Octopath Traveler vs. Live A Live – Which game tells the narrative better?

When it comes to storytelling and attention to characters, Team Asano—a Square Enix division led by video game producer Tomoya Asano—is one of few development teams that do justice to both. One of their best-selling games of all time is Octopath Traveler, an HD-2D JRPG that tells eight separate stories of eight different characters. Live […]

What terminal did Kato want to use to access the OD-10’s interface in the Distant Future Scenario – Live A Live

The Distant Future in Live A Live tells the story of a smart robot who retains their “humanity” more than any crew member on board. At this point in the game, the map stops being helpful. There is no more directive. One of your last few objectives is to hack into the ship’s mainframe and […]

How to stop the orange spill on Level 3 in the Distant Future Scenario – Live A Live

This far into the Distant Future scenario in Live A Live, you’re probably getting a feel of what the chapter intends for you to do—make your own decisions. Your robot gets fewer and fewer commands to follow, as Kato expects for it to use its own “analytical capacity” to determine the best course of action […]

Captain Square minigame guide in the Distant Future Scenario – Live A Live

Captain Square is a turn-based tactical RPG minigame in Live A Live’s Distant Future scenario. It has nine stages—one for each planet in the solar system—which have unique enemies you need to defeat. Without a Memory Card, you’re not allowed to save your progress and will be forced back to the Mercury stage when you […]

What is the password for the machine in Kirk’s room in the Distant Future Scenario – Live A Live

Rooms in the Distant Future scenario in Live A Live contain a ton of messages, secrets, and story-related events. However, Kirk’s room is probably the only one that contains an unlockable secret. You’ll find out it exists once you’re free to enter his room and examine the transceiver (the machine they can use to send […]