Best Descent of Dragons Decks – Top Meta Lists So Far!

Our Best Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Decks features the absolute top lists in the meta that are being tried out in the new expansion! The meta is going to be raw for a week or two, but we'll be constantly updating this post with the decks that are proving themselves at a higher tier than the rest.

Descent of Dragons is the final expansion of the Year of the Dragon in Hearthstone! The last expansion is usually the craziest because Blizzard knows that it will be in the rotation for the shortest amount of time. Based on predictions from the community, it looks like this is absolutely going to be the case with this set. There's a lot of pretty insane cards being added, and that includes the five new Galakrond Hero Cards that you will get for free for logging into the game during the release!

Decks will be filtering in and out of this list as we learn what is working and what isn't. Early on in the expansion, these decks will be very raw and it will take at least a couple of weeks before things are refined and the meta settles in. Always craft cards with extreme caution in the early parts of an expansion.

Nerfs Coming Next Week!

If you're already sick of Galakrond Shaman then don't worry too much, it looks like they will be nerfing it next week according to Blizzard:

Just to give a heads up - we’re working on a balance update that will arrive within the next week with card adjustments for Descent of Dragons, including some changes aimed at Shaman. Any cards that are affected will be given full Arcane Dust refunds.


It's also possible that Faceless Corruptor gets nerfed as well, but we don't know for sure.


  • 12/13/19 (8:00am PT) - All deck lists have been updated with the most up-to-date options with the highest winrates!
  • 12/12/19 (7:30am PT) - Added a few new decks and updated some others. Shaman is still the class to beat right now.
  • 12/11/19 (6pm PT) - More decks that hit #1 Legend have been added. Some deck guides have been updated with more recent lists!
  • 12/11/19 (6:30am PT) - Added some high winrate lists! Winrates listed are what they were at the time of placing them in the post.
  • 12/10/19 (7:20pm PT) - Added some #1 Legends lists and have updated a bunch more!
  • 12/10/19 - Adding some pro decks lists now, but again they are very raw so craft carefully!
  • 12/9/19 - This first batch of lists is purely going to be speculation, so check back often as we update this list throughout the day of the release!

Updated Guides

We're starting to updated our deck guides with proven lists, check them out here:

Best Descent of Dragons Decks

We're featuring some of the best pro decks, and along with those we have some deck guides for you to better learn how to pilot some of these new lists.

Druid Decks

Druid walks into Descent of Dragons with a pretty popular couple of versions of Quest Druid. You can run it with or without Malygos. Token Druid has also been a fan favorite, and has seen a fair amount of play. The new expansion has brought some additional support for that type of deck, but largely pushes it towards Treants. We're also getting some Dragon cards as well, but it's unclear if a deck focused on that synergy will be viable.

Deck Guides

58% Winrate Treant Druid

2x - Acornbearer
2x - Treenforcements
2x - Dendrologist
1x - Power of the Wild
2x - Shrubadier
2x - Blessing of the Ancients
2x - Landscaping
2x - Savage Roar
2x - Garden Gnome
2x - Soul of the Forest
2x - Aeroponics
2x - Anubisath Defender
2x - Force of Nature
1x - Goru the Mightree
2x - The Forest's Aid
2x - Mulchmuncher

Deck Code

Copy Code

Hunter Decks

Hunter has been one of the more powerful classes in the recent meta. It has a very popular Secret Highlander Hunter that has been frequently used, but also the more aggressive Mech Hunter has seen play as well. The new set features some powerful Dragon options, but also looks to support the Highlander option as well.

Deck Guides

61% Winrate Quest Hunter

2x - Clear the Way2x - Hench-Clan Hogsteed
2x - Springpaw2x - Questing Explorer
2x - Tracking1x - SN1P-SN4P
1x - Unseal the Vault2x - Bone Wraith
2x - Desert Spear2x - Faceless Corruptor
2x - Diving Gryphon1x - Leeroy Jenkins
2x - Unleash the Hounds1x - Zilliax
1x - Tundra Rhino1x - Shu'ma
2x - Swarm of Locusts2x - Sea Giant

