All achievements in Hero’s Hour

Hero’s Hour is a strategic auto battler full of regions, artifacts, and monsters to encounter. There are 61 achievements that can be unlocked and completed through objectives. We have compiled a list of all these achievements and how to complete them. Related: Is Hero’s Hour like Heroes of Might and Magic III? Desperado Destroy a […]

Is Hero’s Hour like Heroes of Might and Magic III?

Hero’s Hour is a turn-based strategy game developed by ThingOnItsOwn, and you may notice similarities to another series. Hero’s Hour bears many striking resemblances to the Heroes of Might and Magic series, particularly Heroes of Might and Magic III. This may leave you wondering if they are alike. The answer is yes—Hero’s Hour and Heroes […]

What are neutral armies in Hero’s Hour?

Hero’s Hour takes the turn-based strategy genre and incorporates auto-battler features. You must explore the world while building up your army to take down the AI-controlled enemies. But, there are also neutral armies, which may leave you wondering what they are. Neutral armies are similar to your army and the AI-controlled armies. They get their […]