Best Control Taunt Warrior Deck List (Saviors of Uldum) – Guide, Mulligans, Tips

We're taking a detailed look at Taunt Warrior in the Saviors of Uldum meta.

Our Saviors of Uldum Control Taunt Warrior Deck Guide features a detailed look at the best deck list for this popular archetype. This deck seeks to utilize some new Taunt based synergies from the new expansion to wall of our opponent and buff up our minions.

Taunt Warrior has been played with before in the past, it was originally messed around with when Bolster came out. It did not fare too well at the time, so I'm not totally confident in another attempt at it. This deck also seeks to utilize the hand buff mechanic, which again had been utilized previously, but met with poor results. So, while optimism isn't super high for this type of deck, it did get some potentially powerful cards that might be able to push it over the hump.

Control Taunt Warrior Deck List

Warrior Neutral
2x - Eternium Rover 1x - SN1P-SN4P
1x - Omega Assembly 1x - Zilliax
2x - Shield Slam 1x - Archivist Elysiana
2x - Town Crier
2x - Frightened Flunky
2x - Warpath
2x - Shield Block
2x - Omega Devastator
2x - Restless Mummy
2x - Brawl
2x - Dyn-o-matic
1x - Plague of Wrath
1x - Supercollider
1x - Armagedillo
1x - Dr. Boom, Mad Genius
2x - Tomb Warden

Deck Code

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Control Taunt Warrior Mulligan Guide

Always Keep

  • Eternium Rover - A great stat-line for a 1-drop and can help give us some survivability with the extra armor it provides. This deck can be a bit slow, so we can use the extra health.
  • Town Crier - Great early game card that draws us a card from a limited selection in our deck.
  • Frightened Flunky - It's a cheap taunt that gets us an additional taunt. We also get three choices, and now that we have an idea of what our opponent is playing, we can make a more educated decision on what we need.

Situational Keeps

  • Armagedillo - Only keep if you know for sure your opponent is playing a slow deck. This is a powerful card, so if we can guarantee that we have it, that's a pretty good thing.
  • Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - Believe it or not, you should usually keep this card. It is so good and it has a huge impact on our winrate if we have it in hand and can use it as soon as possible. You'd only not keep it against very aggressive aggro decks.

Control Taunt Warrior General Gameplay Tips

The deck has morphed quickly into mostly a Control Warrior with some of the strong cards from the Saviors of Uldum expansion being added into it. There is some Taunt synergy here, so I still feel okay calling it a Taunt Warrior of sorts.

This style of deck is largely just about stalling out the board as much as possible early on. We use our early game minions to hold onto the board, and cards like Town Crier and Frightened Flunky get us additional resources to work with for future turns. If our opponent starts to takeover in the mid-game, we have AOE like Warpath , Dyn-o-matic , and Brawl to stop them from getting too far ahead. We've also got Plague of Wrath which can help us get rid of higher health boards.

Restless Mummy is a new addition to the deck, and it trades well because of the Rush and then respawns via the Reborn mechanic. This forces our opponent to have to trade into it or potentially lose another minion.

Once we get later into the game, try to use that Armagedillo to hit some of your Taunt minions. Tomb Warden and Zilliax in particular are the cards we'd love to be able to hit with the buff.

Archivist Elysiana is one of the ultimate late game resource generators. If you stall your opponent into what is going to look like a fatigue battle, then this card will give you the ability to gain additional cards that should help you finish the game. Not only do you get ten cards in your deck, you get to choose which ones you get via the Discover mechanic!

The Power of the Mad Genius

Last but not least, we've got the powerful Dr. Boom, Mad Genius to help seal up the game for us. Our deck does have some Mechs in it, so we're getting the buff from that, but we're obviously looking to get value out of the hero powers. Delivery Drone in particular is great for us because we can get additional resources to work with.

Control Taunt Warrior Other Card Choices

  • Acolyte of Pain - Good draw card for the early game, and works well with our damaging AOE cards.
  • Baleful Banker - Better for heavier control matchups, and can give us some additional resources for the later stages of the game.
  • Militia Commander - Solid card that is good for trading into just about any mid-game minion. Most cards aren't going to have higher than 5-health at that point in the game.
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  1. dude, in situational keeps, you suggest to keep Into the Fray, but it’s not in the deck list

    1. Whoops, thanks! Should be fixed now.

  2. Don´t fall for this, play whatever you want, no deck it´s “the best” it depends only in your card draw, wich if you have bad luck or as the kids say “bad rng” this deck won´t work.

    1. The best is implying that it is the best Control Taunt Warrior, not that it’s the best deck. Although, this is likely the best deck right now in the game.