Deck Code

Copy Code

59% Winrate Secret Highlander Hunter

1x - Clear the Way1x - Secretkeeper
1x - Springpaw1x - Zephrys the Great
1x - Explosive Trap1x - Masked Contender
1x - Freezing Trap1x - Faceless Corruptor
1x - Phase Stalker1x - Subject 9
1x - Pressure Plate1x - Zilliax
1x - Rat Trap1x - Siamat
1x - Scavenging Hyena1x - Dragonqueen Alexstrasza
1x - Snake Trap
1x - Snipe
1x - Animal Companion
1x - Desert Spear
1x - Diving Gryphon
1x - Eaglehorn Bow
1x - Kill Command
1x - Unleash the Hounds
1x - Ursatron
1x - Dragonbane
1x - Hyena Alpha
1x - Unleash the Beast
1x - Dinotamer Brann
1x - Zul'jin

Deck Code

Copy Code

58% Winrate Mech Hunter

2x - Tracking2x - Mecharoo
2x - Bomb Toss2x - Galvanizer
2x - Fireworks Tech2x - Upgradeable Framebot
2x - Venomizer1x - SN1P-SN4P
2x - Spider Bomb2x - Explodinator
1x - Unleash the Hounds2x - Replicating Menace
2x - Ursatron1x - Leeroy Jenkins
2x - Wargear
1x - Zilliax
2x - Missile Launcher

Deck Code

Copy Code

Mage Decks

Mage has seen better days and has largely leaned on Highlander options to get by in the recent meta. It is looking to return to form with some powerful Dragon options, but also could be going back to the old days with some potential for Elemental synergy. The new set seems solid, but it remains to be seen if it's enough to bring Mage back into the top parts of the meta.

Deck Guides

59% Winrate Dragon Highlander Mage

1x - Arcane Breath1x - Doomsayer
1x - Ray of Frost1x - Zephrys the Great
1x - Ancient Mysteries1x - SN1P-SN4P
1x - Arcane Intellect1x - Scalerider
1x - Flame Ward1x - Frizz Kindleroost
1x - Frost Nova1x - Big Ol' Whelp
1x - Ice Barrier1x - Zilliax
1x - Stargazer Luna1x - Evasive Wyrm
1x - Azure Explorer1x - Khartut Defender
1x - Malygos, Aspect of Magic1x - Alexstrasza
1x - Blizzard1x - Dragonqueen Alexstrasza
1x - Dragoncaster
1x - Reno the Relicologist
1x - Flamestrike
1x - Luna's Pocket Galaxy
1x - Power of Creation
1x - Tortollan Pilgrim
1x - Kalecgos
1x - Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron

Deck Code

Copy Code

Paladin Decks

Paladin kind of limped its way into the new set by utilizing a few different decks. Murloc, Highlander, and Holy Wrath were some of the options that saw play. While the class has flirted with Dragons in the past, predictions for Paladin in this set have been kind of bleak. They did get some good cards, it's just not fully clear if it will be enough to take them over the top against already established classes.

Deck Guides

58% Winrate Holy Wrath Paladin

2x - Crystology1x - Elven Archer
1x - Crystalsmith Kangor2x - Baleful Banker
2x - Flash of Light1x - Bloodmage Thalnos
1x - Subdue2x - Novice Engineer
2x - Time Out!2x - Wild Pyromancer
2x - Consecration1x - Zephrys the Great
1x - Equality1x - Acolyte of Pain
1x - Hammer of Wrath1x - Sathrovarr
2x - Prismatic Lens
1x - Truesilver Champion
2x - Holy Wrath
1x - Shrink Ray
1x - Shirvallah, the Tiger

Deck Code

Copy Code

55% Winrate Pure Paladin

2x - Brazen Zealot
2x - Crystology
2x - Glow-Tron
2x - Micro Mummy
2x - Sanctuary
2x - Sandwasp Queen
2x - Aldor Peacekeeper
2x - Sky Claw
2x - Blessing of Kings
2x - Consecration
2x - Lightforged Zealot
2x - Amber Watcher
2x - Glowstone Technician
1x - Pharaoh's Blessing
2x - Lightforged Crusader
1x - Tirion Fordring

Deck Code

Copy Code

Priest Decks

Priest has mostly just been utilizing a Combo variant and has had little else to hangs its hat on. It is one of the classes that got a Galakrond, so you will likely see a lot of variants attempting to utilize their version. Dragons are very familiar to the class, but they don't have the synergy they've had in the past. The class did get some solid options though, so look for Priest to make some moves in the new expansion.

