How to climb the Tallneck at ‘The Shining Wastes’ in Horizon Forbidden West

The Tallneck at The Shining Wastes can be reached during the Main Quest The Wings of the Ten. During the unmissable story mission, Aloy will acquire the ability to craft the Sunwing Override. After obtaining it, you will need to locate a Sunwing and override it. These can usually be found directly above The Base, […]

Where to find the way underground when searching the Ruins in ‘The Sea of Sands’ quest in Horizon Forbidden West

The Sea of Sands is the quest that players get when they go to search for Poseidon, one of the several missing subfunctions of GAIA. Poseidon is the subfunction that takes care of purifying water and protecting sea life. Ironically, Poseidon is held up in a flooded building in the middle of the desert. Related: […]