a Game of the Year win […]

Who is Kratos’ voice actor in God of War?

The God of War series has always been popular and well-loved since it launched on the PlayStation 2, and it has seen numerous follow-up titles. It has even gone through a reboot, thrusting the main character Kratos out of Greek mythology and into Norse mythology. But fans may be wondering who the voice behind the […]

Best armor in God of War

God of War is a departure from previous entries in the series, switching to Norse mythology and taking a more open-world approach than its predecessors. Keeping in line with many open-world Role-Playing-Games, and the Norse mythos, armor is an important mechanic in God of War—Kratos’ armor is crafted by dwarves, and it’s the main source […]

All Treasure Map Locations in God of War

Throughout God of War, players have many side tasks that they can complete or miss out on. There are a total of 12 treasure maps spread across these different locations. We’ll cover where exactly to find them and the following dig spots. The Turtle’s Tribute Map Map Location: The River Pass Players can find this […]

All Character’s Voice Actors God of War

It is no stretch to say that 2018’s God of War was a massive hit. With large praise given to the narrative, gameplay, motion capture, and of course, voice acting. But you might not recognize some of these voices right away. Here is the voice cast featured in 2018’s God of War, and the people […]