Deck Guides

55% Winrate Combo Priest

2x - Circle of Healing2x - Beaming Sidekick
2x - Power Word: Shield2x - Lightwarden
1x - Silence2x - Injured Tol'vir
1x - Topsy Turvy2x - Neferset Ritualist
2x - Inner Fire2x - Wild Pyromancer
2x - Northshire Cleric1x - Acolyte of Pain
2x - Divine Spirit2x - Injured Blademaster
1x - Extra Arms
1x - High Priest Amet
2x - Psychopomp
1x - Bwonsamdi, the Dead

Deck Code

Copy Code

Rogue Decks

Rogue has been treading in the bottom area of the meta. It has mostly been running Tempo decks, so fans of the class are likely looking forward to a change of pace. Well, you can start to get your hopes up a bit because they did get some seemingly powerful cards. It got a Galakrond, so you'll be seeing a lot of that in the early days of the meta. It also got some Dragon synergy, which is new for the class. Umbral Skulker in particular seems like a nice addition to a Miracle shell, which will need to include Galakrond, but the card does synergize with it pretty well.

Deck Guides

60% Winrate Deathrattle Rogue

2x - Backstab2x - Hench-Clan Thug
2x - Bloodsail Flybooter2x - Faceless Corruptor
2x - Deadly Poison1x - Zilliax
2x - Pharaoh Cat1x - Cairne Bloodhoof
2x - Eviscerate2x - Mechanical Whelp
1x - Sap
2x - EVIL Miscreant
1x - Edwin VanCleef
2x - Necrium Blade
2x - SI:7 Agent
1x - Anka, the Buried
2x - Necrium Apothecary
1x - Flik Skyshiv

Deck Code

Copy Code

59% Winrate Galakrond Deathrattle Rogue

2x - Backstab1x - Wisp
2x - Shadowstep2x - Faceless Corruptor
2x - Bloodsail Flybooter1x - Zilliax
2x - Pharaoh Cat1x - Kronx Dragonhoof
2x - Praise Galakrond!2x - Mechanical Whelp
2x - Sap
2x - EVIL Miscreant
1x - Edwin VanCleef
2x - Necrium Blade
2x - Seal Fate
2x - Necrium Apothecary
1x - Heistbaron Togwaggle
1x - Galakrond, the Nightmare

Deck Code

Copy Code

Shaman Decks

Shaman has been the most popular class in the late stages of the meta due to the addition of some Wild cards to the game. Evolve took over the meta, and while that card has been sent back to the shadow realm, the class is still quite powerful with its aggressive deck full of Murlocs. Descent of Dragons is seemingly bringing in some more powerful options with cards like Surging Tempest and Storm's Wrath which will power up aggressive options. They also got possibly the strongest Galakrond, with Galakrond, the Tempest. While it isn't a certainty, it is possible that Shaman continues its reign at the top.

Deck Guides

67% Winrate Galakrond Shaman

2x - Mutate2x - Novice Engineer
2x - Sludge Slurper2x - Mind Control Tech
2x - Invocation of Frost2x - Devoted Maniac
1x - Electra Stormsurge2x - Faceless Corruptor
2x - Far Sight2x - Shield of Galakrond
2x - Mana Tide Totem1x - Kronx Dragonhoof
2x - Dragon's Pack
2x - Corrupt Elementalist
1x - Galakrond, the Tempest
2x - Mogu Fleshshaper
1x - Shudderwock

Deck Code

Copy Code

62% Winrate Quest Galakrond Shaman

1x - Corrupt the Waters2x - EVIL Cable Rat
2x - Sludge Slurper2x - Novice Engineer
2x - EVIL Totem2x - Questing Explorer
2x - Sandstorm Elemental2x - Mind Control Tech
2x - Dragon's Pack2x - Lifedrinker
2x - Corrupt Elementalist2x - Faceless Corruptor
1x - Galakrond, the Tempest2x - Shield of Galakrond
2x - Mogu Fleshshaper1x - Kronx Dragonhoof
1x - Shudderwock

