Hogwarts Legacy – Minding Your Own Business Walkthrough

Who knew running a business was so hard.

Hogwarts Legacy features various main and side quests as you progress, but few compare to the Minding Your Own Business quest. This quest is exclusive to PlayStation players but will be available to other platforms in 2024. Check out our guide on how to complete the Minding Your Own Business quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete the Minding Your Own Business quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Head to Hogsmeade and find the House-Elf Penny standing outside the shop on the village's eastern side. Speak to her, and she will inform you that Cassandra Mason is selling the shop and informs you to speak to her if you wish to purchase it. You will need 1,500 Galleons to purchase the shop from Cassandra. Cassandra can be found in the northern part of Hogsmeade.

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Return to Penny and inform her that you have bought the shop. Head inside and begin fixing the place up with the Reparo spell. After cleaning up the mess, speak to Penny to receive a key to the chest in the back of the room. This opens up to reveal a ladder heading down, and you should make your way down.

You will find yourself in a cellar. Once you climb down, the ladder disappears, so the only way is forward. Keep going until you find a small chest in a room with mannequins. Opening this will reward you with a small hat, perfect for a House Elf, and the door will slam shut as you turn to leave. The lights also begin flickering as the mannequins seemingly come to life. The room will appear blank, besides the mannequins hanging from the ceiling.

Fastido begins speaking at this point, taunting you. Use the Lumos spell to light the room up and begin searching the walls to find a hidden door. Go through the door, and Fastido will fly past you, opening all the doors in the long hall. Go through the door at the end of the hall, and it will turn into what looks like a torture dungeon.

Go through the open door for another change in scenery. Keep going forward until you reach the room with double doors and various lanterns. Use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to move the lantern on the right opening to the hand to the right of the door. This will activate the light in the door and let you proceed.

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Eventually, you will come face to face with Fastidio. After Fastidio leaves, dodge the floating furniture, or you will take damage. You can also use Bombardo to destroy the furniture. After this, you will have to choose between the right or left path. The left path is the Scholarly Route, and the right path is the Atrium.

Minding Your Own Business Left Path - Hogwarts Legacy

You will find yourself in a library with a large central statue. Go to the right of the statue and enter a dining area. Take a left and run to the door to cause the room to shift. You will now find yourself in a room with three doors.

  • Left Door
    • This takes you back to the cellar. Use the ladder to cause the floor to give out and return to the room with three doors.
  • Center Door
    • This door takes you to a hallway where you will run around in circles. Instead, turn around and head back to find a door. Enter this, and a spider will jump at you. You will then find yourself back in the room with three doors.
  • Right Door
    • You will find yourself in a room with mannequins and a jack-in-the-box. Interact with the jack-in-the-box to transport to a hallway with more mannequins. These will attack you, so defend yourself. After the last mannequin is destroyed, you will again be in the room with three doors.

You will have to enter all doors, but the last one will return you to the dining area. Return toward the library and use Wingardium Leviosa on the lantern you find. Place in it the hand of the statue by the library door. Enter the library.

Go to the path left of the statue. Once you reach the end of the hall, you will find yourself on a balcony in an upside-down room. Turn around and go back to the staircase in the hallway. This takes you to the room beneath the balcony. In here, use the stairs and go right. Use the Accio spell to grab the lantern here.

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Beside you, the door will open. Bring the lamp with you through the door and place it on the hand statue inside the room. Head left of the lamp and go through the upside-down door. Go through this room to the other side and up the stairs. Yet another lantern will be floating there, so cast Wingardium Leviosa to place the lantern in the other hand statue.

Go through the door that appears and pull the lantern toward to make the room spin. Bring the lantern downstairs and place it on the hand statue next to the door leading to the library. Enter the library and grab the lantern again. Place it next to the other lantern you placed earlier. The double doors in the room will open, revealing a staircase. Go up, and Fastidio will appear. Dodge the floating furniture until he leaves. Go downstairs and through the library to return to the foyer and take the right path from before.

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Minding Your Own Business Right Path - Hogwarts Legacy

You will find yourself in the Atrium, where the door requires two lanterns to open. Head to the left and go to the end of the hallway. When you turn around, you will be surrounded by mannequins. Turn around again to have a door spawn. Destroy the boards blocking it and enter the door to find a room filled with doors.

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Turn to the left and cast Wingardium Leviosa to grab the lantern across the gap. Place it on the hand statue on the platform you are standing on. Go through the door that opens and continue until you wind up back in the room filled with doors by going through the boarded-up door. Use Wingardium Leviosa again to place the lantern on the statue. Move the lanterns so that the two statues on the far right and middle are holding the lanterns.

Go through the door that opens on the far right side. Head to the far side door and turn around after it slams shut to destroy the attacking mannequins. Another door will open, leading to a hallway. The lights will go out, so cast Lumos and return down the hallway to the open door. Enter it, open the chest, and leave to be in a different hallway. Grab the lantern and go forward to wind up back in the Atrium. Place the lantern on one of the statues and head to the right path.

You will find yourself in a new room with a fireplace, lantern, and statue. Place the lantern on the statue and go through the right side door. Keep going forward until you find a game of wizard's chess. Cast Revelio to find the path across, reusing it if the path disappears. Keep going until you find yourself in the room with the fireplace again.

Take the lantern from the statue across the gap and move it to the statue in the room you are standing in. This will raise a path across. Go across and enter the door that opens on your right. Take the lantern in front of you and place it on the statue in the Atrium in front of the double doors. Go down the staircase once the double doors open.

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This leads to a room where Fastidio is waiting. Dodge the furniture and destroy the mannequins that appear. Afterward, return to the foyer and enter the now-open door. Press forward until you arrive at a cemetery. Go through the gate to encounter Fastidio again and face him in a boss fight.

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How to beat Fastidio in Hogwarts Legacy

Throughout the fight, you must dodge Fastidio's furniture and defeat Fastidio's Monster, a construct made of furniture. It uses the same moveset a troll does, so fight it like you would this creature. It will appear that you've defeated the construct, but Fastidio will bring it back to life, this time with mannequins to help.

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Defeating it again will cause Fastidio to make the world flip upside down and summon his monster again. Defeat it for a third and final time to trigger a cutscene in which Fastidio thanks you and lets you leave. Return to your shop the way you came in and speak with Penny. After this conversation, go find and speak to Officer Singer.

How to beat Cassandra Mason in Hogwarts Legacy

Go with Officer Singer to confront Cassandra Mason. She will cast Stupefy when accused, knocking Singer out. It is up to you to defeat Mason and bring her to justice. This fight isn't overly difficult, but you should prepare Protego and Stupefy. Depulso and Confringo are also good spells to bring.

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Mason uses basic attacks and will throw objects at you. Dodge and protect yourself with Protego while attacking. When you remove a third of her health, Mason will cast a shield—use Stupefy to break it and continue attacking her. She will use all her magic when she drops two-thirds of her health. Continue dodging, using Protego and Stupefy to defeat her.

After Mason is defeated, Singer will imprison her and inform you that the shop and Penny will transfer ownership to you. Return to your shop and speak with Penny. You have the option to free Penny or keep her on. After your choice, you will get to name the shop and complete the Minding Your Own Business quest.

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