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Hut, Two, Three, Four!

Teemo is quite possibly the most annoying champion to face as an opponent in Wild Rift. He does tons of poke damage and eats away at the enemy's health while always maintaining a safe distance. Teemo is a duo lane champion on paper. However, playing solo in the Baron lane is where he really shines.

Teemo uses a combination of basic attacks and ability power to subdue his enemies. His abilities require a niche play style to be utilized to the fullest extent. He can turn invisible and plant numerous invisible mushrooms that enemies can step on to receive insane damage in an AoE. Teemo is not strong in the late game, so it is ideal to press aggressively and harass the enemies in the early laning phases.

Teemo's Skills

Passive: Toxic Shot

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Teemo's attacks deal bonus magic damage to enemies for four seconds after impact.

Ability 1: Blinding Dart

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Teemo throws a dart at an enemy champion, dealing magic damage and blinding them for 1.25 seconds.

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Ability 2: Move Quick

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After unlocking this ability, Teemo passively gains 10% movement speed while out of combat. Upon actively using the ability, Teemo performs a small forward dash and sprints for three seconds. The bonus from the passive is double during this time, and he cannot be slowed by enemy attacks.

Ability 3: Guerilla Warfare

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After a short delay, Teemo becomes invisible. He stays invisible while in brush but loses the effect after three seconds of exiting brush. After exiting the state of invisibility, Teemo gains 30% attack speed for three seconds.

Ultimate: Noxious Trap

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Tosses a stored mushroom on the ground that becomes invisible to enemies after a short delay. When enemies step on it, it explodes and creates a puddle that does AoE damage for three seconds. Enemies caught within the puddle are also slowed by 40%.

Best Teemo Skill Combo

Ability 3 (Guerilla Warfare) > Basic Attack > Ability 1 (Bleeding Dart) > Basic Attack > Ability 2 (Move Quick)

As one can tell from the combo above, basic attacking while simultaneously using abilities is how Teemo works best. When playing him, the ideal strategy is to constantly keep the pressure up on the opponent. Use his Ability 3 to close in on an unsuspecting enemy, then basic attack and quickly use Ability 1 to blind them. Follow it up with more basic attacks and use Ability 2 to get away from enemies or catch up to fleeing foes.

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Best Teemo Item Build

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The first item to buy for Teemo is Liandry's Torment. Hence, always pick up Haunting Guise in the early stages. Then, follow it up with Nashor's Tooth, as it will give bonus attack speed, lots of ability power, and cooldown. After this, the third and fourth items are situational. If the enemies are building magic defense, go for the Void Staff for magic penetration. Otherwise, build Rabadon's Deathcap for extra ability power. For boots, go for Ionian Boots of Lucidity for cooldown, then buy the Stasis Enchant.

Best Runes for Teemo

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Best Spells for Teemo

  • Flash: Flash is a great spell for almost any champion. With Teemo, utilize it to either get away from enemies or pair it up with his Ability 2 to close in on enemies fast.
  • Ignite: Ignite is a must-have spell for Teemo, as it scales perfectly with his abilities and passives to deal tons of extra damage to enemies over time.

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Teemo Build Guide – LoL Wild Rift

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