Deck Code

Copy Code

57% Winrate Murloc Shaman

2x - Sludge Slurper2x - Beaming Sidekick
2x - Soul of the Murloc2x - Grimscale Oracle
2x - Underbelly Angler2x - Murloc Tidecaller
2x - Bloodlust2x - Murmy
2x - Mogu Fleshshaper2x - Toxfin
2x - Fishflinger
2x - Murloc Tidehunter
2x - Coldlight Seer
2x - Murloc Warleader
2x - Murloc Tastyfin

Deck Code

Copy Code

57% Aggro Overload Shaman

2x - Mutate2x - Faceless Corruptor
2x - Zap!
2x - Lightning Bolt
2x - Sludge Slurper
2x - Storm's Wrath
2x - Surging Tempest
2x - Voltaic Burst
1x - Likkim
2x - Soul of the Murloc
2x - Feral Spirit
2x - Spirit of the Frog
2x - Thunderhead
1x - Vessina
2x - Bloodlust
2x - Mogu Fleshshaper

Deck Code

Copy Code

Warlock Decks

Warlock largely relied on Zoolock to maintain any type of foothold in the meta. If you are a Warlock fan, it was dark days for you in these recent times. Hope does possibly smile upon you with the addition of Descent of Dragons. Warlock received a Galakrond that looks solid, and even got some Handlock support with Abyssal Summoner and Valdris Felgorge. If you like Dragons, you've got some options, both Zzeraku the Warped and Crazed Netherwing seem very solid.

Deck Guides

59% Galakrond Warlock Zoo

2x - Flame Imp2x - Beaming Sidekick
2x - Grim Rally2x - Blazing Battlemage
2x - Voidwalker2x - Knife Juggler
2x - EVIL Genius2x - Scarab Egg
2x - Dragonblight Cultist2x - Faceless Corruptor
2x - Fiendish Rites2x - Shield of Galakrond
2x - Veiled Worshipper1x - Kronx Dragonhoof
1x - Galakrond, the Wretched2x - Sea Giant

Deck Code

Copy Code

59% Winrate Handlock

2x - Mortal Coil2x - Doomsayer
2x - Soulfire1x - Frizz Kindleroost
2x - Nether Breath2x - Twilight Drake
2x - Dark Skies2x - Big Ol' Whelp
2x - Crazed Netherwing1x - Zilliax
2x - Abyssal Summoner2x - Khartut Defender
1x - Lord Godfrey1x - Alexstrasza
1x - Valdris Felgorge1x - Malygos
1x - Twisting Nether2x - Mountain Giant
1x - Zzeraku the Warped

Deck Code

Copy Code

Warrior Decks

Warrior was riding hide initially in the Uldum meta, but a nerf to Dr. Boom, Mad Genius and the addition of some Wild cards made it drop down the list. While it still had some options, it was largely a relegated to the back of the pack. Descent of Dragons looks to bring it back an infamous deck from its past! That's right, Pirate Warrior is back on the menu. Love it or hate it, but one of the premiere aggro decks is likely going to see play in the Dragons meta. It got some great support from class cards like Sky Raider, Skybarge, and Ancharrr. Not only that, it event got a very solid neutral option in Parachute Brigand. If you aren't a fan of that style of play, Warrior also received a GAlakrdon card and some Dragons to play with. Things are looking up for you Warriors out there!

Deck Guides

60% Winrate Pirate Warrior

2x - Sky Raider2x - Southsea Deckhand
2x - Town Crier2x - Bloodsail Raider
2x - Upgrade!2x - Parachute Brigand
1x - Ancharrr2x - Dread Corsair
2x - Livewire Lance2x - Hoard Pillager
2x - Skybarge2x - Faceless Corruptor
2x - Kor'kron Elite1x - Leeroy Jenkins
2x - Restless Mummy
2x - Arcanite Reaper

Deck Code

Copy Code

60% Winrate Galakrond Warrior

2x - Inner Rage2x - Temple Berserker
2x - Eternium Rover1x - SN1P-SN4P
2x - Town Crier2x - Devoted Maniac
2x - Ritual Chopper2x - Faceless Corruptor
2x - Awaken!1x - Leeroy Jenkins
2x - Bloodsworn Mercenary1x - Kronx Dragonhoof
2x - Frothing Berserker
1x - Livewire Lance
2x - Kor'kron Elite
2x - Scion of Ruin
1x - Galakrond, the Unbreakable
1x - Grommash Hellscream

Deck Code

Copy Code

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