Hearthstone Budget Druid Deck List Guide (2019) – Rise of Shadows

We're taking a look at the best budget option for Druid in Hearthstone!

Our Hearthstone Budget Druid Deck List Guide features one of the best cheap decks you can play in the Rise of Shadows expansion! Druid has always been able to throw together a pretty good token deck, and with the new set we've got some cards that support the archetype. We'll be going over the featured deck list, mulligans, strategy, and some card replacements to better build the deck for the future.

Token Druid has been a popular option for the class over many different metas. It's particularly good right now, and the meta version of the deck is one of the top options in the Rise of Shadows meta. This budget version of the deck isn't that far off the meta list. You can do quite a bit of work on the ladder with this much cheaper version, so if you are are just starting out or are low on dust, then this is one of the better options to try!

Archmage Vargoth is a free Legendary you receive for logging in, we generally don't put any Epics or Legendaries in the deck. We did this because you get it for free, if it ends up being not available it will be removed.

Budget Druid Deck List

Druid Neutral
2x - Acornbearer 2x - Mecharoo
2x - Dreamway Guardians 2x - EVIL Cable Rat
2x - Power of the Wild 2x - Hench-Clan Hogsteed
2x - Wrath 1x - Archmage Vargoth
2x - Blessing of the Ancients
2x - Landscaping
2x - Savage Roar
2x - Mark of the Loa
2x - Soul of the Forest
2x - Swipe
1x - Tending Tauren
2x - The Forest's Aid

Deck Code

Copy Code

Budget Druid Mulligan Guide

We're looking for early drops to push the board and maintain a minion or two to receive buffs.

Always Keep

  • Acornbearer - One of the best keeps and turn one plays for the deck. You get some extra firepower to fill out your curve in the following turns once it has been removed.
  • Dreamway Guardians - Solid card that gets us a couple of minions with a bit of extra health on them. Great for pairing with buffs, and spreading out our board so we don't immediately lose control and have something to follow up with.
  • Mecharoo - Solid 1-drop that will hopefully stick us a minion to work with on the following turn if it gets traded into.
  • EVIL Cable Rat - Bad stats for the cost, but getting a Lackey is pretty awesome as long as you get a useful one.
  • Hench-Clan Hogsteed - Solid card for getting a quick trade and leaving something behind for the following turn.
  • Landscaping - Gets us a wider board with some decent stats, we don't really run Treant synergy so it's just a card for spreading the board.

Budget Druid Strategy Guide

As you'll notice from the mulligans section, one of the strengths of this deck is that it's hard to get a bad mulligan. There's a ton of cards you'll want to keep, and you will rarely be without a 1 or a 2-drop. This makes the deck pretty consistent, and you should always have stuff to play early in the game. That's pretty important, because this deck is all about attempting to stick minions to the board. We have other cards that will buff these small minions and make them difficult to remove.

We're immediately trying to stick some minions on the board. This can be difficult early on, but eventually we can get wide on the board which will cause trouble for our opponent. Most decks do not pack enough AOE to deal with multiple wide boards.

If you can stick at least a few minions, then it can be right to buff your board early. You might still lose it, but a card like Blessing of the Ancients gives you a bit more flexibility because of the Twinspell mechanic. You will get another copy of the card, that makes it safe to take a risk on buffing your board early. You will want to learn the decks you are playing against, because they will generally all be running similar cards. The key to decks like this is knowing when AOE cards are likely to come out, and then holding back a bit but adding just enough to force them to play the AOE. You can then reload the board with more minions from your hand. Another key to avoiding a full board wipe, is to not trade in our Deathrattle cards. It's pretty hard for our opponent to both cast an AOE and remove any leftover minions, so this can be a good backup plan for us.

As we get a bit deeper in the game, this is where we're going to be needing to hit those buffs. Power of the Wild and Blessing of the Ancients for powering up the board, and usually Soul of the Forest will lock up the board for us. Once we can accomplish this, we can then hopefully finish the game with a wide board and Savage Roar .

Speaking of Savage Roar, while it's best used as a finisher it can also be used as a way to trade up a bunch of minions. There will be times when you get behind, and you can use the buffs on what minions you do have to clear your opponent's board in hopes they won't be able to build it back up.

The Forest's Aid is pretty much our final comeback mechanic. If they've swept your board again, they will hopefully not have a way to take out all of these Treants. Even if they are able to do so, you'll still get another chance to cast it again and force them to remove that!

Budget Druid Card Replacements

  • Argent Squire - Good early game minion that can trade and survive. Great card to hit with a buff.
  • Crystalsong Portal - Solid card, but it's not proactive. We don't really want to burn a turn drawing without producing a minion. It's a bit better played later in the game.
  • Dendrologist - We're running enough Treants to warrant its inclusion, it's just not a early game card. You don't want to play it unless you're getting value out of its effect.
  • Keeper Stalladris - Very strong card, and works with quite a few of the cards we have in the deck.
  • Microtech Controller - Good card for spreading the board and receiving some buffs.
  • Wardruid Loti - Not a card you need at all, but if you happen to have this it can fit in the deck.
  • Wispering Woods - One of the biggest missing pieces in this budget version. If you plan on playing this deck long term, this is the card you'll really want to craft. This is a great card for finishing off the game, or just getting a big board after you've had your board swept.
  • Force of Nature - Not a bad card for the later part of the game, but completely unnecessary if you don't already have it.
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