OTK Combo Demon Hunter Deck Guide – Ashes of Outland

Our Heartstone OTK Demon Hunter Deck List Guide takes a look at this new archetype from the Ashes of Outland expansion! We've got a look at the best list for the deck as well as mulligans, play strategy & tips, and card replacements!

Early on in the release of the expansion the new Demon Hunter class is the talk of the town! There's aggressive versions going around, but there's also this seemingly powerful combo option that can pull off an OTK! A lot of people look at the deck and wonder how it works. Well, the OTK is put together by using Zephrys the Great to obtain Doomhammer . Once you have that, you can equip it and follow the turn up with Kael'thas Sunstrider and cast a bunch of spells that buff the weapon which include 8 damage from Inner Demon which has been made to cost zero! Even if you don't get the Doomhammer, you can still deliver a ton of damage by buffing your attack up in a single turn.

It should be noted that the OTK combo is a pretty small piece of the deck and isn't super reliable right now because Zephrys has certain conditions that must be met to produce it. The majority of the time you are just stacking attack damage and punching face for a ton with Kael'thas and Inner Demon.

OTK Demon Hunter Deck List

Zalae piloted this combo version of Demon Hunter to high legend on the first day of the expansion. We'll be updating the deck if it get refined further, but for now check it out below.

Demon Hunter Neutral
2x - Consume Magic 2x - Acidic Swamp Ooze
2x - Crimson Sigil Runner 1x - Bloodmage Thalnos
2x - Mana Burn 2x - Novice Engineer
2x - Twin Slice 1x - Zephrys the Great
1x - Blade Dance 1x - Kael'thas Sunstrider
2x - Chaos Strike
1x - Immolation Aura
2x - Spectral Sight
2x - Aldrachi Warblades
1x - Eye Beam
1x - Altruis the Outcast
1x - Metamorphosis
2x - Skull of Gul'dan
2x - Inner Demon

Deck Code

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OTK Demon Hunter Mulligan Guide

  • Aldrachi Warblades - This weapon keeps you in the game against aggressive decks and heals you up if you're getting beat on too much. You'll want this late for your combo if possible, but it's also one of the more important cards to have in your hand early in the game.
  • Skull of Gul'dan - One of the best cards introduced in the set, you want it early so you can get it in position to play it for the Outcast buff. You also obviously want to play it pretty early in the game so you can have pieces of your combo ready to go.

OTK Demon Hunter Tips & Play Strategy

This pretty much plays out like most OTK decks you've played in the past. Try to draw the pieces to your combo by cycling through your deck as quickly as possible. That's why we have so many draw cards in the deck like Crimson Sigil Runner , Bloodmage Thanos , Novice Engineer , Chaos Strike , Spectral Sight , and the very powerful Skull of Gul'dan .

Try to avoid using any of your cheap attack buff spells as much as possible. Those are used in the late game to set off the combo, so if you can, try to hold onto them if you can.

We're mainly looking to just keep our opponent's board clear and draw cards. Try as much as possible to utilize the Outcast keyword on any card that has it. This gives us significant benefit, and positioning your hand is one of the most important aspects of the deck.

Mana Burn is a pretty strategic card, and you should look for chances to disrupt your opponent's turns. It can be used early in the game to prevent them from getting off to any kind of start, or it can be used as a cheap spell to pair with our combo.

If our opponent gets some momentum towards the end of the game, then Blade Dance becomes a good way to clear any minions that obscures our path to face. If you go off with Kael'thas, then you can easily clear high health minions with ease when you buff up your attack.

While Metamophosis is a good finisher card, it can also be used earlier in the game as a way to clear minions. You'll also want to set this up ahead of time if possible, and wait to use the hero power if you think you'll need all the damage to finish.

As mentioned, the real combo in this deck is Kael'thas Sunstrider , cheap spells ( Twin Slice in particular), and then getting 0-cost Inner Demon spells to up your damage to insane heights. Chaos Strike can also be thrown into this mix to buff it up even further.

If your opponent is extremely healthy going into the late game, then you do have the ability to possibly get the Doomhammer out of Zephrys the Great . You will have to hope you have no duplicates in your deck, but once that card goes yellow you can throw it on the board and look for the weapon. It's not exactly known the parameters of guaranteeing the Doomhammer to show up, but having a weapon equipped seems to limit the option. We'll update this guide with additional information once this has been figured out!

OTK Demon Hunter Card Options & Replacements

  • Loot Hoarder - Another cheap card that has draw potential. It appeared in some early versions of the deck, because it's not as reliable as Novice Engineer.
  • Kayn Sunfury - This is not in all versions of the deck, so it's possible to include this if you wanted a bit more damage from the board. It obviously also ignores taunts, so it's a way to get a bit more damage in if we need it.
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