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10 Best Bellwright Mods to improve gameplay

The game can get even better!

Mods for survival game Bellwright will help with leveling up, increasing durability, and so much more to make the game even better than it originally was. Here are some of the best mods you can find.

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Best mods in Bellwright - Fast crafting, infinite durability, & more

Map Revealer

The Nexus Mods Map Revealer mod
Image via Grim

For players who don't want to deal with Fog of War, the Map Revealer mod by Grim on Nexus Mods is an amazing addition to the game. Rather than having to explore the entire area of the map in hopes of slowly revealing the area around you, this mod will automatically unlock everything, making it so much easier to see what is going on and what the best route would be to certain areas, saving you a ton of time in the long run.

Fast Crafting

The Nexus Mods Fast Crafting mod
Image via Aiko

One thing that is pretty fun in Bellwright is the ability to craft. Unfortunately, crafting isn't always the fastest thing to do. A lot of the time, crafting things will take what feels like forever, leaving players wishing there was another way. That's where Aiko's Fast Crafting mod comes in.

If you're tired of having to wait for something to finish crafting, whether it is leather or clothes, this mod will help you out. It will increase the time it takes to craft, depending on which version of the mod you download. Overall, there are four different speeds that you can pick from.

Higher Player Damage and more Combat EXP

Promo image for Higher Player Damage and more Combat EXP mod featuring soldiers marching
Image via Nexus Mods

Just like every other RPG, this game features a leveling system that allows players to customize their characters. However, if you're struggling to level or you just don't want to have to grind levels, PilliVanilli has created the Higher Player Damage and more Combat EXP mod.

This mod will allow you to change your damage and experience to be two or three times faster. You can also choose just to increase your combat experience and not damage. This mod is so helpful for those who want to reach higher levels faster.


The Nexus Mods Deforestation mod
Image via Aiko

One thing that you're going to be doing a lot of is cutting down trees, as it's how you will be able to gather wood for crafting and building up your settlements. Unfortunately, this can take a bit of time, depending on how much you need. Thankfully, Aiko on Nexus Mods has created the Deforestation mod.

Similarly to other mods on this list, you can pick different settings to fine-tune how it works. If you're tired of chopping down wood, you can select the setting that breaks trees in one single hit. The other option will cut the amount of swings in half, meaning that either way, this will save a ton of time.

No Armor Penalties

The Nexus Mods  No Armor Penalties mod
Image via Grim

Another thing that Bellwright does, similar to other modern games, is the speed penalty system that comes from wearing specific types of armor. The lighter the armor, the faster you can travel. However, with heavier armor, you will be way more protected but move much more slowly. Thankfully, Grim on Nexus Mods has made the No Armor Penalties mod.

For players who want to be able to wear heavier armor and still be able to get around the map as fast as those with lighter armor, this is the perfect mod. This will remove any speed penalties in the game, allowing you to pick whatever armor you want.

3x Food Duration and Spoil Rate

The Nexus Mods 3x Food Duration and Spoil Rate
Image via Aiko

Another thing this game does that completely makes sense but can be annoying to deal with is food spoiling after some time. The mod 3x Food Duration and Spoil Rate by Aiko ensures you don't have to worry about that.

Just as the name suggests, this mod will make your food last three times longer before it spoils. However, it will not work on radishes in the game. This is so you will constantly have a reliable source for spoiled food, meaning you won't need to worry about anything at all.

SkillCap 100

The Nexus Mods Skillcap 100 mod
Image via Bianko

The SkillCap 100 mod by Bianko goes great with the Higher Player Damage and more Combat EXP mod I mentioned earlier. This mod will allow your character to truly dominate anyone or anything that they come into contact with.

While Skills usually cap out at a lower level so that you don't have massive damage or speed, this lets you level all your Skills to 100, making things so much easier if you're tired of things taking too long or if your damage isn't high enough.

Infinite Tool Durability

The Nexus Mods Infinite Tool Durability mod
Image via Aiko

While you are out using various tools to cut down trees, you may notice that your tools break eventually. Plus, workers' tools will break, meaning you will need to go through and replace broken tools occasionally. Thanks to Aiko's Infinite Tool Durability mod, you no longer need to worry.

While you're out and about, your tools will no longer break. You won't need to worry about returning to settlements and checking on your workers as often, allowing you to focus on what you want rather than worrying about tools.

Joew's Bellwright Bag Expanded

The Nexus Mods Joew's Bag Expanded mod
Image via JoewAlabel

Another thing that certainly makes sense but can be annoying for players who just want to play without constantly having a source of worry is the amount of things you can store in your bag. With Joew's Bellwright Bag Expanded mod, your bag slots will be expanded to 6x5, meaning there will be 30 slots.

With a lot of games, players hate running out of space in bags for all of the items they pick up on their adventures. I am with you fellow hoarders! The smaller your bag is, the more often you will have to deal with returning back to a settlement to get rid of the items that you don't want and store those that you do. This is another mod that saves time and allows you to play more.

Infinite Weapon Durability

The Nexus Mods Infinite Weapon Durability mod
Image via Aiko

One of (if not the best) the best mods in the game is the Infinite Weapon Durability mod by Aiko. This mod allows players to have unbreakable weapons, meaning you will not have to worry about your weapon breaking in the middle of battle, which often results in things going a bit awry.

Additionally, you won't need to worry about your citizens not having weapons, as this mod works on theirs too. The only downside is that it will apply to shields, meaning enemies will always have shields with infinite durability.

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10 Best Bellwright Mods to improve gameplay

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